05 July 2007

KingCast observations on Greg Floyd, Jr. interview in Franconia shooting tragedy: Liko did NOT attempt to run over Bruce McKay.

Let me start with this:

[Also as noted on 91-A pdf page 745]
"They had stopped in front of his arm the first time. They didn't actually hit the officer. Then they backed up to here and at that time my dad got out and tried to pull him to prevent him from running him over again" [KingCast says wait a minute: Run him over again??? There was absolutely nothing to keep Liko from running McKay over the first time -- but he didn't. Liko was just trying to get the hell out of there.] They backed up to here and the car went rushing forward and my dad shot at the driver and it hit him and made him stop. The front end of the car ended up over the officer's chest."

Seems entirely possible that Liko was just trying to get the hell outta' dodge, not run McKay over. Is it possible that Floyd just cracked him one because he had shot his buddy?

Q: Could you physically with your eyes see him trying to reload in the car?

A: "All I know is what my dad heard, saying, don't you reload the gun." [Which of course we know to be hogwash because Floyd and Caleb have both acknowledged that Floyd never said a word. See Floyd at p.20 of the PDF file and Caleb at p.11 of the final report.]



"You could see his tyres spin and dirt flew up when he pushed them back again because they were again trying to pull up and leave."

....Nonsense; a total lie: Look at Liko's hands are in the air and you can see he is motioning McKay to stop bashing his car. It's hard to leave when your hands aren't even on the steering wheel, or are busy pointing to the Floyd's for help as witnesses, isn't it?"

Please allow Susan Thompson, a town elder and witness from across the street to describe what she saw:
"The grey car was not going fast. I thought [McKay] was trying to get around it [for something else]. He made several movements (her daughter called it a "10-point turn" in her interview) to come nose to nose now facing north.... [McKay] pushed him and kept pushing him down (into the gravel area) dirt flew back the police car pushed him so strongly and just kept pushing and pushing and pushing until the grey car was beyond my view."

"The passenger said the driver's name, but it was one of those weird, foreign sounding names and I couldn't remember because I'm not good at remembering weird names."

.....Interviewer accords his agreement with "um-hum."

"They flipped -- both of them flipped the bird at the officer."

.....That is entirely false. You can see Liko pointing down the street to Tamarack.

"All I saw was the officer trying to grab something from the driver it slipped from his hand, the driver grabbed it again and I'm assuming that was the gun..... the driver grabbed whatever it was the officer was tried to grab from him and started shooting at the officer."

......Wrong. The video clearly shows McKay stroll up like John Wayne and mace the dickens out of Liko and Caleb without comment or directive whatsoever. Then Liko lost it and shot McKay. Read more in the comments.


Christopher King said...

"They tried to run over him once before my dad got out of the car, apparently they stopped in front of his arm and backed up and tried to do it again.... They tried to run over him again and this time the driver had the gun out of his window trying to shoot at my dad, and my dad got out of the way, fired one shot at the driver and it stopped him from driving over the officer and stopped in front of the arm again but this time the bottom of the front end was on top of the officer's chest and it looked like he wasn't breathing.

"The driver tried to reload the gun and shoot at my dad [how pray tell does Floyd, Jr. actually see this? I thought he just said the gun was outside the window. No way can he actually see inside that car] and at that time because he was in the marine corps for a really long time he felt threatened for his life so he fired one shot and killed the driver. I stopped and looked over my shoulder to see the last shot.

"Passenger didn't want to get out of the car so my dad fired three warning shots into the air."

Note: It has been attributed to Caleb that the shots were not in the air but on the ground, near him, which might help explain the bullets in Connie McKenzie's house and in the toolbox in the barn that were attributed to Floyd's shooting as noted at the official report at pp. 26-27. As noted in this post:


...I submit that shooting around the ground at Caleb after he refused to pick up Liko's gun constitutes criminal threatening, RSA 631:4.

Anonymous said...

Floyds testimony to state PD clearly state that Liko was trying to unjam his gun. "Double feed" the cops and Floyd eventually agree. Therefore, Likos gun was INOPERABLE, at least at some point, when Floyd, the "Vietnam ERA" veteran opened up, at point blank range, right past Caleb.

Justified shooting? Who the hell knows, from this horse-bleep "investigation."

Ayotte: Stop playing the people for fools. It's annoying.


Anonymous said...

Citizens of Franconia:


Christopher King said...

We can pretty much give up hope of anyone in authority doing anything for Liko because he killed a cop, irrespective of how nasty that cop could be and whether the Selectmen ignored complaints over the years.

But the continued harrassment of Caleb is another matter.

And it must have been important enough that the documents that tend to show it have been redacted, albeit unsuccessfully.


Christopher King said...


Thanks for the Horvitz link.

We'll get up with him as we groom the request for Federal investigation.


Anonymous said...

sure, here's one more that may be of interest.



Christopher King said...

"Was shooting with his left hand...."

.....not so sure of that, but whatever.

"They had stopped in front of his arm the first time. They didn't actually hit the officer."

Then the car went rushing forward and shot at the driver and it hit him and made him stop. The front end of the car ended up over the officer's chest."

Anonymous said...

Well, contradictions, redactions, partial information releases by the state, are SOP at this point.

All documented by yourself and others.

Now what?

How will a real, outside investigation, be initiated?

The state is now simply ignoring the case, and is in "moving on" mode.

Christopher King said...


Don't worry. This could take years.

Meanwhile, just wait for the other publications to finish their work and everything will revive again, slow down again, rise again when we finish our short film, slow down again......

But we keep on keepin' on. Right now we're only at the tip of the proverbial iceburg.


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope this case comes up when smiley boy phoney Lynch is running for re-election.

I'll already vote for whoever opposes him, for reasons unrelated to this case, but maybe some other people will see what a fraud Lynch is, nice guy persona nothwithstanding.


Anonymous said...


I agree with posters stating few crimes (Liko's murder; Caleb's assault and battery by McKay and Floyd) are committed without significant planning. Thus I remain hung up how Liko's murder began, and see no blog evidence that bloggers have resolved the following:

1. Whether McKay lawfully stopped Liko at either stop 1 or 2?
2. Whether McKay knew or disregarded Liko's right to request another officer?
3. Whether Floyd knew Liko or Caleb, knew McKay, or knew Liko and McKay had a blood feud prior to 5-11?

If the blog is remotely accurate, it is fair to conclude:

1. McKay had no lawful reason to stop Liko at stop 1, which would preclude a lawful reason for stop 2.
2. McKay was simply harassing Liko at stop 1 despite the existence of a court order or legal agreement to the contrary.
3. Based on 1 and 2, every act of Liko's during and after stop 1 was lawful, perhaps including the shooting of McKay, if a reasonable person would think McKay intended serious harm to Liko, Caleb or both after stop 1.

I remain convinced that a jury could and would have acquitted Liko on the apparent facts. McKay initiated a violent assault and battery with a police vehicle against 2 harmless men without cause. Even if he thought he had made a lawful stop, he did not await backup, and used a police vehicle to attack another vehicle and its 2 law abiding occupants.

Apparently there is no radar, video or other police car evidence that Liko had violated a traffic law.

Thus I keep returning to a conspiracy theory between McKay and Floyd. It seems almost impossible to me that a nut cop and nut passerby, bith with anger and violence problems, coincidentally show up at about the same time on Rte 116, NH as Liko Kenney. It is even more remote that 2 men get killed in these circumstances over a simple traffic stop. It seems even more impossible that a state AG then justifies a Liko's murder by a psychopath.

If people do not get the missing facts in this case it will go down as simply the most bizarre set of bad luck and bad circumstances in state history - which cannot be right.

To key to the case is knowing for sure why McKay felt he had the right to simply disobey or disregard the court or other order stating Liko had a right to another officer? Answer that one question, and the case will fit together on a broader scale. I do not think McKay was altogether a rogue cop. He would have gone down beofre 5-11. He must have had reason to think he could attack Liko and Caleb without repercussions. What were those reasons and how can they be proved?

on the issues of the initial stop and wonder, now that many have reviewed AG and other records,if all agree re: Was Liko speeding or was his registration expired? If not, what does the state say today Liko was guilty of when stopped both at stop 1 and stop 2? Do any docs reference whether Liko had the right to demand another officer and if so what was the basis of Liko's right (court order, agreement with Franconia PD, etc)?
The video and audio confirm Liko asked twice for another officer and McKay denied him. Does the video or a doc show any reason for the denials?

If Liko had these rights as we suspect, Ayotte's case explodes from there foward. Liko could be exonerated completely by a jury if it concluded: McKay presented a reasonable threat to Liko's and/or Caleb's lives.

Anonymous said...



"We can pretty much give up hope of anyone in authority doing anything for Liko because he killed a cop, irrespective of how nasty that cop could be and whether the Selectmen ignored complaints over the years."

And, therefore, Floyd's shooting Liko is also acceptable, because Liko killed a cop?

Guess I'm surprised there will be no retribution anticipated for the actions of said cop and the Selectmen. Is it really this simple?


Anonymous said...

This whole thing is getting old. I used to like reading your opinions, but lately you seem to be making yourself look stupid. I mean, god, did you see the same videos we saw??!! And as far as Floyd goes, would you have felt more justice had been served if Liko had just been arrested for capital murder and given a death sentence instead?? Wouldn't that be an eye for an eye, huh?

Liko was a loose cannon, and now because of that video, everyone knows it. Maybe we were better off not seeing the video, because then we were able to feel bad for him a little. McKay practiced more restraint than anyone I know would have. And likewise, now everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is that simple at all. I think the people can change the way the town functions based on what happened and bringing it out into the open.


Anonymous said...

Good point Debby. If that was the overarching theme of all this, I would feel a bit more positive about it.


Anonymous said...

McKay didn't practice no restraint when he pushed the car, then maced Liko without a word, then foolishly turned his back on someone who McKay himself described (in a memo) as "armed and dangerous."

Those are facts, clear from the video. No one is trying to exonerate Liko. It is clear that McKay was not fit to be a LEO, though.


Anonymous said...


What video are you talking about? That was restraint when McKay kept smashing the car? That was restraint with an entire can of pepper-spray?

McKay was a nut, going to Liko's recent court hearing when he was uninvolved, taking photos of how his car was parked in his driveway.

Liko shooting McKay was terribly wrong but McKay was a bully cop. That needs to be addressed. I think there are more kids that were damaged by him over the last 12 years as well. When you have people saying things like, "It couldn't have happened to a better guy" or "If it wasn't Liko, it would have been someone else that did it",You ought to open your eyes realize that it is being said for a reason.

I don't personally think Liko would want to be here still but that is not the point. Floyd is a whack and what he did was murder too. He shouldn't just walk from it anymore than Liko would have had to face what he did.

His and his son's statements are totally out there and we can't even get Caleb's, which I am sure is quite different than theirs, as you can pick about ten different scenarios from the statements of those two! What they say is so unreliable, it's a joke.

Anonymous said...

debby ~ re my 12:30

no, no...i surely hope it's not that simple!!

i was surprised to recopy that quote from chris, and i may not understand what he means. caleb's situation is critical in terms of being addressed, presently and going forward.....

but i hope liko is never forgotten.


Anonymous said...

My guess, is that he approached someone in state gov who he thought may help and was rebuffed. Chris made mention of seeking out someone in state gov recently.

Christopher King said...

I'm baaaaack....


All will be made clear as to the legal and factual bases for Liko to request another officer, and as I have said the most that Liko was guilty of was manslaughter. Go back to 2003 to see that the premise for the original stop was BS, i.e. "a suspicious place." We will await governmental proof of that, as Chief Montminy remember tried to charge me for Overtime to produce. Yeah, right.

12:30/TL Just being a tad facetious. There will be repurcussions; remember this battle just started but what, 9 days ago when the State issued its niggardly release of information. Take it easy, we'll be here for quite some time.


I don't care what you think because my barometer is giving me a very different read, much more like that of Ms. Ellie at the Village Store, who called McKay a bully on video, and Connie McKenzie, who actually refused a memorial on her property for a fallen cop whom she tried to revive because he was such an evil spirit in the town.


That having been said, now I will compose my letter to Union Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid.

Christopher King said...

Notice how Junior says "he was in the marine corps for a really long time?"

The AG report reads that Floyd was in the marine corps for 3 years, 1976-1979.

I assume they were unable to verify his stint in Vietnam,


Anonymous said...

Or his secret mission for the government that is higher than the CIA. What was it called? "The No Such Thing" spy group????

Anonymous said...

"The AG report reads that Floyd was in the marine corps for 3 years, 1976-1979."

According to my research this is accurate information and I believe that the majority of this time was spent at Camp Lejuene in North Carolina.

Christopher King said...

Debby, yeah I know.

This dude is no more War hero, or hero of ANY kind than was Alberto Mussolini.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you guys dont run the justice system or everyone would be innocent of all crimes.

Anonymous said...

I think you boys should go over to Floyds place and discuss it with him personally.

Anonymous said...

The Floyds were there, you people weren't. Nuff said.