30 June 2007

KingCast watches NH AG Kelly Ayotte give a pass to Gregory Floyd, a lying and crazed lunatic in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

I told you back on 2 June 2007 that not much he said could be trusted because he lied about being a Marine in Viet Nam. Sure enough, Amy Nash Nixon caught up with that lie, too and wrote a pretty good story yesterday noting that Floyd
said he was a Marine in Vietnam and told state police he had been on assignments for the government that he could not discuss.

Only thing wrong is that she wrote that Floyd told Liko to put his gun down, but that makes no sense because Caleb's window was up and Floyd shot through the window and Caleb and Floyd have BOTH stated that Floyd said nothing, just killed Liko out of rage and Kelly already told us in this email that Floyd had no idea if McKay was alive or not.

Read the Floyd cover-up entry from yesterday morning before we visited Franconia and found out a whole lot of things the AG's office hopes we won't talk about in "Franconia 5/11."

Later this weekend I'm going to draft a Petition in Mandamus tying in the lies and deception regarding the evidentiary materials produced and not produced in this case, as noted in the KingCast ethics complaint and further noted by John P's Right-to-Know request. Eventually the general media will be compelled to report these issues whether they like it or not. For the large part I am truly disgusted by how the media has conducted itself in this case.

And that means you, Beverley Wang. I've got all the emails I've sent you in a special file so I can adjunct teach on how NOT to be a journalist.

Related post: Caledonia-Record runs KingCast letter to Governor Lynch.

Related video: Paul Hardcastle, "19" because Bruce McKay did not deserve a hero's welcome, and neither does Shooter Floyd. But Liko Kenney does, not because he shot and killed McKay, but because he, as a citizen, stood up to his abuse, going all the way back to when he was NOT in a suspicious place at a suspicious time; he was at the park trailhead in a highly residential area, and that's why he told McKay:

"You don't have the right to keep me here without a good reason." But McKay did that kind of stuff to those he didn't like, and that's precisely why he had no integrity. If he was a jerk to everybody, that's not okay, but at least it shows some sort of integrity. McKay just picked on those he didn't like, and in the end that's what got him. Remember when I went to Franconia the first time someone said "I always figured they would find him dead on the side of the road, and if it wasn't Liko it would have been someone else."


Christopher King said...

And there's still something not quite right about Floyd being there at that precise moment in history.

Did he have his scanner with him?

Did McKay help him get rid of some of those criminal menacing charges before?

KingCast has it on Good Faith from someone who knew Bruce McKay that some Big Stuff is about to hit the fan in Franconia in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned.

debby said...

Liko- I'd like to request another Officer to bear witness.

McKay- You don't have that choice.

Minutes later both are dead over a traffic violation.


Liko- I'd like to request another Officer to bear witness.

McKay- I have already called for back and they will be here shortly.

Liko- Thank you.

Traffic ticket and everyone goes home. Would have been appropriate.

debby said...

I have never witnessed a reporter be so insidious about putting their personal opinion out onto the reader.

She is a disgrace and very crafty. She would be better suited for Star magazine.

Anonymous said...


The reported and contradictory Floyd "facts" are very troubling indeed. From the Caledonia-Record:

Friday June 29, 2007

This week, the full case files and audio and video tapes of the investigation were made public...Floyd had picked up McKay's gun from the ground and then had taken Kenney's gun off of him after shooting him, reports state...Wentworth, in the AG's report, told investigators that he lost communication with McKay and then heard who turned out to be Gregory Floyd Jr. come on, saying, "He tried to run him over," "He's been shot," and, "I think he's dead."...Wentworth and some others at the scene lifted the car backwards off of Cpl. McKay. He said that once the car was lifted, he could see that McKay was alive and taking breaths...Gregory W. Floyd witnessed Liko Kenney's unlawful actions against Cpl. McKay and responded to the threat of imminent deadly force from Kenney by shooting him twice and killing Kenney," Ayotte's report, dated June 25, concludes in its introduction statement...Blanchard arrived at the scene and saw Kenney's car off the left side of the road with a boot sticking out from under the car. He heard a command to put some guns down and focused his attention on a large, bald male later identified as Gregory W. Floyd. Floyd held two guns and Blanchard began to yell at Floyd to drop the guns.


Thursday June 28, 2007

Floyd says his son and he bought their groceries at Macs and were headed home, with his son driving, when they saw a police car and another vehicle, "bumper to ass, guess would be the best way to put it."...The pair spotted the two cars on Route 116. "It's not like a normal stop, where you see a car pulled over and a cruiser behind it kicked off a little," Floyd says. He says McKay's police SUV was "pushing the guy up against the bulldozer, uh you know, with his car."...Floyd is asked to draw a map of what he saw. He said he was curious about the position of the cars, and how the police cruiser had Kenney's car pushed up against a bulldozer so it couldn't move. He said he was looking at the scene when he heard a gunshot..."I knew that it had come from over, you know by the police and all because he came running by, holding his side like this and blood was uh, you know, coming out in spasms...There were two guys talking there and they said he's a local policeman and him and this guy have some kind of grievance or ..." Floyd says. "Something's going on."...Floyd continues, "I was sitting right, right there the whole time because they were in the middle of the road, not on either side like I told you, they were in the middle ..." Floyd says. "And they come behind him in a car and run him over, OK, and they back up and you know hit him again and the gun comes flying out the window, now I believe that that gun was still the perpetrator's, I'm not positive."...Floyd goes on, "I picked it up and I leaned, leaned in to see what this guy was doing and you know, pressed my elbow into the passenger's throat to hold him in place and the other guy was trying to jack around then you know into the tenth millimeter ..."He said he had seen the gun he picked up in Kenney's hand. Floyd said before he approached the car, the Kenney car had run McKay over a second time. "I said uh-huh, there's a chance to, to save somebody."...Floyd said he checked to make sure the gun he found was loaded and ready to shoot and said he saw Kenney "trying with both hands to unjam his gun...Trooper West presses Floyd to determine if Floyd believed Kenney was attempting to reload to shoot him, and he said he did. "I wasn't gonna let him get, get that gun loaded, either," he says. He said he had pointed the gun at Caleb Macaulay's face to warn him not to mess with him during the scuffle. "I point the gun at his face and tell him to get out of the car and get on his knees and if he moves I'm gonna blow his, blow his face off."...At this point, West points out to Floyd that he has blood on his arm and asks him how it got there. "I took my shirt off and tried to uh make a tourniquet for the officer when he was trapped under the vehicle," he says. The interview was being taped the same night as the shootings, May 11...
As trooper West continues to question Floyd, he asks him how Kenney knew he was there. Floyd responds, "I was telling the driver to stop and he looked up once .... You know and I'm screaming either put it down or, or you're gonna die ... I'm saying put it down, leave it alone, you know you want to live, whatever, whatever come into my mind that I thought he might let it go ... and I wouldn't have to shoot him but ...."Now did he respond at all?" West asks.

"No he looked up at me one time but he kept jacking you know and ... as far as I, I'm concerned he was clearly a threat and had no remorse about running that police officer over with his car and you know trying to do it again, you know so why should I give him a chance, if he might shoot me, you know and I ...Did you, did you feel threatened by him?" West asks Floyd. "Oh yah, till I got that gun away," Floyd responds...According to the state Chief's Medical Examiner's Office, McKay died from five gunshot wounds. His cause of death was ruled a homicide.Kenney, the Chief Medical Examiner's Office ruled, died of two gunshot wounds, the manner of his death was also homicide.


Many posts on this blog state McKay rammed Liko from the front of Liko's car. Floyd said McKay rammed from the back, and pushed Liko's car near a bulldozer. It is incredible that no post has mentioned any bulldozer, or a front to back positioning of the vehicles during ramming. Floyd sais he saw a gun tossed out Liko's car window and that Floyd took possession of that gun before killing Liko. Some posts speculate that Liko had a second gun, but no state report (Ayotte, etc.) says so. Floyd said he did not come on the scene until McKay was ramming Liko, but posters who have seen the 2007 video say Floyd's vehicle was visible during stop 1, well before stop 2 and the ramming. Floyd said McKay ran bleeding by his vehicle before Floyd exited his vehicle to help McKay, by which time Liko, according to Floyd, had run over McKay twice, after which Floyd applied a tourniquet to the living McKay, before killing Liko, by first threatenting to kill Liko and Caleb. Floyd's son said from his vantagepoint McKay appeared dead before Floyd killed Liko.

I would like to know:

1) Was there in fact a bulldozer on the scene? Does the film show it?

2) Was Floyd's vehicle in fact visible in the film at stop 1?

3) Why does a police report in Chris's possession state Floyd said he did not tell Liko to drop his weapon, but Floyd told the papers he made that demand?

It is clear the papers and the police are getting false information from Floyd. It is unknown if all wrong statements are intentional lies, results of a sick mind, or both. If Floyd worked for "secret" government agencies, maybe he has training in professional lying/disinformation. Why does he discuss it? The fact he does so with police and press should raise many kinds of questions.

If the 2007 film shows Floyd's vehicle at stop 1, and no bulldozer at stop 2, and Mckay ramming Liko from the front at stop 2, Floyd has lied about this, as well as about being in Vietnam.

The more compelling issue is why the state made Floyd a hero when so many contradictions appear in the press and from reasonable witnesses of McKay and Liko.

This case must have much more to it. It makes no sense at all so far.

Anonymous said...


Get the NH folks to follow Pat Leahy's lead in the Congress. Get a NH rep to subpoena all of the 5-11 state records from Ayotte et al, and if they say now, get the NH legis to file a "contempt of legislature" citation, or whatever NH offers in this regard. From CBS yesterday:

The best way to enforce the rule of law is by issuing a Contempt of Congress citation. The rules of Congress permit standing committees, such as the House and Senate Judiciary panels, to compel witnesses to produce documents and testimony required to complete inquiries. Committee chairs are permitted to issue subpoenas seeking documents and testimony. And when the targets of those subpoenas refuse to cooperate, a Contempt of Congress citation — outlining a criminal offense against the legislative branch of the federal government — can be drawn up.

Anonymous said...

Addendum to 9:05:

The issuance of a Contempt of Congress citation would provoke the sort of Constitutional showdown that it now appears will be required if this administration is to be held to account for its abuses of power. In such a showdown between the legislative and executive branches, the third branch of the federal government, the judiciary, would be asked to decide whether the White House has a right to assert executive privilege, as White House counsel Fred Fielding did in a letter telling the committee chairs that their demands would not be met.

NH may be headed for this very kind of showdown between its executive (Lynch, Ayotte), legis and judiciary. Only the people can make it happen. They should for their own sakes, and for Liko.

Anonymous said...

An earlier poster quoted the song,
For What It's Worth
by Buffalo Springfield

I thought it was appropriate. Go to youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlssjxbrATI

For What It's Worth

Charles Duffy said...

For what It's worth.



You tube removed " Love train" by the O'jays

I wonder why?

Charles Duffy said...


better link.

Charles Duffy said...

I shut down my Blog for pass code only.

It's free to look at again. Let me tell you I didn't change it back.

Someone else did. Someone monitoring my computer Via the internet.

John P. said...


03/29/1973 ** The US withdrew its remaining 2,500 troops from South Vietnam. This date also marked the actual end of military involvement in Vietnam.

04/14/1958 ** D.O.B of Gregory W. Floyd

Simple Math ** 1973 - 1958 = 15


Note: Floyd was about 2 weeks shy of his 15 Birthday

Christopher King said...


Way ahead of you but right there with you at the same time:

I have started the evidentiary trail by issuing an RSA 91-A request to Franconia Selectmen I didn't mention on this blawg until today, when I forwarded that to NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin, who is now on Vacation or something:


Back to work.


Anonymous said...

8:53, in answer to #1, yes, I'm pretty sure that there was a bulldozer or backhoe at the scene.

Anonymous said...

Here's a picture. Hard to tell exactly what it is.


Anonymous said...


Liko- I'd like to request another Officer to bear witness.

McKay- I have already called for back and they will be here shortly.

Liko- Thank you.

Traffic ticket and everyone goes home. Would have been appropriate."

Debby - You've stated the essence of the matter. Decent, professional, common sense....and life saving.

I was thinking....I doubt the community would rally behind my kid if he shot a cop. Plain and simple. The (in)famous Miller/Kenney names had probably ignited an us (police) vs. them (clan) mentality in Franconia/Easton long before this tragic ending.

We happen to see in shades of gray, not black and white, so we can empathetically relate to the escalating bullying and harassment Liko endured.

All in all, and God-willing, there will be movement in the direction of what is just and fair.

Enjoy your posts!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the "community" would not rally behind all cop shooters, but it should rally behind any alleged criminal's rights to be investigated, arrested, and tried under the the US system, not the McKay-Floyd-Ayotte system. That's what keeps us all out of chains.

That said, nothing HAD to happen 5-11. McKay instigated yet another violent confrontation with Liko by denying Liko's lawful request for another officer. From that moment McKay knew anything might happen, and it did.

debby said...

exactly!! even though he knew back-up was on the way, he refused Liko.

I want to know who the real punk is?

This has nothing to do with pretending Liko was an angel and everything to do with a cop abusing his position of power to get off on dominating and intimidating others.

Specific others.

Christopher King said...

The bulldozer/tracktor is gone, but that weird-looking tall thing behind it is still there, I think it's just like a loader or whatever.

City Boy but still know how to ride a horse :)