26 June 2007

Parody: KingCast watches NH AG Kelly Ayotte get fired for hiding witnesses in Franconia tragedy.

New Hampshire June 26, 2007
For Immediate Release

In a surprise development, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch decided that he has had enough of the coverup in Franconia and fired NH AG Kelly Ayotte, effective immediately.
"I had no idea until I read KingCast materials that the State knowingly withheld witness testimony from people like Charles Herbert, who was interviewed at 1:28 a.m. on May 12, 2007. I now know that he was "One of the first on the scene... and provided background on McKay and Kenney....""

Note: Parody. Governor Lynch and NH State Police Captain Russell Conte don't care one bit; that's why Lynch's office hung up on me. It'll catch up to them, though. Just takes a minute or two.

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Christopher King said...

KingCast: We're not necessarily better than other reporters.

We just work harder, and we've got a stronger network.

I've known about that interview for weeks now and just patiently waited for them not to produce it.


Anonymous said...

KingCast, you fooled me good. I read that Ayotte was fired and I jumped up and did a jig. When I came back to the webpage I learned the unfortunate truth.... The police state of New Hampshire will continue, and the beatings will continue until morale improves. Kelly, I will not rest until you are under indictment. Save your soul and arrest Floyd unless you want the next 'tied to the wipping post'. By the way, thats a song we sing here in Franconia.

Christopher King said...

Allman Brothers. Excellent jam band. Meanwhile, we're all tied to the whippin' post here in NH with lawlessness and lies and no accountability whatsoever, the fish rotting at the head.


Christopher King said...

Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 14:01:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by yahoo.com.
Subject: Proof that NH AG Ayotte knowingly withheld audio witness statements in Franconia.
To: "Strelzin, Jeffery" Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, kelly.ayotte@doj.nh.gov
CC: "Robbins, Joanne" Joanne.Robbins@doj.nh.gov, kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

What, you guys didn't know this?

I've known you had it for weeks now.


Unbelievable what you think you can get away with.

Christopher King, J.D.

Anonymous said...

For what its worth, I was a DJ at a gentlemen's club back in the day, and "Whipping Post" was a number that really got the crowd and the gals into the evening.

Christopher King said...

Thanks for that, Mr. Dog.

But I'm so flabbergasted by this I can't even find room to think about entertainment.

It's just so dirty it's almost beyond comprehension. If a little lawyer withheld something like that they would be sanctioned to high heaven.

But when the State does it, they just roll on, unmolested. Heat has to go to Lynch because NH AG is appointed, unlike most.

As I said to NH Indy Media:

"I don't care if some of you hate me or my methods with your last breath, or hate Liko Kenney with your last breath, you cannot get away from the fact that we don't pay our government to knowingly issue false statements and withhold evidence during any criminal investigation, much less a double-homicide involving a police officer.

That's ridiculous and Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin should suffer consequences for this behaviour.

Of course making argument exactly like this, even with facts on my side, did result in some heat coming down on me in Ohio.

I stand my ground."

Anonymous said...

what about the FBI? Surely there is some federal authority that can be appeal to in this matter.

Anonymous said...

It takes the FBI eight months to take a shit. Bring it on Chertoff or Mueller or anyone else whos got a medal of freedom. We are waiting.

Charles Duffy said...

what about the FBI? Surely there is some federal authority that can be appeal to in this matter

Trust me I'm working on it. This is a difficult situation. What I'm trying to do will catch up with them in the area.

All lines are bugged

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I hear a lot of describing the water one is drowing in versus throwing a line. Good on ya Charles.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alberto guess what... you have no friends except Bush and you suck at life. Thanks for the border situation. Go back to the Ford dealership you came from. Your FIRED! by the way did you ever read the constitution??? Has any attorney general since Bobby?

Anonymous said...

CNN.COM has picked up the video and a completed slanted story of the what happened on their main page.

Anonymous said...


"Lawyer: Kenney family not satisfied by police shooting tape"


Anonymous said...

Gonzales lack of efficacy makes this an ideal time to point to local law enforcement as a product of his failure, and the need for a Federal review and if necessary remedy. Leverage!

Anonymous said...

... McKay wrote a note 2 1/2 weeks before the shootings warning other police officers that Kenney was armed, potentially volatile and had a history of resisting arrest.

"This notice is for informational purposes only in the event an officer finds them self working an incident involving Kenney," McKay wrote.


YET, MCKAY WANTED NO BACK-UP EVEN WHEN LIKO WANTED IT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

What conclusion should we draw from that other than poor judgement?

Christopher King said...

4:17 and everyone.

Again, we don't pay our government to hide pertinent information from us. That is the point of this post.

Now then, which poor judgement are you talking about?

The poor judgment to have 3 police officers take down Liko as he was asking questions, touching no one and asking not to be touched and saying

"You can't keep me here without Good Reason,"

or would it be:

The poor judgment not to allow Liko to go to Tamarack for witnesses before bashing his car -- already off the road -- and macing him without comment or directive and walking away like John Wayne or Wyatt Earp?

You tell me, I don't know I'm just a former journalist and suspended attorney disgusted by relevant interviews being hidden from me that I knew existed for the past month or so.


Christopher King said...

Face it, 4:17

This is going to go out to major media and it is a nightmare for law enforcement regardless of whether you believe Liko Kenney was in fear of his life or not, because of the cover up, whether you hate on Liko or me you cannot change the deceitful nature of Attorney Strelzin's email to me or the lies told by Russell Conte.


And while I mention it, the bogus nature of the "investigation," again closed within 1 business day, by not mentioning anything about McKays reputation as a feared cop (relevant to Liko's state of mind and as noted by Connie McKenzie to ABC News as linked here) will come out as well.


Anonymous said...

Greetings... Love the Blog! Just stumbled on your sight after starting to research one of the most bizzarre police videos I have seen in a long while. An officer, car facing forward, walk right up and without any visible provocation or reason, blast the occupants of the car with pepper spray. And then get shot. Bizzarre, cause I did not see any threat to the officer. None. The situation appeared under control and at first viewing my knee jerk reactions was "WTF". I am a freshly graduated law student from St. Louis. And just those few seconds of footage, made me feel ill. The spraying, and of course the shooting. Something was horribly wrong there. Reading your Blog, I get the sense that I am right. Thanks and I will be visiting again, this is not your usual police officer shooting. TS

Christopher King said...


You are PRECISELY the traffic we hope for.

It is your mission to give this site to everyone you know, for obvious reasons.

Watch the KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net short films and know that we are working on something much more substantial here.

Keep coming back and feel free to email me offline at:


And my junior film maker is from St. Louis.

Peace, Namaste, Aloha.

Anonymous said...

That sensationalism about Ayotte being fired was uncalled for and wrong. Please try to stay with the truth here.

Christopher King said...

Dear 5:48

I'm sorry that we disagree on that.

I believe it is entirely called for because that's what should happen. She and Strelzin intentionally misrepresented the (lack of) such an interview and it's hardly as if it was an accident, he was a PRIMARY WITNESS and they held the case for about 6 weeks after making their conclusions so they had PLENTY of time to know what they had before them.

I may file an ethics complaint over that in due time, just to see how they rationalize such behaviour.

And I clearly indicate that it is a parody.

I cannot be all things to all people, I just put the facts out in the way that I see fit, which not everyone likes but at least I put the facts out here, as opposed to most of the other media excepting the two magazines coming out in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

"... McKay wrote a note 2 1/2 weeks before the shootings warning other police officers that Kenney was armed, potentially volatile and had a history of resisting arrest.

"This notice is for informational purposes only in the event an officer finds them self working an incident involving Kenney," McKay wrote."

I seriously do not believe this at all. They can make up a statement and date it any time they want. I will believe it if it is in McKay's verified handwriting. And if it turned out to be true then McKay is not too bright in just about everything he chose to do that evening, not by a long shot.

I will keep repeating that there is a very credible witness that was about 1/2 in front of Liko doing 15 over the limit. He passed her by but went for Kenney minutes later going 5-7 miles over the limit?

Explain that? Every cop that comes on here seems to ignore this fact. I think it is pretty damn important.

Christopher King said...


Don't worry about the pinheads. Remember, the main reason to keep posting is for new people like the law student who wrote in just before you.

And either way that note from McKay is crazy, if he wrote it, given his John Wayne swagger and his lil'can of pain he would be mentally unstable to follow his course of action.

Just because Liko got more visibly agitated does not inherently mean that McKay was imbued with any more mental stability than Liko. A gun and a badge and a bunch of buddies who look the other way can mask a lot of problems.

No worries, no worries, no worries.



Anonymous said...

I thought this unsolicited comment from the Union Leader site from someone who clains to have police training neatly sums up how many of us feel.

"why in the world would a trained police officer maze the driver of a vihicle and then turn around and walk away from him? that goes totaslly against any kind of police training that I have been involved with. While there is no excuse for what happened, this officer did not use his head or follow proper police procedures."
- Bill Kaiser, Tuftonboro

Anonymous said...


Why was this page added to the report on 6/22 (see signatue date) when this interview happened on 5/12 ???????

Anonymous said...

This is 4:17. I am asking a question, and not a rhetorical one. What should we conclude, about the cop turning his back after so haughtily spraying Liko?. I just want to someone to say something concrete, such as "here is the following evidence that McKay set Liko up and used Floyd to do so, etc., Cash was transferred from an account, they were seen together at a local bar repeatedly, the belonged to the same gun club, etc." Nothing about hating, or being compelled to face something. I am interested in facts laid out logically, being permitted to see things. I am not interested in changing the nature of any e-mail , relevant or not.
I just want the conclusion you want us to draw.

Concluding that I am some sort of hater (whatever that is), is however, consistent with what one reads here. Nothing laid out logically, lots of innuendo and accusations, and "we are gonna show you" kind of sophomoric crap that will shame someone whom the crowd decides is someone being morally or socially flawed. At best we all would like the facts (not notes passed in class) being put on the record and pointing to a conclusion. I personally will settle for the conclusion. That is my request. What should we conclude.

I guess asking questions and being hung up on is catchy. You've become them, Mr. King.

Anonymous said...

(4:56) You want a summation ?? The DOJ in New Hampshire is a BANK. Does law enforcement have chemical or automatic weapons? Have they ever terrorized or brutalized?

How do we spell RICO?

Anonymous said...

"lots of innuendo and accusations, and "we are gonna show you" kind of sophomoric crap"

The perfect summation of the bulk of what's been posted here re: the events of 5-11.