12 June 2007

KingCast says Bruce McKay played cat and mouse with Liko Kenney in Franconia shooting tragedy.

While I was visiting the man who now owns Liko's last books, his cat caught a mouse and toyed with it like a sandlot bully. Under the table, out the door, back in the door, everywhere he could fuck with his prey, he did. And from everyone I spoke with that was the same attitude manifest by Bruce McKay, especially toward youth in general and those he did not, for whatever reason, take a liking to, including by most accounts, his ex-wife. Interestingly enough, he let his daughter paint his nails. Sounds kind of creepy, was it clear lacquer or goth black?

Anyway, specifically
"I always thought they would find him [McKay] dead, and if it wasn't Liko it would have been someone else."

Read this eyewitness account of that big-assed Tahoe pushing Liko's little Toyota off the road and recognize the Truth.

That's why we're going to major media this week, because as I said on air (and on Internet radio) Sunday morning at Boston Touch 106.1 f.m., white folks in Franconia certainly do know the same oppression that black folks know in Boston.



Anonymous said...

Judge David Cain of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas imposed a Civ.R. 11 sanction on respondent in the amount of $5,000 to be paid in thirty days for frivolous behavior in continuing to pursue an action despite his client’s own acknowledgement that she had no claim.

Anonymous said...

yeah, ad hominen this...
On the basis of this evidence the panel found that respondent had not fulfilled the purpose of his mentorship and that his conduct indicated that he could neither function as a professional lawyer in a courtroom nor afford his clients adequate representation.

Christopher King said...

You know what?

That was total bullshit.

The question was posed as a hypothetical and answered as same.

That bank teller was forced to do things that her OB-GYN said were totally out of control, and other bank employees verified this.

Guess what Judge Cain said:

"Her boss was a woman, it couldn't have been discrimination."

And the lawyer for Bank One, who BTW was my IOLTA account bank that I really didn't want to sue but had to, knowing the Truth of the case was Robert Eblin.

Guess what that ignoramus said to me:

"I won't accept emails because they are unprofessional"

Try again.

Christopher King said...

Also, note that my clients are not the ones who brought the complaints. It was a Shottenstein lawyer, and they own Columbus, including the Ohio State arenas.

And while you're at it, the panel also said that

1. I was a philosophcial orator.

2. I admitted my relationship with Mentor Lou Jacobs had failed.

Here then, is the letter from Lou Jacobs, along with one from my former boss Terry Gilbert:


Here's the real Truth about Columbus and that fucking pig who sent a man to Death Row, then got re-hired and tried to prosecute Jerry Doyle for criminal trespass and I kicked the State's ass in a 4 day trial and you can watch part of that at KingCast video "American Lawyer I."



Now back to Officer McKay, which is releveant even if I were an ax-murdering nun rapist:

He was an abusive man who rammed Liko Kenney off the road after Liko pulled over.

Do you have one iota of proof that the eyewitness account was wrong?

Try again.

Christopher King said...

And what on Earth would any of David Cain's pronouncemets -- even if accepted as true -- have to do with my credentials as an investigative reporter, which I was even before I went to law school?


Let's get on back to that video and Governor Lynch not wanting to accompany me back out to Franconia.

I notice you seem kind of silent on that.


PS: Oh, but the best part of that sanction was the fact that I sued him for Due Process because I never got an evidentiary hearing, and somehow the clerk failed to effectuate service on him, even though he was in the same building!

I had filed probably 60 cases in that very building without incident over the previous 6 or 7 years; I know how to correctly file a goddamn lawsuit and you better believe I filed the one against him properly.

Guess it was an innocent mistake on the part of the State.

Anonymous said...

I like to hear you make excuses for the bad decision that follow you around. then brag about the time you kicked somebody's butt.

Christopher King said...


One day I hope you have a daughter, and that she has to go through the shit that Bethany Lemaster endured and not be able to find a lawyer who gives a shit because she didn't make $100K.

The time(s) that I kicked somebody's butt were numerous, and my position that this case right here, right now is bullshit -- as stated by a former selectman -- will be vindicated.


Meanwhile, that was in 1996 or 1997, ten years ago. You need to bring yourself current:



Anonymous said...

even more ad hominen,

The panel received further evidence that on July 7, 1999, Visiting Judge John Martin of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court held respondent in contempt and granted a mistrial due to respondent’s conduct in Smith v. Professional Cellular Serv., Inc., No. 95CVH-12-8949, and ordered him to pay attorney fees and court costs. Respondent instead filed a complaint against Judge Martin.

Anonymous said...

still don't have your license...

Christopher King said...

11:06 and 11:11

Again, let's assume I was the worst lawyer in the World. Good that I have done what I've done in NH since then, changing law and helping to oust Julia Earl and reverse her restrictive First Amendment policies.


So obviously I don't need my license to be an effective advocate.

And as to visiting Judge Martin, are you aware that I filed a complaint on that issue because I heard him discussing matters in chambers when they thought I wasn't in the courtroom and my opposing counsel told him

"he's on probation."

Then he went on to issue a totally bullshit decision using the "Dead Man's Statute" on a shareholder's case that my law professor Paul C. Gianelli couldn't believe, so he called me first thing in the morning to help me finish my memorandum in opposition.

Judge Martin was kind of pissed off when I told him that he was wrong -- because Gianelli authored the Ohio Rules of Evidence.

Google his name.

Try again, the door prizes are still waiting for you on the left.

Christopher King said...

So you can sit there all you want and attempt to malign my professionalism (which BTW has been heralded by the Nashua School Board in my handling of a rather contentious First Amendment issue) but it all comes back to one thing:

Where is the goddamn video and why the wait?

Christopher King said...

.....oh, but wait:

"The panel received further evidence..."

Would that be the same panel that said I admitted my relationship with Lou Jacobs failed?

I think I've already covered that, supra:


I'm only taking the time to respond to your DailyKos-sounding attacks so that others tuning in can see yet another series of examples of State-sponsored lies.

Here are some of the smarter Daily Kos quotes; thank you for reminding me!!!


"The author of this diary seems like a fighter, I'll say that, and his video had pretty good production values. And if I understand him correctly, he's probably uncovered a corrupt establishment conspiracy -- i.e., the same set of lawyers and politicians work together to deligitimize someone who they view as a threat and/or an annoyance."-"cthulhu" from Daily Kos.


So your point is a far more powerful statement of history than empty boosterism. It is a more convincing argument that any strides we make in protecting civil rights for all are precious, sacred and worth preserving.
Daily Kos.


"I answered your question before i thanked you...

I am a 60 year old white woman who grew up in the segregated south - and hated it!

The inequities are enormous - but it only takes one person at a time to make a difference. look at dr. king. look at gandhi. look at rosa parks. look in the mirror! You understand the truth of the power of one person - and for that, you are truly blessed! the "haters" don't get it and never will. they will never understand the satisfaction of having an 18 year old child of the ghetto come up and throw her arms around your neck and say through the tears "you changed my life!"

These experiences are worth more than all the money in the world, aren't they! you know the truth - it is beyond description if people don't try to find it!


Now that I've been to his blog and watched (0 / 0)
some of the video tapes, I have to agree that this is a very interesting blog. It's also funny as hell. And Mr. King, Esq. is great to watch in action. Thanks for posting all this and I wish you luck on your case. But who is the guy that follows you around and videos everything? This really is such a perfect use of the new technology of video, internet, and broadband.
-Daily Kos.
Mr. King, lawyers like you drive other lawyers crazy. You're obsessive; you believe in truth and you aren't going to let the other side get away with anything. I mean this from the bottom of my heart -- I hope I never am forced to litigate against you (the greatest compliment I know).

Your Interrogatory responses (and your motion) is perhaps one of the funniest things I have ever read in my life. Its brilliant; its vicious; it appears also to be correct as a matter of law. While I wouldn't adopt your style -- I'm more blue blood and understated in my approach, what youy no doubt would call boring -- your case actually makes me smile every time I read it.
-Daily Kos.


Hey, there. Looks like you have your hands full.

Isn't it odd that you go into law school thinking that the system is part of the solution, when in fact it's part of the problem - a big part.

Best of luck to you. Keep up the good fight. And great video clip on the other site!
Lawyer grswave comment to this blawg entry.
I read your article. Awesome work. Keep up the fight, Christopher King.
NH Indy Media.

Christopher King said...

What else you got?

You failed to answer my concern regarding whether or not you have a daughter subject to sexual discrimination in the workplace based on pregnancy.

Or is she young enough yet that she crawls into bed with you to paint your nails?

Christopher King said...

Goodnight, anonymous, here's this to tuck you in:

Anonymous said... You act as if the people of Franconia have been lead astray by CK. You my friend, are incorrect. Chris King listened and heard us. He did not create the upset in Franconia, he allowed us to come out into the open to tell what we know. You and others would have us silenced but we will not be silenced.

Christopher King said...

Now that I've put the baby to bed, I offer this as an aside:

I love this blawg because when someone comes in to attack my professionalism, I can readily point to other criteria on which such an analysis should be based, including no less than a reference to one of my mentors, Paul C. Gianelli, who helped me win on a ridiculous evidentiary issue noted above in Smith v. Professional Cellular Services, involving the use of the Dead Man's Statute which was totally inapplicable.

Basically the guy who owned the company promised my client a certain number of shares and that was binding on the corporation, duh. The fact that he died has no bearing on that promise under the Dead Man's Statute and any Second-Year law student can tell you THAT.

So if you Google Professor Gianelli's name you see he was and is stil indeed a highy-esteemed professor at Case Western -- and author of the damn evidence manual and rules for the State.

If anyone doubts me on the accuracy of what I say about that case, just call him up, dammit.



Christopher King said...

CWRU School of Law:



Anonymous said...

Interesting how many people want to silence you.

I wonder why....

Christopher King said...

Nothing new to me. And I guess I should expect that, given that the Ohio Board of Grievances disdainfully called me a "philosophical orator."

Wasn't John Quincy Adams, Esq. a philosophical orator?

Mahatma Ghandi, Esq.?

Shouldn't we ASPIRE as Civil Rights lawyers to be philosophical orators?

One of these days we'll get to those 42 VHS tapes sitting in dry storage in my sister's basement and show some reallly damning stuff from Columbus that we had no idea we could ever do this back in the mid-90's because there was no broadband, no Final Cut Pro, etc.

As I noted in this post where I note how the locals (WERE) using WMUR to fight back:


......the powers that be HATE the Internet when we use it to fight back, but that's tough shit, too bad so sad hard cheese for them.

Meanwhile, yes we are fundraising for a short KingCast film on the State's response to this situation so you can email me off line at


This is exactly how we funded our other short films, and anyone can tell you editing and production takes a lot of time and a lot of money.

A full accounting of expenses will be returned.

It's going to rock because when that certain writer's story hits the press, other even larger media will follow, and we'll have our video ready for them.


Christopher King said...

PS: Another supporter just came through with a briefcase full of fliers that I'll JPEG for the blawg later today, and Liko's buddy and I are going to have a field day, quite literally, with those.

Populist putsch, baby.


Anonymous said...

Well Anonymous,

You have performed quite a show for us here and let us see exactly how it is done, have you not?

You think you proved some big point about Chris King's character??? Silly man that you are. You have shown what you power mongers do to discredit and tear down those who speak. You can't stand that people have found there voices. How many of us will you lynch for speaking up. How about we give you a list of our names so you can attempt to take us all down? That should keep you busy and continue to keep the attention off the real issue at hand in this case.

Meanwhile, I challenge your coward a-- to give us your name so we can do a check on your history and conduct, Mr. Anonymous w/all the answers in your back pocket.

Anyone remember how the LE trashed the character of the Murray/Maitland girls because they couldn't do their jobs? "Hey pay attention to the "wild" behavior of these girls so we don't have to answer to how we f---ked up the investigations."

We will be waiting on your personal information: Name, age, address, race and occupation.

I suspect that will take us to infinity.

Ari Gold said...

This is one person who does not want Chris silenced.

The image of the cat pawing the mouse back and forth is an apt one. Its great drama when Chris gets called out for certain parts of his past, and his response is clever and usually vehement. And another swiping comment keeps the ball of yarn unrolling.

Silence King and the fun is over. Long live the King!

C, this is a ripe setting for a legal defense fund, get that Paypal thing going. Also, the recordings, we need the recording, "Ladies and gentlemen of the so called free world . . ."

Anonymous said...

You also show us the power of what we are doing here, because I highly doubt that you would be wasting your time otherwise.

We appreciate the pat on the back.

P. T. Barnum said...

There is never a wasted moment on Kingcast! Never! From the guy busting suds at the local greasy spoon to the 7 figured exec behind the mahongony desk, the message of Kingcast is heard and heeded! No motion for reconsideration needed here!

Come one come all to the greatest show on earth!

Anonymous said...

Again, let's assume I was the worst lawyer in the World. Well, lets assume McKay was the worst cop in the world, he contributed to the community of Franconia in a positive way and it does not justify Kenney's action.

Oh yeah, thanks for the bedtime story last night. I had fun.

Taxpayer - Town of Franconia said...

11:48 said

Well, lets assume McKay was the worst cop in the world, he contributed to the community of Franconia in a positive way and it does not justify Kenney's action.

Positive way? You must be joking Jared! Of course you're part of the problem we're trying to correct, aren't you?

I say lets clean house and start over, from the Chief or Police on down.

Veni, vidi, vici Baby!

Anonymous said...


Now THAT is pretty funny, assuming that McKay was the worst cop in the world (I don't, just want the full story) and then assuming that he might have contributed in a positive way to Franconia...

I'm sure McKay did some good stuff. But no one can be sure what happened on 5/11, because the official story doesn't make sense to anyone with half a functioning brain cell.

We just want all the facts to come out. Others don't.

Anonymous said...

"Again, let's assume I was the worst lawyer in the World. Well, lets assume McKay was the worst cop in the world, he contributed to the community of Franconia in a positive way..."

SAY WHAT????? This is a joke, yes???

Anonymous said...

It has to be a joke. No one could say something THAT stupid and be serious.

On the other hand....

Christopher King said...

These fliers are no joke:




Christopher King said...

Hey 6:09,

I'm just waiting for that pecker to call Professor Gianelli.

That'll never happen, either.



Christopher King said...

Hey pecker, didja' make that call yet?

It is now 17 June, 2007 and several bit'ness days after I provided Professor Gianelli's phone number.

Related post:

Why you ain't called my n***h'', Bill?



Anonymous said...

Liko was justified...
the man who shot him should be put on trial, and the police dept. in that area
the only tragedy here is that Liko Kenney died

Anonymous said...

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