31 July 2007

KingCast presents more Franconia 5/11 witness statements and absolute, unmitigated proof that Bruce McKay is a liar.

Let's review the 2003 video at 21:41:03 shall we?

Liko: "I was just wondering what your name is."

McKay "And yours is...."

And it goes on from there but McKay does NOT answer Liko's question.

Now let's review the police report McKay filed, as noted at p. 99 of the pdf file.

"When I gave him my name I then asked him his."

Nonsense. Liko is continually asking McKay for his name and never refers to him by name in the whole video. He calls him "This officer," and repeatedly notes to responders Ball and Cox, "I do not trust this officer."

Bruce McKay was a pathological liar and nothing he says could or should be trusted.

Although I DO believe that he "lit up the vehicle with both the Patrol Car head lights and bar-mounted taken down lights," which of course is an immediate Constitutional violation, as Judge Cyr aptly noted in the other cases, which is why the State voluntarily withdrew the possession charges against Liko, who had a pot pipe in a bag but was not smoking at the time. The others actually WERE smoking and it was STILL a Constitutional violation. Read Attorney James T. Brooks' GRANTED Motion to Suppress right here.


And then you have officer Ball at p. 104 noting that Liko told him "McKay made a Thirteen year-old girl have sex with him so he wouldn't charge her and he claimed he knew this for a fact because he knew the girl."

Interesting indeed, and given McKay's utter lack of credibility I'm not by any means going to dismiss what Liko claims.


And then you have Sam Stephenson, whom I have personally met, saying at p. 803 that on 5/11 that Floyd's son told Caleb "You're lucky you didn't get shot, too," and at 809 noting that Floyd Sr. told him he had "three tours in Viet Nam."

And then at page 588 the report of Sheldo Belanger notes that "Further inspection revealed that the window was up all the way when it had been broken," meaning the Franconia Collective and KingCast position that Floyd shot through Caleb's window without saying anything to be 100% accurate. And in 100% contradiction of what Kelly Ayotte's official report says, hence the pending litigation from KingCast to make the AG's office host the entire file on line, and not just the official summary.

Accord Unincorporated Operating Div. of Ind. Newspapers, Inc. v. Trustees of Indiana University, 787 N.E.2d 893 (Ind. App. 4 Cir. 2003).
"The appeals court decision stems from a lawsuit filed by The Indianapolis Star, which was denied access to detailed records of the investigation. The paper claimed the university violated the Indiana Access to Public Records Act when it only offered summary reports of the investigation.

The university claimed that the materials were protected by an attorney work-product privilege because the two trustees who performed the investigation were attorneys. The Star countered that these privileges had been waived when the university chose to release some of the records in news conferences."

See that's the Good Part about working for the Star in 1990 before law school: You've always got a buddy or two out there who might be reading your blawg one day and pull your coat tail to a case you otherwise might not discover. But that case is straight on point and that's why I know I am supposed to be doing exactly what I am doing. I always envisioned being involved in First Amendment law when I started law school, so there you go.

Life has very few, if any, coincidences -- including the fact that more of Kelly Ayotte's buddies tried to hide evidence in another case and whaddya' know..... it's Charlie Bauer from the same law firm as Franconia town attorney Dan Mullen, who is also trying to hide stuff. Here's a recent letter to him.

KingCast shares a few quotes from the blogosphere about Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and KingCast.net

First there is this Vermont WCAX-3 AP post, on which Beverley Wang would follow up if she had any journalistic integrity.

Then there is a Blawg.com entry.

Parliament of One:
I began to gather information on Liko Kenney because I really thought it would be a fascinating case to delve into, or preferably to get Aspeth (I'm still milking this idea, come on A!) to delve into, but I came across Chris King's blog and realized my attempts at investigative journalism would pale in comparison.

Anyway, if I get myself a bit more invested in the research I might put some of my findings here, but for now I'll just recommend King's.

P.S. It's Kiss Your Country Day in America! Happy 4th!

Having ski raced as a youth on the same courses as the infamous Kenney’s and raised to question authority and convention I feel more than a little affinity for the clan. From my perspective and bias based on interactions with other seemingly misguided local NH town police the conclusion I draw is that the actions of the pursuing officer were gravely inappropriate and the citizen vigilante actions were at least partly motivated by a predisposition to act out gunplay fantasies. It seems that the mass media has failed clearly report potentially wrongdoing and is predisposed to propagate idealistic imagery of law enforcement. I love this state and country. This family is iconic to both and deserves justice as do we all.

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KingCast posts another comment to Union Leader; let's see if it appears. Ever.

This is the link. And what I wrote about the John Sedgwick story is in the comments section. Union Leader Joe McQuaid is a dirt bag anyway, for more on him read this.

KingCast says, "Oh, now I'm homophobic for asking if Bruce McKay had an anger issue over his sexuality." Try again, folks.

I just finished breaking it down to someone a minute ago. Read this post for background on how I feel about Dubya dissin' gays and hate crimes legislation and the comments section for the response to this individual.

Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste.

KingCast presents: John Sedgwick's Boston Magazine story on Franconia shooting tragedy, "Collision Course."

John Sedgwick's Boston Magazine story as noted in Boston Now.

As noted in this post, John and I have discussed this matter at length and I'm generally pleased with his story. I am delighted he didn't just take the NH AG party line as most New Hampshire media are doing.

As you read it, be aware that John was at the time unaware of the Constitutional violations at Fox Hill Park or the missing police and use-of-force reports as noted in today's letter to Franconia Town Attorney Daniel Mullen.


"Chief Montminy does not keep arrest records subdivided by officer, but on the job last year, according to the word around town, McKay rang up over 300 stops—summary interrogations, drug searches—pursuing every infraction, no matter how petty, with the same bulldog ferocity. The other two full-time cops in town reportedly collected just 11 between them.

Unlike Massachusetts, New Hampshire does not have district attorneys, and relies on police prosecutors to pursue guilty verdicts in minor crimes. To earn extra money, McKay filled that position for the town. Sometimes, when trying a suspect he’d arrested, he’d put himself on the stand to present the evidence. “I always thought he was a fascist,” says Jean McLean. That impression wasn’t eased by the Hitler mustache—a dab of dark hair right under his nose—McKay wore for a time, or the GOTCHA vanity plate on his Nissan 4x4.

With such a profile, McKay attracted a lot of talk in Franconia, little of it flattering. Once, it was said, he pulled over a 79-year-old woman for an expired registration sticker. After she tried to explain that she was heading home to cook dinner for her husband, he made her wait in the car for two hours. When McKay discovered a group of kids celebrating their high school graduation by frolicking along the river, he had every one of their cars towed. He’d even threatened to ticket a man for driving his riding mower across the road. McKay’s targets rarely filed complaints, though. “People feared retribution,” says Roland Shick, an antiques dealer in nearby Bethlehem. “They were afraid McKay would attack their kids, or themselves.”

After Kenney got out, McKay kept a close eye on him. He would often drive down to Tamarack, then slowly turn around by Kenney’s house, shining his high beams into the property. Just to say hello. “I used to be able to set my clock by it,” said neighbor Connie McKenzie, who saw McKay pass by her house, headed for Easton, every evening.


"Connie McKenzie, who works as a nurse, arrived next and performed CPR on McKay until the EMTs took over. She says she wanted to check on Kenney, too, but was ordered not to. “I thought someone should at least take his pulse,” she says.

Bill Kenney is among those who theorize that Floyd was an informal backup for McKay, operating on a kind of buddy system. The two lived not far apart, and seemed to share a similar outlook on the world. Floyd refuses to speak to the press, but some in Franconia also speculate that he kept a police scanner, which would have let him track McKay’s movements. In any event, in his role in the bloody events on Route 116, he outdid the slain cop-cum-prosecutor. For Liko Kenney, Gregory W. Floyd served as judge, jury, and executioner."

John also did not have the full media kit from the AG's office that I have, which shows according to Floyd Jr. and Caleb Macaulay that Liko did NOT strike McKay twice with the car, so he wrote this:

"Kenney revved his car forward, striking the officer. Then he backed up and drove at McKay again, this time plowing the front end of the Celica up over McKay’s torso."

We now know, as I have written numerous times on my blawg, that such is not the case, according to Floyd Junior and Caleb Macaulay.


KingCast says Pat McEnroe looks like Mike Wilbon.

Well, not really but it was kind of funny yesterday when I went to watch Cousin Mike on PTI over a cocktail at work and the younger Mac (I think he's the youngest and Kevin is in between Pat and John) was sitting in Wilbon's seat. Interestingly, Wilbon himself was a fine tennis player back in the day, and he and his brother used to win tournaments in Chicago; that's part of the reason I got into the sport.

They owned the tennis court but when it moved inside my father and I owned the table tennis and I can tell you there was some CRAZY games in that basement elbow-to-elbow just rippin' shots all over the place. Too much fun. And Uncle Ray (RIP) one of the Best Men in the World, ever, he would just sit and watch (well he talked a lot of trash, too) and make everyone feel like they were the most important people in the World.

All of that was before I ever dreamed, or had a nightmare about rogue cops like Bruce McKay, who terrorized Franconia, New Hampshire and we can't even find major police or use-of-force reports and there's all kinds of Constitutional violations involved as adjudicated by Littleton Judge Peter Cyr.

Anyway, I don't think Mike's moving too fast on the Court these days so I could prolly take him out, but the more fun thing would be that doubles match with brothers McEnroe. I'd have to jettison Mike to take John on my side 'cos everyone knows that for about 15 years running, the best doubles team in the World was:

John McEnroe and someone else.

I've done the McEnroe press galley a number of times and always found him to be an entertaining interview but the funniest exchange was this spring when I was sh*t-talking him from the sidelines at the Boston Champions Tour; later on I gave him a copy of the blawg :)

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Liko Kenney's Fourth Amendment lesson to Bruce McKay part deux and the Missing Fox Hill Park police reports.

Dear Attorney Mullen:
This word document letter is follow up to those sent by KingCast to you on 27 and 28 July, 2007 and in addition to yesterday's Fourth Amendment post.

You should know by now that LE is coming out of the woodwork with honest comments about your boy Bruce McKay. More I will not say at this point nor do I have to.

What you have to do, however, as attorney for the Town of Franconia, is this:

1. Produce a copy of the 2003 Fox Hill police report involving McKay and Liko Kenney that Attorney James T. Brooks couldn't obtain for ten (10) weeks as noted in this post.

2. Produce a copy of the 2003 Fox Hill use-of-force report involving McKay and Liko Kenney that you are seen on WMUR trying to explain in this post, where you say
"we think one probably was filed...."

I know you know that Bruce was concerned about the issue and would take all precautions to properly document the file because at about 21:02:10 of the 2003 video he says "We've got an assault on a police officer and subsequent complaint from the arrested party...."

I wonder if the report will include this exchange that is in the FULL 2003 video that your dirtbag Publisher friend Joe McQuaid didn't put on YouTube (but that KingCast and Franconia Collective soon will).

"You're resisting arrest."
"I'm resisting torture. You punched me in the face you hurt my injured neck you hurt both of my arms you hurt both of my legs all because I asked you a question."
"You grabbed my testicles, correct?"
"I grabbed your testicles, hell no.
"[McKay laughs, does not say 'yes you did.']"
"You threw me to the ground and put your testicles in my face you fucking faggot."

Sir, was Bruce McKay a closeted homosexual? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it sure would help explain the untoward physical contact from McKay that several young men have told me about. I don't know if that would factor into the bogus child sex charges McKay pursued against Tim Stephenson either, but perhaps you could help us understand better by at a minimum producing the requested materials.

Very Truly Yours,

And in the spirit of Liko Kenney and Nat Turner,

Christopher King, J.D.

cc: World Wide Web

30 July 2007

KingCast responds to Union Leader publisher Joe McQuaid and "Shytheadly Mockboosis Kingusassholus" with questions about journalistic integrity.

Dear Publisher McQuaid:

I remember that editorial you took down of me ridiculed my lawful actions as NAACP legal chair to send a demand letter to subsequently-fired Jaffrey Police Chief Marty Dunn. I still have it and it was entitled "Lessons from the Master," and was a total diatribe against Jesse Jackson and me and ended with "Kids don't try this at home, you might end up in prison."

Y'all should call the Union Leader and ask them to re-run that puppy.

Well we all know that didn't happen and Marty, his prosecutor Bill Albrecht and Kelly all went home packing, too scared to even face me in Court. Marty got fired and Bill left under a damn ethics investigation. See para. 2.

So my question to you now then, is what legal or journalistic construct you have that renders the photo of me in this story to be a "Union Leader photo?"

It came from American Lawyer One when I was winning Jerry Doyle's First Amendment school board protest case, and it was first used by WMUR to portray me as a felon. I didn't have a beef with that because they did NOT take the affirmative step of proclaiming it as their own.

But you did.

And I don't even have to talk to my IP Attorney to know that's a boo-boo.

Just as you have also already called the killing of Michael Briggs (a Good Cop, BTW) a "murder," even though there has not been one scintilla of an adjudicated finding on that. Makes you look like a schlock journalist. In fact, since we all know you and Kelly are in journalistic bed together, I give you the same admonition I gave her from Carlito's Way:
"You ain't a Publisher no more Joe. You a gangster. You on the Other Side now. It's a whole new ball game. And you can't learn it at school and you can't have a late start....."

And if I don't hear from you in a calendar week on this, you'll be walking into the office one day, just as Al Pacino was walking through Grand Central Station, and get shot. By a lawsuit instead of a bullet.


Also explain why you haven't covered any of the Fourth Amendment issues in this case clearly delineated in this post, considering that your job as a member of the Fourth Estate is to you know, kind of watch government and not take everything they say as gospel Truth and publish half of Liko Kenney's Unconstitutional 2003 arrest at Fox Hill Park.

PS: I see you never responded to this email to you, but that's different because it doesn't trigger any legal liability. Have a chat with your lawyers, why don't you.

PPS: Assholus said "I am just sure you're going to say something funny or intelligent sometimes,[sic] soon."

How's THAT for you?

Namaste, No, I'm not that sentient today. Instead I give you the same virtual backhand across the face I gave to Kelly today.

Newsflash: KingCast hears NH AG Kelly Ayotte to host Kool-Aid party for her followers on Franconia shooting tragedy.

We're not certain of the scheduled time, but as the participants gather to discuss pertinent matters on the Fourth Amendment, Chief Montminy, Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney, it should be a lively event. At least for a while.

KingCast says Liko Kenney gave Bruce McKay a Fourth Amendment lesson from the back of his squad car in 2003; that's why McKay hated him.

Fact: As noted in these/two posts, the companion Fox Hill possession cases of State v. Wright and State v. Miller were all dismissed for Unlawful Constitutional violations by Judge Peter Cyr, even though Cyr is known for authorizing "no-knock" pot raids.

They nol-prossed Liko's possession complaint so that he wouldn't have a Constitutional finding in his file, duh. But if anyone should have had a Constitutional finding in his favor it was Liko because he was not smoking marijuana while the other folks were.

With that in mind and now having proved what my sources told me about the other cases a while back, this and the next post will explore my transcription of the 2003 video that dirtbag Union Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid failed to provide in full for his little YouTube beat down of Liko Kenney, no doubt orchestrated with NH AG Kelly Ayotte and NH LE. In a day or two you can watch the FULL video and see what transpired after they bring Liko into McKay's squad car.

21:04:01 - "You can't pull people off the street and put them in handcuffs and drive them around for no reason." [held: correct, as noted by Judge Cyr].

21:05:46 - "I was sitting in my car resting before driving home and now you've done this to me for no reason." [held: correct, as noted by Judge Cyr].

21:15:00 - "Why am I in handcuffs?" "[Officer Cox or Ball] Because you resisted arrest." "Why was I being arrested, why?" "[Officer Cox or Ball] I don't understand what the original offense was." "That's because there is no original offense." [held: correct, as noted by Judge Cyr].

21:15:30 - "He punched me in the face and you and him both saw him punch me in the face and you both are saying he didn't. I'm being beat up IN HANDCUFFS by 3 adult armed men who all have guns and I have NOTHING." [held: correct, by common sense].

Kelly I'll give you a virtual backhand to the face for trying to hide that and I'll see you in court.

29 July 2007

KingCast and Franconia shooting tragedy go front page at NH Indy Media.

Yep, here it is. Tomorrow comes Boston Magazine. And soon comes the National media.

Here's the dirty part about NH AG Kelly Ayotte knowing full well that there was a history of missing files involving Bully Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney.

Related KingCast video: Live Revolution.

KingCast musicians of the day: James Hand and the Magic Band and New Hampshire's Kat McGivern.

As KingCast does not live by work alone, a quick trip over to the Lowell Folk Festival today yielded an exceptional find: James Hand and the Magic Band, out of Tokyo, errr. Tokio, Texas. Great blues, great country, just really smoooooth. And funny, too. Unlike the Morphine-A.K.A.C.O.D. party, there were no real hotties to dance with this time so I just gave a good head nod and a KingCast update to my former Texas neighbors. They were a right much appreciative. We did not have time to discuss Reverend Horton Heat, as noted in this post. Nor did we discuss the ongoing NH Attorney General fiasco in the Franconia shooting tragedy, in which she had actual knowledge of missing files pertaining to Liko Kenney, who along with many Franconia citizens, was a target of abuse by Corporal Bruce McKay, as noted in this post.

Honorable mention:

She's easy-on-the-eye, she's nice and she has a nice little blend of new-agey and folksie rock going on. Kind of a cousin to Evanescence, but not so dark and heavy. Also has a nice Irish lilt in there, and you know the Cranberries were just one of my all time favorite bands. She works with me from time to time so I look forward to her continued development. You GO girl =^.)

KingCast schools Beverley Wang, WMUR, Chief Montminy and Franconia town attorney Daniel Mullen on more missing McKay/Liko Kenney files.

First of all, the WMUR story (video link here) that references the "last complaint being made [against McKay] in 2000" is a total lie. I would consider Attorney Troy Watt's complaint and the Tim Stephenson complaint at p.570 of the pdf files to which only media folk like KingCast have access (for now) to contraindicate that statement.

Now then, let's take a read of Attorney James T. Brook's 1 May 2003 Motion for Continuance, which is in a file that NH AG Kelly Ayotte HAD to have read because she discusses the 2003 arrest in her official report:
Counsel requires a copy of McKay's police report in order to prooperly litigate this issue. Defense counsel, however, has yet to receive Officer McKay's police report from the Graton County Attorney. Counsel did request McKay's report in a February 20, 2003 discovery letter addressed to the Franconia Police Department. At the time of the discovery request, the Franconia Police Department was prosecuting the allegations in the above-captioned matters. The department did not respond to the request and, instead dropped all of the complaints."

Whoops. The State knew all along about this type of nonsense. And they know that McKay tried to frame Timmy for some kinds of youth sex charges that went away. There is probably a deeper sex/money/drugs angle working here; I have heard that McKay (a camera buff) may have had Montminy in a compromising position and that's how he ran the show there in Franconia. We may never know that, but we do not something's fishy in Denmark, as my Nashua Firefighter neighbor and his wife commented a month ago.

Whe I was in Franconia last time Carlito's Way was on TV and I will now take this time to encourage local media to get on the clue bus before the National media I'm working with come in here and embarass the living snot out of you, and to remind Kelly:
"You ain't a lawyer no more Kelly. You a gangster. You on the Other Side now. It's a whole new ball game. And you can't learn it at school and you can't have a late start....."

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28 July 2007

KingCast says if you bought any American Tower stock it's time to sell it before you get caught holding a dung bag.

You know how the KingCast short films American Lawyer Two and Three deal primarily with the hatred I witnessed at American Tower, i.e. the "he's a dangerous black man who might be lurking about outside" and shit stuff?

Well they're gonna' get theirs, but good. Just wait a few weeks. Backdated stock options. Backdated leases (this I have direct knowledge of, BTW). I'm not as sure they will take a fall on this as I am on the Franconia cover-up (hell that's a lead pipe cinch) but I am pretty sure. It's another trusted source who has never been wrong about anything. Stay tuned.

KingCast renews request for Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay emails.

This is the response from NH AAG Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin regarding my request for any and all emails bearing the names "Liko Kenney" or "Bruce McKay" with my annotated comment that the response is antithetical to the Right-to-Know. I wanted to set it apart from yesterday's letter in which KingCast and Franconia Collective hash out the final issues prior to litigation because now as you can see in the comments section I have also requested copies of any and all correspondence between anyone at the AG's office and Attorney X as well.

As we can readily ascertain by NH AG Kelly Ayotte's email to Attorney X, the investigation was over by the next business day, so they can't deny me the documents based on any sort of ongoing investigation. So they try to hide as noted in Res Ipsa III.

That won't work. A judge will hear this issue and will hear it according to the persuasive law of Unincorporated Operating Div. of Ind. Newspapers, Inc. v. Trustees of Indiana University, 787 N.E.2d 893 (Ind. App. 4 Cir. 2003).

The paper claimed the university violated the Indiana Access to Public Records Act when it only offered summary reports of the investigation.

The university claimed that the materials were protected by an attorney work-product privilege because the two trustees who performed the investigation were attorneys. The Star countered that these privileges had been waived when the university chose to release some of the records in news conferences. In case you are wondering, my former employer won.
For more background on the material and intentional lies told by Attorney Ayotte to Attorney X, read Res Ipsa I.

I don't know what's worse: Whether the lies were the result of gross negligence or recklessness or outright deceit. Either way it's time for an Attorney General who knows how to properly handle his or her business, that's for certain.

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27 July 2007

Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson and Mike Gannon support Civilian Review boards for Franconia shooting tragedy.

I ran into both of these men today and it was quite interesting.
Candidate Richardson impressed me with his stance on open government, citizen lobbies, diplomacy and negotiation as opposed to hatred, education and.... blogging. At Nashua Public Library just an hour or so ago he told a local youth and the entire packed room (I didn't do a head count, shame on me maybe 120?) that he supports the new age of communication with potentially adverse (read Muslim) countries.
"I will be a President that respects the Constitution of the United States."

That's why I gave him a copy of the Franconia Collective Press Release #1 and noted that I had proof of Constitutional violations in Franconia as signed by Judge Cyr.

He also publicly said he endorses what the Collective and KingCast are doing by encouraging more open police dialogue "so that more people don't end up being shot," as I told him.

Meanwhile, Franconia Chief Montminy and his lawyer Dan Mullen can't even find the stinking use-of-force report that predicated the whole Liko Kenney story when McKay first hassled him in 2003 at Fox Hill Park -- the scene of the aforementioned Constitutional violations. It's pathetic and the blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay roils over the souls of the Franconia Selectmen, Chief Montminy and Republican NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who ignored a 2004 complaint against Bruce McKay the media can see at p. 570 of the pdf files. I'll print it out one day. Anyway, read this.


U.S. Armed Forces Veteran Michael Gannon, whom I have interviewed extensively about the bogus police indictment he faced for taping them at his own home, impressed me with an update:

He saw me walking to the library and honked, then informed me that he refused the first settlement offer and that shortly thereafter, police showed up at his house, ostensibly because they were looking for one of his sons who had allegedly jumped an illegal fence. He said his son was at work and then he told them "Cameras are on, guys," and said they hopped into their cruisers and were gone, lickity-split.

More on this later after I stop by the crib to see him for an in depth feature.

KingCast narrows the Franconia/Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay Right-to-Know issues as Mandamus hearing approaches.

The letter is in the comments section and will be JPEG'd later.
As we narrow the issues for a Mandamus/Declaratory Judgment showdown I bring attention to this key post because it shows that Bruce McKay violated the principles for use of pepper spray (passenger in car and Liko a known emotional person) and deadly force (Liko already off the road and trying to diffuse situation by asking for witnesses).

This post is key as well because it shows the Constitutional decision by Judge Peter Cyr relative to the Fox Hill Park raids conducted by McKay and others. Held: Unconstitutional.

Now we come to the issue of the missing use of force report for the 2003 Fox Hill Park event that NH AG Kelly Ayotte and the bought-and-sold media made into a cause celebre in the first place, to try to take attention away from the 2007 fiasco at the hands of Bully Bruce McKay.

Watch the WMUR video for a laugh and a cry.
"There is a possibility it may have been misfiled," Franconia town attorney Dan Mullen said. "There's also the possibility that Cpl. McKay at the time forgot to do a use-of-force report."

[KingCast says no he didn't: you can hear him in the video talk about the fact that there is going to be a complaint filed by Liko in the case so he knows it's important].

Mullen said that the town's police chief is actively looking for the report.
"And probably slightly embarrassed because we believe one should have been filed," Mullen said. "We think one probably was filed by Bruce McKay but can't be located right now."

I'm sorry but that's not gonna' make it and Attorney Mullen had damn well better have something better to say about that at oral argument. We got two dead men in the middle of 116, at least one of whom would have been a friend of mine. If there had been better or more forthcoming open communication about use of force and police/community problems we wouldn't be in this situation.


KingCast says: Let's examine Liko Kenney's egress and how Shooter Floyd "parked his truck to shield McKay," in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Remember how I told you a while back that it was impossible for Floyd to have parked his truck in a manner to protect McKay? First of all despite what Kelly said Floyd wasn't even driving. Instead, he told Junior what to do so he could get ready to shoot Liko. Look at the pole behind Floyd's truck. Liko, maced-up, had to navigate out past that pole and then behind Floyd's truck to get home, but of course Floyd is standing there as Caleb Macaulay said that Floyd had a gun trained on them "before we even got on the road" at p. 687 (accord Junior's statement at p.745 that he said his father shot at the car and it hit Liko and the car then hit McKay). Then we also have the bullet hole in Liko's windshield that was not there before 5/11 and the bullet was "recovered" from inside the car so that HAD to come from Floyd at the very beginning.

Moreover, his truck was not parked in a manner to shield McKay from anything but it sure is parked in a manner consistent with keeping Liko Kenney from proceeding toward Tamarack Tennis camp.

And we also can see in the video that Liko had withdrawn his weapon prior to attempting to leave the area. Interesting.

As to Macaulay's comments: The AG's office refuses to make available to the general public but which KingCast is going to sue over to make them available online to the general public, pursuant to case law including Hawkins v. NH DHHS, as noted in my last post.


As noted in this post with Annmarie Timmins' Concord Monitor story:

McKay violated policies on use of pepper spray (Caleb in car and Liko known to be highly emotional by McKay's own experience from the Unconstitutional search and seizure in 2002) and he violated use of deadly force with that damn Tahoe as well because Liko had already pulled off the road. Even at that, if he had just walked up to the car and spoke with Liko and said, "hey, I'm sorry I felt I needed to do that, and I'm going to issue you a ticket," Liko would not have snapped and shot that jerk. Both men would have gone home alive, perhaps.

I say perhaps because we don't know what sort of fun games McKay had in store for Liko that evening, and how Shooter Floyd -- NH AG Kelly Ayotte's hero as noted in this post -- might have come to the assistance of that fine officer of the peace.

But it really all begins with the coverup of the 2002/2003 Constitutional violations as noted in yesterday's Franconia Collective Press Release, which any good reporter should have covered as noted in this post, "KingCast explains Journalism 101 to Reporter Beverley Wang and Publisher Joe McQuaid."

KingCast explains Journalism 101 Beverley Wang and Joe McQuaid; welcomes Hawkins v. NH DHHS and State v. Theodosopolous to Franconia shooting tragedy.

Dear Reporter Wang and Publisher McQuaid:

Step 1. Listen to all viewpoints.
Step 2. Question more vigorously the government statements, particularly when they have cleared a man like Gregory Floyd in 24 hours of any potential wrongdoing. That is what you are supposed to do as members of the Fourth Estate.
Step 3. Actually speak with the friends of the decedent; they might have some insight for you, including related cases at the same time in the same park involving the same police force and Bruce McKay (as prosecutor) that were rejected by Judge Peter Cyr as Unconsitutional. More background. BTW Judge Cyr is no softie on crime; he signs "no-knock" warrants so I can save the haters some time on this one.
Step 4. Actually get off your ass and get out to the Courthouse and read the files, where you would have seen the JPEG'd documents I have listed herein, proving the cover-up of Constitutional violations. Beverley I know you were in Franconia because a Kenney helped you out of the mud at Liko's funeral.

Oh, wait a minute: You guys were PART OF the cover up in the first place. Damn am I stupid. I can't wait to read your coverage of my court hearing. That will be most interesting because no matter what you say, people are going to Google me and come right back here for the Truth. And we will have "Franconia 5/11" to share with the World public as well so you may always have a larger scale audience but sadly you've shown the World 1/10th of the Integrity seen on this blawg.


Now then as to the emerging trend in transparent government and the legal cases, read further:
Hawkins v. NH DHHS.
The issues in this case foreshadow the serious problems that requests for public records will engender in the future as a result of computer technology. Unless the legislature addresses the nature of computerized information and the extent to which the public will be provided access to stored data, we will be called upon to establish accessibility on a case-by-case basis. It is our hope that the legislature will promptly examine the Right-to-Know Law in the context of advancing computer technology.

Vacated and remanded.

Scroll down to the bottom. Now I want a copy of the report on this matter from the Right-to-Know Oversight Commission, pursuant to 91-A:11. By golly we're going to have a little Right-to-Know party, aren't we?

State v. Theodosopolous, referenced to Attorney Mullen here, bodes well for production of most, if not all of Bruce McKay's personnel file given the cover-ups in this case, including the lack of any use of force complaint in Liko's 2003 arrest at French Hill Park where McKay was the arresting officer.

McKay was a real dirt bag and so is Kelly for covering up for him.

KingCast and Franconia Collective speak to the haters in Franconia shooting tragedy.

We saw a person named "Foro" with no distinguishable Internet footprint come in here and try to get people against me. I invited Foro to Noah's Ark and we have not heard much from s/him since.

Now We are seeing a person named "Skylune" come in here and attempt to tell me how to run my blawg, and calling me an opportunist. I am now inviting Skylune to reveal his or her identity as well, since the blogger profile is non-published.

I therefore offer this to Skylune: Send me a private email with your contact information on it. I will not publish any of the information but will talk with you and arrange a time to meet for coffee, tea or sushi. If you're too busy now just make me a written promise to appear at the oral argument and shake my hand and tell me what you think of me. If you appear, I keep your identity private. If you don't, I tell the World who you are.

Sound fair?

From a poster on this blawg, a well-accomplished professional and a rational human being:

".....and skyline, you are a purposeful divider; shut the hell up about Chris...any notice he gets, demands or is freely given to him, is well deserved...just shut up you jealous rat...i don't want to hear your equivocating bullshit playing both sides against the middle...you are exposed...shut up....a slightly more coherent troll...we've had them before...a little bit of a razor blade in the little bits of cake you throw at this one or that one...
thank you Chris...
rock on brother...
be as big as you wanna be...
be as big as you ARE...
you know who loves you. and you know we are the first to rein each other in, hard, if necessary...(i've had my ass bit once or twice and i'm just a poster)and i think you're wonderful...
be as big as you wanna be Chris...you've got the focus...you've spent the time...the record here proves it...[more in the overleaf]

KingCast update on hate crimes and racial hatred, this time in college football with Ian Johnson and Chrissy Popadics.

Our bartender at work is from Boise Idaho and I know he is disgusted by the death threats received by Ian Johnson and his bride-to-be Chrissy Popadics. Hank Aaron went through it and he wasn't even dating a white girl. I went through it, had a gun pulled on me by black folks for dating Megan; I guess her 25% Native American heritage wasn't good enough for them. And I have noted that I find it equally deplorable when black folks do it to white folks, as noted in paras. 2 and 4 of this post, which is a hot link in this post about the bigots at Clemson with their Martin Luther Coon parties.

My boy Brendan Loy agrees and has an elaborate post on this, including a video of the actual proposal.

When are we as a Nation going to grow up and start loving more and hating less?

That would be a good question for NH AG Kelly Ayotte, busy covering up Constitutional violations to protect a rogue cop and a killer of a cop-killer in the Franconia shooting tragedy, where Bruce McKay toyed with Liko Kenney and other folks as a cat does mouse.

26 July 2007

WMUR strains to keep up with KingCast on Bruce McKay's personnel file.

I see by this story that they are seeking the file as well. Here's a recent post on that matter. Just remember, KingCast and the Franconia Collective have been all over this from the beginning, right here on this blawg.

Anyway, I don't know if that's Bruce or not. I don't really think so but it sure does kind of project his image, so there you go. [Note: is is photoshopped as I thought].

Related KingCast video: Live Revolution.

Franconia Collective and KingCast present Press Release #1 in Franconia shooting tragedy.

For Immediate Release

July 26 2007:

Franconia, NH

Liko Kenney's parents make no formal statement on this matter and have their own counsel. We are all closely associated with Liko and the family and some of us have written other editorials that have appeared in the Concord Monitor requesting government assistance for Franconia to help us heal. But before we can heal we need access to the Truth.

And the Truth is that Liko Kenney was correct in his 2003 case when he told Corporal Bruce McKay that the government "could not keep [him] there without Good Cause," because we now know that other charges at the same time involving the same park were dismissed as Unconstitutional by a Court Order in State v. Wright, 03-CR-0019. Liko's underlying charges were dismissed as well after the same lawyer filed an identical Motion to Suppress in Liko's case. And as of today by a Concord Monitor piece written by Annmarie Timmins, we are aware that the Franconia PD and Chief Montminy did NOT file a use of force report in Liko’s Fox Hill case although force was obviously used and McKay audibly notes in the video that there will likely be a citizen complaint after he and two other officers, believed to be Dick and Cox, took Liko down behind his mother’s car and out of view from the cruiser-cam.

The Truth is that our Government has intentionally withheld that information to make everything appear to be Liko's fault.

Two men lost their lives in Franconia two months ago, but the cancer that killed them has metastasized and is still running rampant in our culture. For years people have complained of Bruce McKay and ABC News even quoted a woman who attempted to save his life as saying "heck, even I was scared of him" and that people did not trust him and that complaints had been made to the Franconia Selectmen and the Police Chief but that nothing had been done.

We have seen notice from a local attorney that he complained of McKay being unethical in the courtroom as well, and we anticipate the State will provide a copy of that complaint and its response to it. We are certain that there are more and in fact we now know that Tim Stephenson filed a complaint with NH AG Kelly Ayotte's office in 2004 that was rejected in a one-sentence response.

While we do not wish to absolve Liko of any wrongdoing in this matter, he certainly was pushed against a wall figuratively since 2003 and against a bulldozer literally before he snapped, after Bruce McKay maced him as if he were some kind of animal and walked away with no directive or command.

Even today as we try to piece things together we find the Selectmen are up to their old games, withholding the 150 Reconciliation responses and holding last minute public meetings about the tragedy that are not publicized.

For the Truth of this matter and the ability to freely discuss it without having our posts stricken we have had but one resource and that is Christopher King's First Amendment Page, which one may access through his movie site KingCast.net at the blog button. We support his attempts to gather public information from public agencies including an Action in Mandamus if necessary to set the record straight. This is our way of using the Internet and the First Amendment to Petition our Government for redress.

Many of us tried to participate in the WMUR forums but found that our posts were not aired for some reason. But at least now we have come together with our quest for the Truth and a unified mission to air that truth through multimedia, including the " Franconia 5/11" film project. And we will work for ongoing and positive change in the communities by pushing for programs and legislative initiative similar to HB 58, urging that citizens have a more proactive role in the oversight of hiring, firing and retention of police officers.

For more information contact Franconia 511@yahoo.com


KingCast demands copy of police video from NH Attorney Troy Watts complaint against Bruce McKay.

Dear Chief Montminy and Attorney Mullen: I see that you have provided some information to the Concord Monitor but by your actions it is readily apparent that you will not produce copies of complaints or your responses relative thereto. As noted in yesterday's post, in the Mandamus action I'm coming after that information in addition to the 150+ responses that you have not provided in the Recovery and Reconciliation project.

Also, I now need the video relative to Attorney Troy Watts' complaint as directly referenced in this post. You've got all kinds of video from back then, you know from Fox Hill Park involving Liko Kenney so you've got that as well. It is a public record, I want it, and you are going to give it to me whether you like it or not. Besides, just consider it an opportunity for the World to see a fallen hero hard at work, in his element when we splice it into "Franconia 5/11."

Lastly, the fact that I procured some of the information I sought in relation to the Fox Hill matters that demonstrate Consitutional violations as determined by Judge Peter Cyr in yesterday's dirt bag post in no way absolves you of your duty to provide what I requested, even as you say you needed 45 days to do so.

Are we clear? I shall await your response on the Watts video within the time allotted by Rule, not that you've actually followed that Rule too often, as I will aptly point out to the Court.


KingCast and Concord Monitor say the key to Liko Kenney & Bruce McKay is the Fox Hill Constitutional violations covered up by NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

The government is watching me watching NH AAG Homicide Cheif Jeffery Strelzin:
Jul 26 2007 05:11:08 27 nh.gov
Search term: "jeff strelzin" which yields this result.

Soon it might click to this one, about Liko Kenney being correct in 2003 that his Civil Rights were being violated by an unlawful search and seizure pursuant to the Fourth Amendment.

And this just in, Franconia Police have released some information about their policies but not as much as I am going to get when I sue them. Some fun facts from Annmarie Timmins' 26 July Concord Monitor story:

1. McKay had 8 complaints issued against him not counting the 2003 Constitutional violation against Liko Kenney. [KingCast says that's just the formal, written complaint but there were many more than that, this I know].

2. "policies urge officers to consider whether it's worth pursuing someone over a non-felony offense such as a suspended registration. The policies also warn against using pepper spray on someone who feels trapped because the person may react with violence toward others or kill himself." [KingCast says McKay screwed up all of that]

"The force policy also says officers should allow innocent bystanders to evacuate before using pepper spray and to reconsider if the target subject is emotionally desperate. When McKay sprayed Kenney, Kenney had a passenger in his car who was not under arrest. And McKay knew Kenney had a gun and had reacted emotionally desperate during their 2003 interaction." [KingCast says McKay screwed up all of that, too]

"The department's pursuit policy, allows officers to bump a vehicle off the road, but only at low speeds when the officer has been trained and is in a situation that warrants the use of deadly force."

However Liko Kenney was already off the road when McKay rammed him. Thus, KingCast says McKay screwed up all of that as well. Also, the article notes:
It was unclear, however, why the town did not make public a "use of force" report for the 2003 stop involving McKay and Kenney.

I know why, and so too does Littleton Judge Peter Cyr as noted in yesterday's post: It's because you would have had a use of force in an environment where the Court had found Constitutional violations under identical circumstances at the same park in the same time period. Looks bad from a government liability standpoint, you know.

Well see now it's come out anyway (and will continue to do so in a major way when we release "Franconia 5/11") but now Liko and McKay are both dead, dammit. Now if that's not a compelling argument for open and transparent government in the first instance then I don't know what is.

25 July 2007

KingCast presents Res Ipsa VIII on Bruce McKay's personnel file to Attorney Daniel Mullen: Answer my question, please.

Dear Attorney Mullen:

To help us find out what really happened out there on 116 that day we need to know a bit more about Bruce McKay. Hell, we already know everything deleterious about Liko Kenney and nothing positive, such as the adjudicated fact that he was Constitutionally correct in 2003 about the Unconstitutional Fourth Amendment search and seizure hassle as noted in this post with attachments to court filings.

So then, remember what I asked you on 14 July what authority you were invoking as you refuse to provide any of Bruce McKay's personnel file, especially after losing Theodosopoulos last year on a related matter. I told you in this post that Ohio has complete and open access to these records, so why don't the Citizens of New Hampshire enjoy the same rights with respect to police officials for whom we provide a salary?

Here's exactly what I asked you, and the full email is in the comments section in case you lost it.
Let's try to effectuate judicial economy here so when we get to court everything is narrowed:

Exactly which sections of RSA 91-A 5 are you invoking in the 11 July 2007 letter to me in which you state that you are upholding Chief Montminy's edict?

Remember how they do it in Ohio, and what Chief Fox (you know, like "Fox Hill") said, right?
"All of my members are good cops, so we have no problem opening up the Sunshine Law and letting it shine in." --- and Wickliffe's Chief James Fox said "But when you sign up for this job, in a position of public trust, that's part of the deal," Fox said, "You must accept the fact that your work-related life is a matter of public record."


Judge Peter Cyr and KingCast explain why NH AGs Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin are the dirt bags in Franconia and why Liko Kenney is the Patriot.

The Establishment really hates true Patriots who press the government. Jerry Doyle did it in Columbus Ohio for years until they found a way to lock him up when I no longer represented him. But he had a good run, and a good victory as noted in this Columbus Alive feature.

Liko Kenney challenged the government in 2003 when he correctly told Bully Bruce McKay "You have no right to keep me here without Good Cause," but NH AGs Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin -- and Chief Montminy and former AG and Franconia attorney Daniel Mullen -- didn't want the World to know about that. They even had one of their footsoldiers Sgt. Wentworth calling Liko Kenney a "dirt bag," as noted at p. 353 of the pdf file (unreleased to the general public, hence the pending Mandamus Action).

Here then, are the facts that the government tried to hide but which will be up front and center in the Mandamus Action:

Generally, refer to this post.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin were aware of the nol-pross (dismissed) possession charges in Liko's Fox Hill arrest after Attorney James T. Brooks filed a Motion to Suppress for Unconstitutional search and seizure.

Fact: Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin constructively knew (and Chief Montminy actually knew) of the dismissed charges in a companion case of State v. Wright pursuant to Judge Cyr's ORDER after the same attorney filed an almost identical motion on an almost identical fact pattern at the exact same park relative to events that happened a month prior to Liko Kenney's beat-down by McKay and officers Dick and Cox.

Fact: If Ayotte or Strelzin did not know of the companion case they should be terminated for Cause immediately. It took me about an hour to uncover these cases after asking Liko's friends 3 questions about this Constitutional Issue.

Fact: Remember, they took six (6) weeks to release the 2007 video while they were prepping to release the 2003 video which was shown with substantial commentary and fanfare all directed to portray Liko Kenney in the worst light possible, all the while he was CORRECT about the underlying hassle and arrest and this Constitutional Issue.

Fact: Media dirtbags Beverley Wang and Joe McQuaid -- who lacks the sack necessary to respond to this email -- should have actual knowledge of these Constitutional Issues or be summarily terminated for Cause as well. All one has to do is open Liko's file, dammit. So with knowledge of these issues they continued to shield the American Public from extremely relevant information, i.e. that Liko Kenney was Constitutionally correct in what he told that Bully Bruce McKay.


Now add to that all of the material misstatements that Attorney Ayotte, Strelzin, NH Police Captain Russell Conte and crew have set out to the American Public and to Attorney X (has mainstream media ever even asked Kelly who Attorney X is?) as noted in these/two posts, and you're on your way to one hell of a Mandamus Hearing, and a Congressional investigation.

All I ever wanted out of my two professional loves -- Journalism and Law -- was some sense of integrity and honesty. And if I can't find it anywhere else I'll just have to do it right here, and in the Courts, with a little help from some folks in Franconia.

I love Franconia and by and large, the common folk there love me, too. It's a place that does indeed have a bit of hippie or non-conformist attitude and that's another reason why Kelly and her friends try to put down that vibe -- but we're not having any of that. See para. 1, supra.

Related post: Here's Gregory Floyd, the dirtbag that shot Liko Kenney; he's in Good Company with Ayotte, Strelzin et al. but he should have been charged for the events of 5/11 that took the life of my Brother Liko and recklessly endangered and criminally-threatened Caleb Macaulay. See you in Court, Kelly.

Res Ipsa VII: KingCast picks apart witness statements from NH AG Kelly Ayotte's official Franconia Report.

Okay, first from yesterday's post you need to know that Kelly's official report deceitfully fails to mention the Constitutional violations found by Judge Cyr that meant that Liko Kenney was absolutely correct in 2003 when he told that bully cop Bruce McKay "You have no right to keep me here without Good Cause."

Got that information copied for free because I'm a member of the media, you bet. Also, Monday's trip to the Courthouse in no way absolves the Franconia Police from their ongoing duty to provide responsive documents to my request.

Now remember all of the negative comments about Liko Kenney allegedly issued by Matt Chernicki?

All of that is bunk, too, and intentionally taken out of context. More on that later, probably an affidavit in the Mandamus Petition. You see Kelly, all of Liko's friends are my friends now and they have a lot to say -- which is ultimately good for the cause of Justice, less good for you and your career. But now I know why your Homicide AAG Chief Jeffery Strelzin didn't want to come out with us on a fact-finding tour when I asked him in the lobby in front of KingCast cameras: You guys thought you had all the facts you needed in order to put this case away but you forgot one thing: I like to scamper along the baseline to return shots the State THINKS they have put away. Advantage, KingCast.

My fact finding tour will also naturally include in the Mandamus a request for the 150+ responses to the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation inquiry that are clearly a matter of public record.

See you in Court, Counselor.

24 July 2007

KingCast watches as concerned faces ask why NH AG Kelly Ayotte supported 2003 Civil Rights violations by Franconia police at Fox Hill Park.

"What do you think about Bruce McKay?"
"Oh, Bruce was a bully..... did I tell you about the 98-lb. girl he maced over there so hard she passed out and had to be taken to the hospital from right over there?" asked one person who will appear in our film, "Franconia 5/11" but who would rather minimize her online visage.

As noted in yesterday's post, Judge Cyr found Constitutional violations for Fox Hill Park raids not unlike the violation I noted in my "McKay violated Liko Kenney's Miranda" blawg post weeks before I knew of State v. Wright.

As such, Liko Kenney was absolutely correct to tell that bully cop Bruce McKay he had "no right to keep [me here] without Good Cause," as I have repeatedly stated.

But NH AG Kelly Ayotte's official report makes no mention of the Constitutional violations involved in a Fox Hill case that occurred just weeks prior to Liko's case and which was terminated at almost exactly the same time as well -- despite the fact that there is a Motion to Suppress in Liko's file from the same attorney and the nol-pross is clearly noted as well.

You can't fool another AG Kelly. I knew from the get-go that you and your LE cronies were covering up Constitutional violations and more, and I will dedicate the rest of my natural life to proving it and running your name into the ground if I deem that necessary. For now, I look forward to oral argument with you on the Mandamus filing, which I am constructing a wee bit more with every passing day. I must thank you and curse you at the same time for providing me so much material from which to choose.

Attorney James T. Brooks' granted Motion to Suppress one, two, three, four

Denied McKay's Memorandum Contra one, two.

Liko's nol-prossed (dismissed) possession charges one, two .

But hey in today's society a cop can shoot you with no good reason and get away with it on a criminal level. Just ask U.S. Armed Forces Veteran Elio Carrion who was shot while clearly complying with a stated command from a law enforcement officer.

23 July 2007

KingCast presents Res Ipsa VI: Fox Hill Park court rulings on suppression motions show Bruce McKay was wrong about "suspicious place and time."

Since Franconia Police Chief Montminy and his lawyer, Ransmeier & Spellman's Daniel Mullen can't seem to get me any documents responsive to my request for information substantiating Bruce McKay's statement to Liko, I drove another KingCast BMW over to the Littleton District Courthouse today to get it myself. Specifically, Liko's other car, a 528e.

I just pulled the files from District Court in 2002-2003 and they show that motions to supress were sustained in all cases involving drug "busts" that came from Fox Hill Park because of the lack of probable cause starting in December, 2002, prior to Liko's arrest and beat-down in 2003. I'll try to scan the sustained Motions by tomorrow morning but contrary to what NH AG Kelly Ayotte told Attorney X, you CAN believe what you read in this blawg.


State v. Nathan Wright 03-CR-109

State v. William Miller 03-CR-012, 013, 029

State v. Kenney 03-CR-197

Liko's drug charges were nol-prosecuted as well, after Attorney Jamie Brooks files his Motion to Suppress.

Which goes to show that the basis for Bruce McKay's affirmative statement to Liko Kenney "You're in a suspicious place at a suspicious time" was unsubstantiated.

Just as I've said all along, and as Liko told McKay "You have no right to keep me here without Good Cause."


22 July 2007

Res Ipsa V: KingCast presents faces of concern about Bruce McKay in Franconia shooting tragedy.

McKay did WHAT? Stay tuned for more faces of expression, but also some backs of oppression from folks who agreed to be on KingCast video but not to be seen out of fear.

And by fear I mean fear of unlawful retribution at the hands of the police. That's what's REALLY going on in Franconia, you bet.