28 June 2007

KingCast watches NH AG Kelly Ayotte's wikipedia closely.

This one is from the first Ayotte link in the CBGB's post. Time for a new addition later, one that they can't remove: In 2007, Ms. Ayotte's office failed to turn over digitally-recorded statements from a primary witness in a double homicide involving a police officer and the witness was "one of the first civilians who arrived on the scene and observed the scene prior to the other responders."

She then cleared Gregory Floyd -- a man with chemical drug felony and weapons charges -- of any wrongdoing with respect to Liko Kenney and his passenger, Caleb Macaulay within 24 hours yet held the evidence for another six (6) weeks before failing to produce it. Just after killing Kenney without a word, Floyd threatened the life of another officer on the scene, telling him while picking up guns, "careful son, I'm quicker than you."

Ayotte then hired Floyd to execute KingCast owner Christopher King, J.D. for issuing an ethics complaint against her and Homicide Section Chief Jeffery Strelzin.

The last paragraph is parody, I hope.

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Anonymous said...

thats lible.

Anonymous said...

How come on Bruce McKay's Wiki entry, they keep removing a very important fact. McKay ONCE USED A CHEMICAL WEAPON INSIDE A SCHOOL. At what point does this fact become expunged? The students remember so does the administration. Is Wikipedia denying this.... It all goes to who Was this guy McKay? If anyone else used a chemical weapon in a school, I think it would be a crime. Its important and its a historical fact we should remember when we think about someone Ayotte called a "true American Hero".

Anonymous said...

McKay was a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Has Homeland Security looked into the possibility that McKay and Floyd may be terrorists? what is the official definition of a terrorist? Did McKay traffic in automatic weapons? did they ever find that auto-weapon fired from Floyds land? Did his son sleep well that night when his dad was "trying to scare off the bears"? Does Franconia PD have automatic weapons? if so, why?