22 June 2007

KingCast says the BMW 2002tii is still the best car in the World.

Tell me it isn't.

Give me facts otherwise 'cos I told Light Shiner yesterday he can keep that damn 335 :) Meanwhile, we both agree the Yamaha RD 350 is the best little old bike, ever, 'cos we both had orange 1975 RD 350B's. Uncanny. In 1986 mine was perfect, with 3K miles on her and dual coil packs yessir...... Anyway, I will later give mad props to various media moguls as I promised them, including NECN personnel.....Watch this space. And THIS is areal BMW.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

C'mon CK.

Just like with a person, it takes TIME for spirit to develop in a car....

Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance -- you'll see.