30 June 2007

KingCast song of the Day for Franconia shooting tragedy: Talking Heads, "Pulled up!"

I'm working on a massive post for later tonight that shows why we are unfortunately at war with our Government as Independence Day approaches over a lunatic liar and a "wacko" cop and a dead young man with a whole lot of Good Spirit who fought against real and actual injustices. On Independence Day my only post will be the letter to Liko Kenney I have been working on, and now it is almost ready.

But for now Pulled up from '77 is an amazing song. I wish.... I could meet..... everyone.... meet them all over again..... take them up to my ROOM..... meet them all over again.... and the indecipherable lyrics that commence at about 2:55 and hit for the rest of the song are simply sublime and so full of energy. I was listening to this stuff when I was 13 and still dust if off every month or two now; it's timeless. And I love the Big Suit.

Yesterday we rolled into Franconia with a Big Suit, a Big BMW and a Big ol' video camera and made a lot of friends. And some other friends from there have indeed as the song says "been up to my room" as well.



Anonymous said...

hi chris i saw you yesterday at the vill. store in franconia with your bmw talking with the locals. nice car by the way. i know all the people and their family's in this unfortunate situation. i've talked with the floyd's over 50 times time in the past 10 years. i've seen their son greg grow into a fine young man who with his super pesonality could charm anyone. i tell him he should go into politics because with his silvery tounge smile and personality+++ he would go far. i told him when i spoke to him after this unfortunate situation and told him not to let this incident define his life that he was bigger than all of this and that his future is still bright. his parents love him dearly like i also love my family. because he is having problems coping with his parents problems medical mostly(he like many other children is very close to his parents as he should be). he was glad to hear these encouriging words from me and shook my hand in appreciation. the floyd's are decent brave american people. how many americans see injustice and run or turn their backs. although i wasn't present during the traffic stop that resulted in this horrible situation(although on any other given night my schedule puts me there at that time) i can't help but admire mr floyd's instinctive actions (whether theoretically right or wrong) which put himself and his beloved son in danger. america was built on people that know or feel in their hearts the difference between right and wrong and aren't afraid to say it or act on it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the disrespect, but are you aware of the fact that Floyd Sr is a convicted felon? and that the younger Floyd has had a stalking issue from frightening a young woman in Franconia?

These people may love and care for eachother, as they should but they are down right scary. Floyd Sr put his child in harms way. Look at the video. This man had the opportunity to drive away, call for help BEFORE McKay was shot. Mr Kenney asked him to stay to help him, to be a witness. This man then decides to stay and kill Kenney. This is a terrible example to display for your child. And quite frankly, what scares me more is the fact that they have the right to reproduce!
By the looks of things, these people are going to have a lot more to worry about than all the medications they take.

Anonymous said...


Floyd's son is 18?

He's not a child.


Christopher King said...

To all:

Thanks for writing in with your thoughts. It just goes to show that there are many views to this issue, and mine is one of the only forums that allows ALL comments to be posted, never any deleted.

That is, or that should be.... the way America works.

Peace, aloha, namaste.