08 June 2007

KingCast watches Nashua Police Chief Hefferan retire.

As noted in today's Nashua Telegraph, Police Chief Timothy Hefferan will retire after 27 years of commitment here in Nashua. I don't personally know if the NAACP ever really followed up on this letter I wrote to him about police and community relations; they certainly didn't follow up on much since I left, and they never followed up on Willie Toney's police abuse issues, see the police reports.

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Christopher King said...

You know what's funny that I just remembered?

I don't know if Nashua ever sent any police to an NAACP meeting, but they most certainly DID invite Jaffrey Chief Dunn to their meeting......

And of course he ended up getting fired and his prosecutor hastily resigned under an ethics investigation.

I tried to tell the NAACP those clowns were up to No Good, but you can lead an ass to water but you can't necessarily make him drink.


Christopher King said...

On a related note:

Better read the timeline of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's comments in the Franconia shooting tragedy:


It's no bueno, hombre.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully with the retirement of Hefferan the deaths of innocent people like that of Catherine Wade a 39 year old mother and nurse who died in his jail when she should have been in the hospital. As reported in the June 8, 2008 Sunday Telegraph "Death Leaves Lingering Questions"


Anonymous said...

Hefferan says compaints are down... what a joke if the Nashua Gestapo cops find out who makes a complaint about them they themselves become a target. People in Nashua are too intimidated to make any comlaints that's the only reason their down. People read in the paper what happens to those who make complaints against them.