28 June 2007

KingCast watches NH Homicide Chief Strelzin buggin' out; sends blank email in Franconia shooting tragedy.

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Yeah, he is definitely buggin' over the ethics charge. Funny thing, I remember one time the State actually tried to revoke my bail because I sent a blank envelope to Chief Dunn by accident; they said I was harrassing him. Nah, what was harrassing him was my sexy Russian sidekick with that Big Bad Nikon D50 they couldn't do anything about. Look at that hater Martin Dunn toting a secret file on me.

My how times change.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone justify the $100,000 of taxpayer money that Dunn is leaving with? What do the taxpayers get for this payout? Gov Lynch, have you a comment?

Christopher King said...

"This is as bad as Stalinist Russia" is what she said after observing Dunn's antics, which were of course supported in part by NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

Now THAT was a waste of taxpayer money.

I'm going to request an accounting of that.

Anonymous said...

Turnabout in fair play, as dey say...

Charles Duffy said...

Our so called government refuses to look at us all in the Eye.

I can't elaborate on this or I would get sick and throw up.

Please wake up people.

Anonymous said...

Would somebody in Franconia request from the Police their policy regarding pursuits?

This is public info and you have a right to know and have input about this. If they have no policy then the state or feds need to take over that dept.

Anonymous said...

There is no way they can have a pursuit policy to go after somebody who is both known and has ties in the community, who broke no criminal law (except fleeing as is the case with all chases), was only wanted for suspicion of an expired registration (expired last month), is showing no signs of being a risk to the community or other drivers, is not drunk, has an innocent passanger in the car....

This could have been avoided if there was a policy regarding chases as this is the classic when NOT TO CHASE a suspect or make crazy uturns on a divided highway to block a suspect or use your police vehicle to cause a traffic collision.

Somebody please ask your Chief for the policy regarding pursuits. Every sane police department has one.

Then ask why no mention of Mckay violating these rules were included as contributing factors in this incident.

Anonymous said...

A pursuit policy ALWAYS includes updating the speed and direction of the pursuit so superiors can decide if it should be terminated ... why did Mckay not do this? Was he trying to manipulate the minds of the other officers who would be arriving?

Even if the pursuit procedure is left up the judgement of the officer (a dangerous and insane policy) then we need to ask why they would allow an office on the street who has the judgement of a fool and instigator.

Charles Duffy said...

Hey Chris, My mother made the draperies for the Walkers in Maine.

If Nobody doesn't know what the W stands for in GWB it's called Walker Bush..

The daughter of the Walkers lives in Wenham.. She hates the Bushes..

Known fact.

We will get to the bottom of the this and Police abuse if it's the last thing I ever do.

Wake up people you bought it. Your law enforcement is on sale at Wall Mart.

What ever happened to communities in United States?

Anonymous said...

Their policy is to write as many tickets as possible. To try to get people to voluntarily consent to searches of their property, without any reasonable suspicion, in order to bust them for drugs or an open container or something. To arrest as many people as possible.

That is what gets cops promoted, and probably why the "hero" rose to the lofty rank of corporal.

Anonymous said...

Whitefield, Franconia, N Woodstock, and Lincoln PD's are criminal organizations. LOOK OUT! They will taze you, chain you, ram you and rape you. If our Marines weren't dying on the other side of the globe, I would recomend these criminals be taken down like Hamas. Lock and Load, New Hampshire Residents have had enough abuse, as have children from NJ and Girls from Mass. Can the Marines at least account for Floyd and who are these people he's claimed to have killed? We will not live in fear. Fill the new prison in Berlin with ex-cops.

Anonymous said...

The state Police Standards and Training Council oversees police officer training in New Hampshire and has a model policy on police pursuits that it offers to local departments, which can then craft their own versions. After several calls to that office Tuesday and yesterday, Robert Stafford, assistant director of training, said at the end of business yesterday that he could not release the policy on pursuits without a written request.

Stafford also wouldn't discuss how officers are trained to pursue vehicles.

Christopher King said...

Oh, don't worry folks, the family lawyers will have those policies. I'll get them at some point but now my focus is on the missing documents because I need to go back into it and dig up more, which I'm sure I can.

And filming starts you-know-when.

Anyone who is to be around hit me up 603.438.8017

Charles Duffy said...


When the filming crew starts and those who needs a place to stay the 3 bedroom condo is in Lincoln. right down the Street. As if this is all I can do to help.

Warning: keep me away I'll be the fist to throw rocks.

Anonymous said...

Chris - you should also be asking for a refund on the charges for the case info since they DID NOT supply you with the CD of ALL the Audio Interviews.

Any reasonable person would believe they are getting ALL the information and it is clear they held back info that they knew you were paying for.

Advertising this info as they are and selling as a report & details of the incident would make every reasonable person (who doesn't know how crooked cops are) believe they are getting the complete report of all events.

Anonymous said...


Send the M-Fers to guantanomo. Give em some of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

I have not been able to get one person that supports McKay's actions that day to acknowledge the witness that passed McKay 1/2 mile in front of Liko. McKay never even looked her way - 15 over the limit. Highly, highly unusual for McKay.

It looks rather suspicious to me that he would simply not notice the speeder unintentionally when you would have to make a point to be looking at a vehicle to notice the registration was expired.

Who do you think would typically catch a non-partial Police Officer's attention? I will point out again that he passed the speeder first. If you were or are a police officer which one do you think would require immediate attention? The first motorist that was speeding or the one that was 5 over the limit with an expired registration?

"Ooh yeaah"

Anonymous said...


Do you include Littleton in that or not?

Anonymous said...

Littleton suffered under Cam (how much was his take?), its new leadership is respectable, including C. Tyler. This just dawned on me, Do officers and chiefs deliberatly abuse so that they can recieve a large severence package when the public won't put up with it any longer? Is their financial incentive to abuse? How many former chiefs have these severence packages? Has this been a method of extortion? Is this a value for the taxpayers, to pay police to go away? Cox, your going to answer for you actions.... sucks to be the weak link. you'll talk or squeal.

Christopher King said...

John P. 2:10

You are correct.

I may file a consumer protection claim with the AG's office.

I'm serious.


Anonymous said...

chris king, you are the wrench in the evil machine, now I have 2 hero's: Ron Paul and you! you are a true patriot (you GO guy) that said I also wanted to point out that (I think) the blank email is a notification that Strelzin has added you to his "mobile alert list" menaning that he gets a mobile text message whenever you send him an email...


"don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"

Anonymous said...

With all the requests for police investigations, I have to wonder, why it is that no one is seeking to know why Chief Every would issue a gun permit to someone he shouldn't have, namely Liko.