28 June 2007

Police review concurs with KingCast: McKay was unprofessional in Franconia shooting tragedy.

The truth is coming out and I agree with this officer from Reporter Timmins' story today. That's part of why I filed this ethics complaint.
"Kingsman" of Michigan questioned McKay's decision to ram Kenney's car backward several feet ("Is this normal police behavior?" he wrote) and wondered why McKay turned away from Kenney after spraying him with pepper spray. McKay knew Kenney owned a gun; just three weeks prior, McKay had posted a safety notice in the Franconia station cautioning officers to be careful with Kenney because he could be armed.

"When this first happened," Kingsman wrote on officer.com, "I was all sure the officer had been ambushed. He had my sympathy. But after seeing the video . . . he acted unprofessionally.

"That being said," Kingsman continued, "he did not deserve what happened to him."

No he didn't. But Liko didn't deserve what happened to him, either, and I'm talking about things that will come out in litigation of which the general public has no clue and I will let the family attorneys address in that milieu.

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Christopher King said...

Just exactly what was McKay going to do next after his little pompous, John Wayne swagger?

We don't know because he just blasted Liko and gave him absolutely no directive as to what the hell was going on beforehand or after, just as he did in 2003.

Even if Liko was out of line in 2003 he asked/stated the salient 4th Amendment thing:

"You cannot keep me here without Good Cause."

McKay never gave any cause as to why he couldn't just run the license and give it back and send the lad on his way, for Pete's sake.

The police chief should have schooled McKay on harrassing people like that back in the day, instead of letting officers Cox and Dick (their real names) tool Liko over in the security of the darkness behind his car, conveniently out of range from the cruiser video.

The blood of both of these men is on Chief Montminy's hands.


Anonymous said...

CK, I believe the 2 other officers are Cox (Littleton) and Ball (Bethlehem). Still funny, no?

Anonymous said...

And we have a Wang (Beverely) as well....sorry. Poor taste but couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

So, Chris -
How do we "flex our rights" on similar traffic stops? In NH and elsewhere?

Liko was persistent in asking relevant questions, received no reasonable feedback/response, and in doing so, raised the ire of the officer...which led to a beating.

The apparently unacceptable alternative for Liko was to fully comply, remain silent and cooperative, not ask for information about why he was being detained, and accept any beating doled out to him on the whim of an officer.

A Lose-Lose proposition.

Where is the middle ground? Where does this leave the people of Franconia today? The sadness, fear and outrage is palpable.


Anonymous said...

check officer.com

You will see a clear us vs. them bias.

Citizens need protection from rogue cops like McKay, who push vulnerable peoples buttons. McKay pushed the wrong guy's button once too often

Christopher King said...

7:28 and 7:52 no, I'm not striking anyone else's profanity, just censoring mine, and people's names.... are what they are.

So fitting, though.

It's okay, I think Timmins has our back. We shall see. Look in the Liko Spirit post to see the email I sent her and AG Ayotte:



Debby said...

Maybe we need to have a specific law as opposed to protocol.


That way we can refer to a specific law provided for traffic stops when we feel we are in a very compromised situation.

We as women are told time and again to drive to a well lit area if we feel unsafe when pulled over for a traffic stop. Well, if that can happen to Liko, then it can happen to me. I thought I had the right to do that, but now I see that I don't.

If I put myself in that same position and I did not feel safe with a police officer, I understand Liko driving away. Especially, if I had repeatedly asked for another officer to bear witness or handle the traffic stop. Based on the continued refusal, I would become more anxious and feel that my fear was validated. Just because you wear a badge doesn't mean I can trust you with my well-being.

The cop insisting that I don't have the right to protect myself would further my mistrust in his intent. I can see myself telling the officer that I would meet him where there are witnesses. If he told me no to that - I can tell you that I would know that cop was bad news and I would attempt to go to another location.

The whole outrageous bashing and pushing of the car thing would have sent me over the edge; I would be terrified. I would not have a gun and would get a face full of pepper-spray and hauled off in hand-cuffs. God only knows what would happen to me at the Police Station.

We are being told this is "OK" behavior from a cop? Here in America? Do what you are told even if you are in fear? Above all else..."Do not challenge my Auuuthoriteey".

Something is seriously wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Ayotte covers up corrupt law enforcement in NH.

Anonymous said...

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 23 — Ramiro Ayala Zambrano and his wife, Edith, have raised four children in a gritty barrio brimming with violence and corruption, so they know an outlaw when they see one.

In their eyes, the worst criminals here in a neighborhood called Tepito are not the thousands who sell stolen stereos, handguns, endangered birds or pirated videocassettes from the maze of concession stands that crowd the sidewalks. The couple is most afraid of the few dozen bad guys who prowl in police uniforms.

Most days, Mr. Ayala said, police officers show up to put pressure on unlicensed merchants for bribes, or to sell them information about raids being planned at police headquarters. The officers turn a blind eye to open attacks by delinquents against tourists, he said.


Do NH pd get there traninig in Mexico

Anonymous said...

2003 - McKay could have had a combined issue of both poor communication skills and intelligence.

Liko might have been emotionally upset but he asked intelligent and relevant questions. Maybe McKay didn't know the answers.