30 June 2007

KingCast says we are at War with our Government as Independence Day approaches over a known felon and a "wacko" cop in Franconia shooting tragedy.

In which the folks from Franconia meet an unlikely ally from the streets of Cleveland Heights. Consider:

1. Floyd was a known felon and we wonder exactly how he got McKays weapon if indeed that's what he used.

2. He lied to the police about warning Liko before he killed him, switching his story later. Here's the real deal at one and two.

3. He lied to the police about fighting in Viet Nam and probably lied about killing 43 men, although we do know he killed at least one.

4. He had no idea if Bruce McKay was dead or alive by Attorney General Ayotte's own admission.

5. He wasn't under too much of a threat from Liko to be shot or run over because he was next to the car when he shot through the passenger window inches away from Caleb Macaulay's head. Floyd could have withdrawn, duh. Caleb told folks he was pulling glass out of his head for what seemed like weeks.

6. With guns in his hands, he threatened a brand new police officer who is now in need of mental, emotional and pyschological counseling, as is everyone involved, as noted in a letter to the editor from the Franconia Collective that should appear tomorrow (Sunday) in the Concord Monitor. But because KingCast and the collective rock out together you can read it first right here.

Had Shooter Floyd killed someone who had not killed a cop he would be up underneath the jail right now and waiting a vigorous prosecution and at least 15 years to life. But because he killed a cop, he gets a pass, and a coverup.


Now on to Bruce McKay, two conversations with strangers, both middle-aged Caucasian couples in Lexington, Mass -- the Birthplace of the Revolution, mind you:

"Oh, yeah I know he was a dirty cop."
"Just my intuition. I saw how he pulled up and smashed that boy's car back and maced him right in the face with no comment or explanation whatsoever.... and I thought 'that's not very professional.'"

and then with a couple and the husband works at a pretty high-powered Boston area radio station:

"What do you do for a living?"
"THAT," I say, pointing to the blawg post sitting on the counter.
"Oh, I remember that.... yeah and it slipped out the cop was a wack-job."
"Yeah, he was tapped," I said.

And that, along with NH AG Kelly Ayotte's insistence on doing all things wrong in the "investigation" and lying about and withholding key evidence to this day date and time, resulting in an ethics complaint and more Right-to-Know requests from others, has totally poisoned the well.

To this point she has shown no more maturity or common sense than Bruce McKay himself. One must wonder if she's being set up for a Big Fall herself. After all, Governor Lynch DID just ixnay her biggest endeavor to date, the Parental Consent Law from Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood. [link]

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Christopher King said...

Not to mention all of the issues regarding the number of rounds that were spent, why and how the police allow the Floyds to talk amongst themselves for so long at the scene, how in the heck Floyd could have got home with casings in his pocket. Hello Attorney Ayotte, as Chief attorney for the State don't you know you:

1. Audiotape everybody (which I believe you did, you just lied about it to me);

2. Search everybody thoroughly even if they did just kill a cop killer and you approve of it.

Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin will render New Hampshire the laughing stock of the World for their (in)actions in this case, all just prior to the primaries.

And since I worked for Gephardt in 2004 as a scout, hit the first link:


.......I'll see to it that everybody knows how foul this case really is.


John P said...


The car stopped with the bottom of its front end on the officer’s chest. He had gotten out of the truck after the first shot because his father had told him to go to the officer’s cruiser and call for help.

As he was going over to the cruiser, he heard his father tell the driver not to reload
the gun. When he looked back over his shoulder, he saw his father fire a second shot at the driver
and saw the driver’s head go to the side. This was the last shot fired at the

John P. said...


The reports says ... Liko was shot twice. Once in the head and once in the neck. The windshield had been fired through. Floyd only shot twice at Liko.

So, what was the need for the second shot? It was not fired at the same time but actually fired through the front windshield and then as moments passed he moved to the side window and shot again (most likely aiming at Caleb)striking and already mortally wounded Liko.

And how does Floyd see Liko reloading a gun, in his lap, when he shot from the front of the vehicle the first time?

And how does Floyd see much of anything through a closed passanger window that has just been shot with peper spray?

Christopher King said...

Which shot was first, the windshield or the passenger?

Meanwhile, I move for disbarment:



Anonymous said...

If that is a sticker of Liko Kenney on that stop sign, Great!! Just what this community needs another never-do-well put up on a pedestal. I'm tired of the Serry stickers, and the where's Serry signs. Serry was nobody to look up to, he lived his life his way and died driving home stinking drunk. Kenney died from his own actions. This community needs a better list of heroes.

sad saxx said...


Would you suggest we look up to McKay, Montminy, and those that let this tragedy unfold without intervening?

You simply don't "get" it. Liko gave his life so that people like CK, John P, Debby, and many others could seize the torch of Justice he passed and make all the past wrongs right. In the end this community will be a better place for ALL. Perhaps it will go beyond Franconia as well. Isn't that what true hero's do?

As for your careless statement about Serry, it is wrong on so many levels. He was not a drunk. He loved life and was a hard worker. He was outgoing and friendly. He would always be there for his friends. He was NOT perfect. His accident was because he fell asleep, it was in the very early AM, AFTER he had slep in his vehicle because he had drank too much the night before celebrating his dad's 50th B-day. Yes alcohol was a factor (he would not have been in that situation had he not been drinking), but he did the RIGHT thing by NOT driving under the influence. As for the stickers and bumper stickers he is fondly remembered by many. What is wrong with that? It says much about his life that he is honored in this way. Ask yourself, "What will people do to immortalize you"?

With your attitude...nothing.

Anonymous said...

You'd see a lot more of those stickers except for one thing.

People are afraid of retalliation from the police.

What this blog about? 1st Amendment rights.

We Will Rock You

Oh yeah......

debby said...

McKay was a hateful man and the people's lawn he died on wouldn't even allow a memorial to be put up on their property. They are good and kind people. Why would they feel this way?

They are not young people but middle-aged. People felt powerless but not anymore and Liko will not have died in vain. We will speak for justice.

Why don't you cops do the same with Bruce McKay and take the lesson that no police officer should behave in such a manner.

As for criticizes a young man like Serry? Listen to your self, you show your disdain for the young. This is a fine example of what is going on. Serry was not intoxicated. But, to say that a young person that parties is worthless with no value is pretty disgusting. All young people go through this stage. Many of these kids went to school with CF and he has done his own share of partying. Does that make him worthless? No it doesn't. I will say though that his behavior of late has been less than admirable.

Anonymous said...

According to reports his BAC was above the legal limit, so yes he was intoxicated. Yes, there are resposible ways to to test ones wings. Many of the local youth do not know how to do that though, driving around with open alcohol containers, and marijuana smoking devices in a moving vehicle. Find a place deep in the woods, keep it low key and make sure nobody drives. That would give local police no reason to harrass the youth.

Anonymous said...

McKay was also known for hiding in bushes and jumping out on people too with a gun pointed at them. You see the bears were barely safe with the dude.

debby said...

You can trash these kids all you want and it will NEVER change the fact that Cpl. Bruce McKay was a bully rogue cop, that targeted people and harassed them. He did it to some adults as well.

Your logic is like attempting to come up with a reasonable excuse to beat your children or your spouse. There is no excuse to torment and harass others.

Anonymous said...

Even the Serry sticker are a form of vandalism, so feel free to put up all the stickers you want, but don't go crying to the local selectmen when you get arrested for vandalism.

Anonymous said...

9:40 I have a Serry sticker on my car, are you gonna arrest me for vandalism or are you gonna just ram me and OC me without a trial. You'll know why there's a Liko sticker on my car too. Liko shows us how to defend our first amendment.

Anonymous said...

putting them on road signs is vandalism. He didn't show you anything every argument he made to McKay in 2003 was incorrect. If you are resistive and combative you'll be OC'ed and Tazered to make you more compiant, you can argue use of force in a court room. This Blog is not a court room.

Anonymous said...

Big crime, huh? You better get out your duster for prints and get right over to the worthless scum of a person that put it there in handcuffs. Make sure you bring a couple guys for back up when the person thinks a your out of your mind. You can give them a beat down in the privacy of their own home out of sight from watchful eyes. I would also assume this to be a suspicious place at a suspicious time as well.

debby said...


The 2003 tape showed me that a police officer can come over to me for no real reason and claim I am "suspicious". I see that a police officer does not have to give me his name and I am powerless. If I do not go completely along with what seems to me as harassment I can expect to find myself it cuffs.

It reminds me of the nasty treatment that is given to people everyday for minor traffic violations. The average person just takes - just go along with this rude condescending cop because you feel there is nothing to do about. No complaint will be respected. It reminds me of how much we have been putting up and it is wrong.

Yes, Liko certainly got upset and it escalated. He didn't help himself in the situation. But I also see McKay refusing to explain anything be he is the authority. The citizen is to do exactly what a cop says.

I also saw Liko have smart and intelligent questions that in my opinion McKay didn't even know the answer. McKay might have been smart and crafty in his own way but I didn't see a very intelligent or wise man in that tape. I saw a man that was in a place of authority and had absolutely no desire to de-escalate a young man that clearly felt his rights were violated. As we have all gone over McKay could have used his position of power to make the situation come out very different.

I saw a young man attempt to stand up for himself. We need to stand up for ourselves and expect to be treated with respect and dignity.

debby said...

We could also bring up the fact that McKay harassed kids with their skateboards, playing basketball and volleyball.

McKay had even singled Liko out while the guys played volleyball. I bet he was being a really danger....probably spiked that ball in a very suspicious way.

It's a joke for you to stand up for McKay. The guy was obsessed with Liko Kenney.

Anonymous said...

5:03, 7:37, 9:30, 3:00pm

Officer Peters. Why don't you come over and remove all the stickers. Bethlehem is not too far to come for such much needed work.

While you're doing that, we'll be cleaning out the Franconia PD and perhaps some other local LE that are in cahoots? Know any of them?

Oh about drinking in the woods. Remember Profile graduation 2001. Bethlehem hollow? The beatdown you took because you came on private property to arrest a bunch of kids drinking in the woods?

I feel sorry for you. You very much the problem and you don't even realize it. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Good point. There were also the parent's that allowed their child to have a graduation party at their home and I am sure they intended to keep watch if someone needed a place to rest their head for the night.

The cars were parked completely on the private property of this family. What a shock to come outside to find McKay having the cars towed away. I repeat there was not a single car parked on town property.

One of the tow truck driver's that arrived said, "McKay, what are you doing?!" and left refusing to tow any vehicle.

Now that is just being whacked. Okay, I have another nickname...McWhacked. We're over it and not interested in any McKay mini me's popping up either. JP and CF step into reality, please.

Christopher King said...


Liko Kenney said:

"You cannot keep me here without Good Cause."

That is entirely correct and you know darned well that Fox Hill trailhead is hardly a suspicious place. You can try that BS on this blog all you want to but you can't fool the KingCast cameras, which just filmed me walking into it from the street.

And no this blawg is not a courtroom, but it does point out a lot of the BS the state is trying to perpetrate, including missing audio that they are now producing since I filed an ethics complaint:


And missing personnel files:


You got anything else wrong to say?