12 July 2007

KingCast and Popeye Doyle return to the (evidentiary) crime scene in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 11:58:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Gregory Floyd vehicle inventory 91-A request; other matters.
To: kelly.ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com, jlavely@salmonpress.com, dmullen@ranspell.com, Andrew@RightToknowNH.org....
Dear Attorney Strelzin,

I hope this email finds you in good spirits on this beautiful summer day. I believe the KingCast 91-A requests have been substantially narrowed and your prompt response on this could further expedite the process, saving taxpayers substantial monies instead of costly and protracted litigation.

I. The vehicle inventory of Gregory Floyd.

I note that pages 26-27 of your official report contain somewhat detailed inventories of the Kenney and McKay vehicles that reflect some degree of actual inspection but the report states only that "nothing of evidentiary value" was found in Mr. Floyd's vehicle.

Since you all conducted a thorough investigation of all relevant factors before you cleared Floyd of any wrongdoing with respect to both Liko AND Caleb, you knew that Floyd was identified by a duly licensed Law Enforcement officer, the Chief of Police of Easton, to be a substantial risk to brandish an automatic weapon. I know you knew that because it was in the press fun-pak that should have been made available for free online as noted by John P.

As such, I know you and your attending officers would have made a detailed inventory of Mr. Floyd's pick'em-up truck; perhaps it was simply misplaced when you went to image the documents so if you could redouble your efforts to look for it now it might appear. It was good of your office to make previously unavailable audio recordings suddenly appear.....[snip]


Christopher King said...


.....after I copied you on an ethics complaint, so maybe this request will develop in like fashion and you will produce:

a) an inventory report AND
b) the notes of the officers who viewed the Floyd vehicle.

II: John P's request to have the State place all evidentiary materials on line.

By the way, have you responded to his request yet? Your office is contemptably, and suspiciously late on that.


...........Should I just add it to the litigation hopper that will likely include the recent request for any and all procedure and protocol for homicide investigations involving civilian and/or Law Enforcement personnel.

III. Fox Hill Park police information.

I would assume that since the State agrees that Bruce McKay issued his assertions to Liko in Good Faith back in 2003 when he told him "You're in a suspicious place...." I would assume that you took the time to substantiate that, so somewhere in your lexicon of Liko Kenney information I'm sure that either Chief Montminy or your office would have that ready for prompt production.

I already told you this morning


...that Franconia (they call it Frankenconia until it's fixed now, Jeffrey) Police Chief Mark Montminy is still tardy on the Fox Hill Park initial response to me.

IV. The cost of failed prosecutions against Aaron Deboisbriand and me:

As far as those tardy replies now that you have delegated it to Attorney Fitch, I have responded to that under separate cover to you, Attorney Fitch and Attorney Ayotte and will attach a copy of that to my pending blawg post:

"KingCast and Popeye Doyle return to the (evidentiary) crime scene in Franconia shooting tragedy."


I'm certain you don't care for me badgering you for this information any more than Bruce McKay didn't care for Liko to properly tell him: "You don't have the right to keep me here without a good reason." Thing is, you don't get to ignore me as McKay did, and you sure as heck better not be thinking about putting your hands on me. That leaves you to answer my questions within the timeframe allotted by Law, Jeffery.

Rules are rules. LE expects Liko and me to follow them so I expect LE to follow them as well. Do we have a deal?

Respectfully yet diligently submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.


And now, the Bud Fitch email chain:
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 11:09:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: [Final] Right-to-Know Requests
To: "Fitch, Orville 'Bud'" bud.fitch@doj.nh.gov, kelly.ayotte@doj.nh.gov, jeffery.strelzin@doj.nh.gov
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Dear Mr. Fitch:

Thank you for your response. To be clear, then, the only of my requests that you are processing are the ones delineated herein?

I would anticipate that you could find the results of my inquiry somewhere in the finance or revenue sections, and I would guess that because former Ohio AG George Calloway grew up with my sister and was a tennis buddy of mine when I was an AG. He worked in revenue recovery (read: Chief of the Section) and we both graduated from Case Western Reserve, George in 1981 and me in 1993.

We were going to share a building after Bloody Betty assumed office and fired both of us in '95 until I started getting too vigorous with my litigation against the powers-that-be and he took a job consulting with Bloody Betty, after she couldn't get the job done without him.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.


"Fitch, Orville 'Bud'" bud.fitch@doj.nh.gov wrote:

Mr. King,
Your Right-to-Know Reqeust, in the part copied below, has been assigned to me. I will be responding by US mail and hereby give you notice that additional time will be required to determine if any documents exist in the possession of the Department of Justice which are responsive to your request. I anticipate mailing a final response no later than July 20, 2007.

I will be addressing the following request:

What was the cost of prosecuting the three (3) failed
cases against me:

State v. King, Cheshire Cty. 05 S-387
State v. King, Cheshire Cty. 05 S-388
State v. King, Hillsborough South 05 E 430

That were all dismissed without plea and as Jaffrey Chief Dunn (with whom you partnered in the failed case against Aaron Deboisbriand) got fired and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht went out under an ethics investigation
(para. 2).

While you're at it, what was the cost of State v.
Deboisbriand as well, you know, the one in which the
Jury returned a verdict against you and Marty in about
an hour.

Orville Brewster Fitch II (“Bud Fitch”)

Deputy Attorney General
33 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-1238

Anonymous said...

Orville is an awesome name. Way to go, Orville.

Foro Van Neinbaaster said...

I'm glad that the discussion seems to be focusing on matters like whether the police saw Floyd's truck and whether due process was followed. That's important to follow up... As opposed to incessant romanticizing cop-killer Liko Kenney and pertraying him as some kind of spiritual hero. Which he was not.

Go after them, Chris! If they withhold information unlawfully, sue pants off them! That's a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

I firmly support you suing the pants off of Ayotte. Sweet, sweet thong . . .

Christopher King said...


I am not romanticizing Liko any more than the neighbor who said "We loved that boy," and who refused to allow any McKay Memorial while stating that she and others in the community

a) did not trust McKay
b) were afraid of him

This is not said about Good cops, man.

On Liko, I feel his spirit and I know what it is like to be unfairly attacked by the government so that is what I celebrate.

Never said he was perfect, but ALL of his friends the first thing out of their mouths is "gosh, what a spirit... he had such a Good Spirit."

Folks don't say that about a "dirt bag" as that one cop called Liko:


And you do know of course that the whole reason I never got to meet Liko or his parents and everyone else in the First Place 2 years ago when I had the time and money to go to Tamarack Tennis was because of the bogus charges leveled at me by Kelly Ayotte and crew; who now act as if they have no idea what that cost the taxpayers.

Again, that letter from a local resident to Tom Fahey is large:


I thought it was appropriate to contact you re coverage of the recent double shooting here in Franconia even though I know you are more in the political arena. I hope you know me enough to realize I am not acting as an advocate of someone who killed as police officer but as someone who sees a serious lapse in the truth. Per you can pas my comments along to the senior editor but it may be a story for you as well. . The coverage of the events of the shooting of Officer McKay continues to be incomplete and often false....

In this community Mckay was well known to be a vindictive individual with an apparent penchant for questionable actions against adolescent girls , teenage boys and adult women.....[snip continue in overleaf]


I think it's more ridiculous how folks are trying to make a hero out of McKay, who intentionally pushed people's buttons for sport and got what he asked for. Read what one fellow said over at NH Insider after NH Insider went after me:

Today at 08:36 PM

"Stop trying to make Bruce McKay look like a hero.
He was nothing more than a bully who should never have been a police officer. McKay's actions directly led to his own death, and that of another person. There was no reason for him to go looking for a fight.

This whole thing was his fault. Yes, McKay once made a traffic stop that led to the arrest of many people. That was his job.
Nothing more. Stop with the hero talk. Jeremy Charron and Michael Briggs are examples of great heroes. Bruce McKay is not in their league."

George Vreeland Hill

I couldn't agree more.

Peace, brother.


Charles Duffy said...

What's with Von Basher changing his thinking?

You can tell me. I wont tell

Anonymous said...

I know. Hate sells. Forget opens arms. People really can't change their stripes.

Von Basher. That's the spirit, Chuck!

Christopher King said...

No guys, the bigger story is that regardless of what he thinks of Liko, he recognizes that the Government is still full of dookie.

That's key, because I will use those words and ask him to write a letter in support of the KingCast Court complaint on the Right-to-Know issues, sort of like a "Brandeis Brief."

Google it.

THAT's the Bigger Picture.


Anonymous said...

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