02 June 2007

KingCast update from Franconia on shooting tragedy #2: Who says Shooter Floyd was a Viet Nam veteran?

In one of my earlier posts I wrote of Shooter Floyd as being a "trigger happy Viet Nam Vet."


Shooter Floyd is only 49 years old and as such couldn't have had any part of the Viet Nam exprience. I'm 42 and I know none of my sister's friends had any part of that experience and they're nearly fitty. So the question, then, is whether Reporter Conaboy got it wrong in this 14 May 2007 story or whether that's what Floyd told her. Because if Floyd told her that then he's a liar on his face and nothing he said about the events of 11 May 2007 may be taken seriously; everything out of his mouth must be doubted, ab initio.

Here's an excerpt:
"[NH AG] Kelly Ayotte.....said Floyd drove up to the scene and tried to position his vehicle to block Kenney from McKay's body [Editor: We now know this was impossible because McKay was still under Liko Kenney's car]. Then, he got out of the car, picked up McKay's weapon, pointed it at Kenney and told him to drop his weapon. When Kenney didn't do so, Floyd shot him. [Editor: That ain't what Caleb MacCauly says at all, according to people who have directly spoken with him. He said Floyd just basically executed Liko, shooting right past Caleb's head without a word].

Floyd has been heralded by some as a good Samaritan who put himself in danger to control the situation. Attorney General Kelly Ayotte has said Floyd will not be charged with any crime. In New Hampshire, the use of deadly force is justified when the shooter is protecting himself or another person from imminent danger.

"People obviously have to comport their activities and their actions with the law, and that's the requirement that was followed here," said Jeffery Strelzin, head of the attorney general's homicide unit.

Eleanor Lovett, a clerk at the Franconia Village Store, said Floyd came in yesterday looking for copies of the newspaper. When she told him they were sold out, he said, "I'm the guy that shot that kid," according to Lovett.

"Just like that," Lovett said, "like it was a rabbit" that he shot.

Lovett said she knew Kenney and was "freaked out" by Floyd's easy demeanor."


As noted in the first update, I'm freaked out by a lot of things in this case, including the representation that Shooter Floyd was right behand Liko and Caleb in the store just minutes before he "happened by" the shooting sight, with his police scanner. Not to mention the representations made to me last night by a public servant that police may be digging around Floyd's compound for clues in the disappearance of Maura Murray, as I noted in this post. I drove the area last night and she was last seen just down the road from his place.

KingCast: The most effective anti-bullshit spray Franconia has seen yet.


Christopher King said...

Why in the hell is it going to take another two weeks for the AG's office to release the video (which had better be accompanied by a copy of Caleb MacCauly's statement)?

Could it be because they are trying to work out the best spin possible?


I believe it is going to show Liko Kenney pulled over after a slow speed chase, then Officer McKay making an ungainly 19 point u-turn on a narrow street in a big-assed suburban, then McKay ramming the hell out of Liko's car and pushing it off the road where the witness couldn't see as well what happened after that.

Usually he drives the cruiser but for some reason that day he was in the big-assed suburban as Shooter Floyd just "happened on by" the site. Funny that I heard witnesses could also put Shooter Floyd in the grocery store with Liko and Caleb, right before all of this, and he wasn't buying much of anything.


Speaking of spin, last month I saw John McEnroe hit a backhand with so much top on it that it just hit the floor and took off on Tim Mayotte, crawled right up his racket face and out of play:


Kelly Ayotte's office should call him up for pointers. They're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

What about the forensics? Has anyone called in a forensics team to piece together exactly what happened? Details are conflicting but the peices not in the news media seem to fit together nicely. Floyd was wrong for shooting Liko and should be prosecuted--if the evidence can substantiate it...Chris, are you going to offer help to the Keeney Family?? email me, katc1969@yahoo.com....

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right, he could not be a Vietnam vet!! He is 48 or 49 years of age.

United States Leaves Vietnam

On March 29, 1973, two months after signing the Vietnam peace agreement, the last U.S. troops leave South Vietnam when Hanoi freed the remaining American prisoners of war. Seven thousand U.S. Department of Defense employees remained in South Vietnam to help aid in the ongoing battle with North Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

There may be varying claims on these facts but this is according to Maria Cramer's in The Boston Globe on May 20th.

Gregory Floyd - 48 yrs. old

Joined Marines - 1976
Served in Okinawa,Japan and
Camp Lejeune,NC
Left the service - 1979

Georgia/1981 - sold marajuana to an undercover cop.

Moved to Townsend Mass.- around 1990

Moved to Easton - 1997

He was indicted for the gun charges, but they were later dismissed. Floyd was allowed to keep the weapons. But in 1998, Floyd pleaded guilty to simple assault after he tried to strike a state trooper in the groin with his knee.

Anonymous said...

zabasearch etc. shows gregory willis floyd aged 49, born april 1958, michelle m floyd aged 41, both tied to franconia, townsend, fitchburg, and chelmsford.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Is it possible for you to check with the journalist that said he was a Vietnam Vet to know if she may have misquoted?

Anonymous said...

It actually sounded from the article as though the info had come from the Town Clerk. That sort of info is probably just chit-chat, and it wouldn't be at all surprising if she misremembered or made an assumption based on his saying he had been in the military or something. Personally, I'm not reading too much into it. From what I've read, Floyd hasn't really been willing to speak with the press, so I'm guessing it was just a case of misinformation being given to a reporter, and the reporter being unable to verify it (since Floyd was chasing reporters off the property), and not bothering to figure out that the numbers didn't crunch properly.

Anonymous said...

You are most likely correct as I just checked and didn't see it in any other articles.

Thanks to the person that did the zabasearch. I was assuming that Floyd lived in Georgia until moving to Townsend in 1990 based on the article. I would really be interested in knowing when he first moved to the New England area.

Anyone have access to that?

Anonymous said...


spent lots of time digging last night trying to get a georgia hit on them, have an e-mail in to annmarie timmons as suggested in another comment, will follow up with a phone call monday, a trip to the townsend clerk or library might be needed if nothing shows.

Anonymous said...

was a statement taken from floyd's son, and if so, will we see that?

Anonymous said...

Thought this was worth sharing. I think what needs to be done is that whoever anyone knows that had a first hand problematic experience with Officer McKay needs to go to that person and get them to write out a statement about that experience. If everyone comes forth and does it there will be safety in those numbers. These statements need to be gathered and perhaps the poster with the federal knowledge can tell us if these statements need to be notarized. We can't just say, "This happened to my friend" unless we were witness to it otherwise it is heresay. We need to go to the people that we know did have these experiences.

echolake - topix blogger:

There are decent state police in this case would be well served to tell the truth about McKay...that he was abusive and unfit to wear a badge. That he continued despite numerous verbal complaints to the Town Clerk's office means that somebody has been covering up for years and has the stain of this tragedy on their hands.

--McKay followed a 70-75 year old man into his driveway at Forest Hills, pushed him against his car and said "if you weren't so old I'd punch you in the nose".

--One elderly gentleman wanted to visit his neighbor, so he put his oxygen on the back of his lawnmower and was stopped by McKay while crossing the street. The neighbor stepped in, cooled McKay down, but this old man spent two nights wide awake, unable to sleep, afraid he was going to jail, or court, or be fined.

--A young lady suspected of having an unregistered vehicle was followed into the supermarket parking lot and pepper sprayed. She was very tiny, so lost consciousness...the ambulances were called...she was flat out on the pavement.

--More than 600 of the 800+ community turned out in support for Liko Kenney...very few attend McKay...only those who didn't really KNOW the man. If they did, they would be speaking out; he was a dishonor to the badget...creating an unsafe, fearful, world. He makes the world unsafe for all police men because his attitude foments frustration at the lack of justice and truth.

AT the end of the day, we need to keep this dialogue going because when basic freedoms are violated, and when freedom of speech is blocked, what kind of values do we then hold dear?

Christopher King said...

Dear 914:

(One of my favorite Porsches, actually, the '75 2.0 liter my dad's friend used to zip me around in I'll never forget).


You are exactly where I am, with the potentiality of doing some video out there. I cannot believe those comments and examples you set forth, but I know all of these comments about Officer McKays demeanor and conduct are no coincidence.

Again, none of this happened with Michael Briggs (RIP) and now Ayotte is going to have to backtrack in some fashion, exactly how is anyone's guess.

I just returned to the Nash from Above-the-Notch, and I can safely say there is a groundswell of support for such a constructive movement.

"If it wasn't Liko who burned him it would have been someone else," one individual said. I look around and there are 4 heads nodding in unison.

......and these people are hardly thugs; they are working-class folks who have children, go to work every day and have functioning brains.

I took my notary seal (it stays in the car, anyway)but never broke it out. That may happen next time I head up.

These things take time.

Plus, why play our hand before we see the official AG report.

The older I get, the better I get.


I sent a link to this post to the Monitor, natch.


You could be entirely right. But everything needs to be questioned.


Anonymous said...

NH US attorney's office staff attorney told me he is willing to take statements from anyone willing to give one. Any kind of sworn statement about people who were abused by McKay would be fine. It may not lead to an investigation right away, but as they cummulate in a federal file, they could. Surely a statement by Macauley would trigger an investigation, and if I were Caleb, that what I'd do. He could (should) send it to Boston FBI office too, as their mandate differs from the US attorney's, though both are managed by the US Dept. of Justice.

Christopher King said...

Hey 3:10,

Check your email.



Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble finding Chris's main blog page?

I even used the Kingcast link and it doesn't take me to the main daily blogs.

Christopher King said...

Might just be your local exchange carrier.

My access is fine here in NH, but it's folks like WMUR I have to worry about helping to hide the Truth:



Christopher King said...

Might just be your local exchange carrier.

My access is fine here in NH, but it's folks like WMUR I have to worry about helping to hide the Truth:



Anonymous said...

Hey Chris. You now know first hand from your visit that the residents of Franconia/Easton/Sugar Hill are normal sane people with a lot of questions and concerns. Concerns that run even beyond the obvious tragedy that occurred on 5/11. You now know the evil that Liko saw was real to him and it's becoming more and more real to a lot of people as information surfaces. What would you do if cornered by that dark menacing figure that had been tormenting your existence for years? What if Liko had lived? Would there be a case for justifiable homocide? Shooter Floyd took care of that, didn't he?

I'm becoming more and more spiritual every day, and as I sift through the bits and pieces of information presented here and elsewhere, I ask myself, "Does God have a grander scheme that has brought us all together?" I think so, and I think you know that too.

And what of the LE posters who have all but disappeared from your blawg? Have they been told to stay away or do they know the state's case is full of inaccuracies and they are circling the wagons?

I think the fact that there are more and more posts pushing for the feds to step in is indicative of how big and ugly this may get.

Anonymous said...

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