24 June 2007

New York lawyers ping KingCast for info on American Tower Corporation backdating and other sleazy antics.

See the update at this link from last week, and read my letter to former Chairman Steve Dodge (1/2).

Oh, Lord. Here comes the sex and profanity again. A commenter, perhaps my biographer (Boston Now's James O'Brien or perhaps a jester) has referenced the clit vibrator experience, wherein a Caucasian female manager showed some of us her clit vibrator and later gave me a directive when she saw me with that tower in my hands when I was annointed employee of the week, which I duly followed. You can link to that as you read about the Judge with the penis pump.

For the profanity, here is a Good Rant on American Tower that links to much of their bad corporate behavior. Sure it's churlish, but kind of funny, too.

Did you know they made a movie that honored Gordon Gekko and made us be a part of it? This post explains another shaky business practice and has a cool pic of Michael Douglas on a Cell Phone. Such was the corporate culture at ATC, circa 2002.

Just keepin' it Real.

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Anonymous said...

Revisiting of chapter 1 of our story - and ideal time for explication of the clit vibrator incident - the story is not complete without that. And its some of your best work to date.