22 June 2007

KingCast says "Time out from Franconia!!!" Back to American Tower Corp.

They were the dirtiest, sleaziest company I ever worked for, so I was amused today to see someone in DC ran the following search and camped out in this blawg for a while. Quite a while. "www.google.com/ american+ and+ option+ and+ backdating."
Take a look.

Also, you can see that very building -- 116 Huntington -- in KingCast short film "American Lawyer Two."

Update: I finally had time to speak with a lawyer from Labaton, Sucharow & Rudoff, the lead firm in the derivative shareholder's action against American Tower. He called me on Friday but I was so busy with Franconia I forgot to call him back! Unbelievable. I'm trying to fill him in on everything I know about ATC that could be relevant, and I tell you as a maximum salary input (7% I think) investor I have a lot to share, and will do so with impunity. The knowingly violated overtime laws and settled for $300K. They reneged on a deal with Teresian monks. They violated known property law in Texas (Statute 91.005) and they backdated leases, too. Not to mention they even had the nerve to fail to pay parking for work on Saturdays as promised. I'm not kidding, they are really, really Bad Corporate Citizens with a pattern and practice of deceit well nigh on incredible, including the way they fired Devon, Ana and me.

Oh, yeah, they also lied to now-fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin "Logorrhea" Dunn, who told a fellow blogger, unsolicited, that ATC had to hire a police escort to walk me out the door 2 hours after I requested overtime. The got a bogus restraining order on me to keep me from talking to employees. They tricked paralegal Robin Turbitt into signing an affidavit against me.

And former Veep Jody Mitchell actually told staff I was a "Dangerous Black Man." Well now I guess there is some truth in that, but not in the stereotypical way she meant it 'cos I am one smart coon, honey.

Oh, and they tried to shut that down too and lied to Blogger, then Blogger reinstated the emails that American Tower had tricked them into removing.

I'll populate some links tomorrow in the above paragraph for these attorneys but it's all findable in this blawg with a word search. I'm tired and busy emailing a film producer on the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Good night.

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