29 July 2007

KingCast musicians of the day: James Hand and the Magic Band and New Hampshire's Kat McGivern.

As KingCast does not live by work alone, a quick trip over to the Lowell Folk Festival today yielded an exceptional find: James Hand and the Magic Band, out of Tokyo, errr. Tokio, Texas. Great blues, great country, just really smoooooth. And funny, too. Unlike the Morphine-A.K.A.C.O.D. party, there were no real hotties to dance with this time so I just gave a good head nod and a KingCast update to my former Texas neighbors. They were a right much appreciative. We did not have time to discuss Reverend Horton Heat, as noted in this post. Nor did we discuss the ongoing NH Attorney General fiasco in the Franconia shooting tragedy, in which she had actual knowledge of missing files pertaining to Liko Kenney, who along with many Franconia citizens, was a target of abuse by Corporal Bruce McKay, as noted in this post.

Honorable mention:

She's easy-on-the-eye, she's nice and she has a nice little blend of new-agey and folksie rock going on. Kind of a cousin to Evanescence, but not so dark and heavy. Also has a nice Irish lilt in there, and you know the Cranberries were just one of my all time favorite bands. She works with me from time to time so I look forward to her continued development. You GO girl =^.)


Anonymous said...

Wow. Looks like a good time.

When will you be updating us on the honking episode where a guy saw you on your way to the library?

I was away for a few days, and was afraid I had missed the next episode in the King Chronicles.


Christopher King said...

I'll let you know the next time I talk to Mr. Gannon.

Have you run a word search for his name on this blawg yet?

I'm sure there's plenty there for you to read in the meantime.

Thanks for you inquiry and genuine concern for Civil Rights!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Glad to see you haven't lost your focus.

You must keep your staff very busy, with all these important matters that need to set set straight.

Where would the people of Franconia be without you?

Christopher King said...

I don't know but they would prolly be in a worse position than they are now.

Let's see what folks are saying over at NH Indy Media about it.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, no doubt at all.


Anonymous said...

The story about Mr Gannon is a pretty good example of the civil rights violations occurring throughout NH. Thanks for giving him your support Chris. Many are only concerned about their own small world until it lands on their doorstep. Thanks for looking past your own.

Anonymous said...


What's your agenda? What brings you here to a nameless dot on the WWW to spend time debunking King and the Franconia Collective? According to some we're all a bunch of kooks with no substance so why bother? We're just a small group who's going to listen anyway? How does the version of 5/11 presented here such a threat to you?

Fess up. Your inane little comments makes me think you fear something.

Anonymous said...

Fear, what fear?

I'm just funnin, like Foro used to.

Man, I miss Mr. Foro. His wise counsel and commentary made this blog so much more fun, and added spice to the drugery of constant repitition of what everyone already knows:

That McKay was a bad cop
That Liko was an unstable kid, pushed over the edge by the Hero
That the state is engaged in a coverup
That Franconia PD and offials are unprofessional
That King is a huckster.

Anonymous said...

But, listen, I'll think about joining the Cult.

How much is the initial membership fee? Are there annual fees? How much?

What initiation rituals are required to enter? Does it involve animal sacrifice, co-mingling of blood of those to be initiated with King's? Are the thought-control implants following initiation painful? Can members be electronically zapped for expressing any doubt about the wisdom of The Master? How is dissent punished? Is the cult equal opportunity -- can transgenders join? How large is the membership? Where are the secret meetings held (ok - I know that cannot be answered here, specifically, but just a general idea would help)? Can law enforcement officials join the cult? How is the cult governed, and who is on the Board of Directors?

These are a few of my initial questions. Since Members have sent Foro into oblivion, I am a bit nervous about inquiring here, but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Christopher King said...

Ahhh, yes but I am afraid the only conditions on joining the Kult of King would be a functioning brain and the ability to question the government.

Instead of drinking the Kelly Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

I like that Chris....

The Kelly Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid is full of nasty stuff. It is full of artificial ingredients and dye. Then is has sugar in it to sweeten it up but it's bad for you too.

Anonymous said...


What is really bothering you.

I don't understand your desire to mock the Franconia Tragedy. What is your agenda? This is strange behavior on your part and a complete obsession with Chris.

1)You don't seem to care that two men are dead.

2)You don't seem to have an interest in civil rights.

3)You don't seem to care that Franconia still has a severe problem to deal with.

4)You don't want to have true interaction.

What's up?

Tell us who you are, who you really, really are.

Anonymous said...

No hit and runs 9:04. What's your deal?

Anonymous said...

still waiting, 9:04 - your reply??

either someone is paying you to perform a job that doesn't require much focus or executive function, and you're immensely frustrated; or your job is trolling. i surely hope you're not charging the taxpayers for your fine "doody". hey! just had to say it. :)

i'd say you spend more time than chris does on his own blog! chris has a healthy, positive outlook, a slammin' hard work ethic, and some important goals to measure and meet. what's on your agenda?

please get around to answering justice junkie's questions at 2:45 - i'm holding my breath....tell us how you REALLY feel.

since you proclaim yourself to be intellectually and morally superior to the "peasants" on this blog, it's fair to ask why you continue to monopolize so much time and space here?

you do give undue consideration to yourself, and are such a wisea** that's it's hard to believe you are the model citizen you so righteously claim to be.

i am really concerned about the incoherent stuff you post...just get a grip!

Anonymous said...

"eye smell a huckster" aka, aka, etc. spends more time on this blog than anyone, with the sole purpose to tear Chris down.

Pretty calculated and NEVER seems to answer anything. Several different characters and constantly responds to his own posts as a different character.

Anonymous said...

"since you proclaim yourself to be intellectually and morally superior to the "peasants" on this blog, it's fair to ask why you continue to monopolize so much time and space here?

you do give undue consideration to yourself, and are such a wisea** that's it's hard to believe you are the model citizen you so righteously claim to be."


I'm with you on this. Never any genuine interaction. Just slander.

Anonymous said...


still waiting.........