29 June 2007

KingCast production update on Franconia 5/11: "Bruce McKay was a bully," and the Fox Hill park trailhead is not a suspicious place.

I'm tired after a long day of production so there will be no comments to old posts until I feel like it.
"Ma'am what was your opinion of Bruce McKay?"
"He was a bully."

and from a different voice:

"I hate to say it, but McKay walked around here like he was King Shit of the neighborhood.... [effin'] with people he didn't like...... and Liko showed him he wasn't."

I get the feeling from many that Bruce McKay was a not-so-immortal Robocop, circa 2007 but with even less compassion.

And he was most certainly a bully or worse, and more on this later. But for now, how about the 98-lb. girl McKay maced out in front of the village store who fell out and the ambulance had to get her? And if you don't know who Miss Ellie is, then you haven't been there. And did you know Liko Kenney was NOT without prior factual bases and directives from authority in trying to wave McKay about 900 feet down the road to Tamarack Tennis Camp, where he grew up and where his memorial still sits? As to the 2007 request for another officer,
"You would have been so proud of how Liko handled himself," said Caleb Macaulay to another of Liko's friends.

Oh, also to make Caleb's statement play we had to download it to my film maker's machine where he is now rendering it in final cut pro and then he will cut me a disc and we will put it on line; see how it matches up with the written summary in the 43-page Official Report. The video played this time, but it is still inexplicable why there is no real audio before McKay pulls up to Liko. Why would McKay not have his audio on?

I couldn't visit to play at Tamarack 2 years ago because the previous bogus AG attack on me as NAACP Legal Chair (see para. 2) took all of my money and time, but I walked it in a flash today after a couple of flips on the Tamarack Trampoline. Funny, we've got one too. Massive, takes up the whole garage space. Anyway, what, was McKay worried that Liko was going to round up some tennis cadets to beat him up with junior rackets, or what? Please, I doubt it. But Liko and a lot of area youth sure were afraid of Bruce McKay, and from what I understand, so too was his ex-wife.

Anyway, were are McKay's personnel files and citizen complaints? No mention of these in the sham final review, but I'll find out one way or the other. McKay was in many ways an evil man, sad to say but coming from people who ate dinner with him and who know of the legal liabilities he raised against the town that were not reported in NH AG Kelly Ayotte's official report.

Bottom Line: Sam Stephenson is a Great Guy and a credible witness, and Kelly Ayotte is in lot of trouble. A whole lot.

Related KingCast short video: "Live Revolution."

Oh, yeah: The neighborhood park from 2003, pictured at top, is hardly a "suspicious place." We know because we talked with the folks in the community and soon we willl take you there in the videos.


Christopher King said...

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

The kid gloves are off.

Either you straighten up and fly right, or I dedicate the rest of my entire professional career to taking you down.


And with what I know, and who I know, I can do that. Heck I've already got your boy Strelzin buggin' out and sending me blank emails.


So fly right.


Christopher King said...

And I dare say this blawg gets right down to the core question about police and citizen tensions today by asking the most difficult question:

"What do you do with a bully cop?"

Ayotte, Dunn, Albrecht and company all made a run at me and I shot them down with prose.

Peter Heed, the former AAG who left because of a sex scandal (hint: don't grab booty at a sexual harrassment seminar) was also Dunn's prosecutor out in Jaffrey, a connection I sometimes forget to make for the newbies, but just do a word search on this blawg to see pics of Dunn and Heed together.

Ohhhh, this is nasty, with pictures of Dunn and Heed. And listen to the audio. Go ahead now, get on down wif' yur' bad self.



Anonymous said...

Looks like the bears are getting into the trash again, eh? Maybe they should have Fish and Game check on it periodically.

Lifer said...

I feel your visit was more worthwhile than you'd hoped, no?

Stay on topic and focus on your talents on this task. This blog is your forum, but for now it belongs to all of us.

As MLK said, "Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better."

Anonymous said...

Look at the mess those bears made! I bet they did it at night too. Up to no good in the dark of night, those sneaky hoodlums.

I find this extremely suspicious behavior. If McKay thought he could arrest a bear he would have!

An insecure man trying to feel big at the expense of others. Unfortunately, the price became too high.

debby said...

The Union mis-leader is running a survey: HOW FREE ARE YOU?

For the anniversary reunion of the Battle of Bennington, John Stark unable to attend, wrote these words;

"Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils."

Live free or die was adopted as our state motto in 1890.

Christopher King said...


Mi casa Su casa.

As I told my staff (at least the portion you met yesterday) "You guys are in for a real treat, because Franconia is a magical place."

I think now it can hopefully return to its full lustre.

See you soon.

Christopher King said...


How appropos is Bruce Willis' "Live Free or Die Hard?"

But what happened in Franconia ain't no movie.

Well, actually..... it will be. And unlike most of the major media coverage, it will be ACCURATE.


Anonymous said...

i think they know they're in trouble...all these very recent and endlessly redundant misleader pieces about how the state is satisfied and everything's wrapped up and it's time to move on, nothing happening here, keep moving folks...

pathetic...it smells of desperation and circling of the last wagons...

they've already covered that...the fact that they are repeatedly coming up with variations on that, show, i believe, that they know they stepped into a mighty big and exponentially expanding pile...it seems desperate to me...

Rep. Mcleod is possibly taken out of context...possibly not...in those repeated 'time to move on' quotes...
she probably said it once in some other, more healing intending context...i hope...

we are NOT moving on in denial, we are moving on with a sense of committment, responsibility and dedication...
ayotte was warned clearly hear not 24 hours after the shootings, that messing with the evidence would get her locked up...she probably laughed at the audacity of it all...
how could townies from nowhere make a difference to her spin and control after all???
i bet she's not laughing now...
be great to see her with all the people she sent to jail as roomies...
welcome to the real world honey, you totally earned your way in...finally...

i hope they are gentle and professional with you when you get escorted to be processed into the system...
obstuction of justice; destroying evidence...intentionally lying about evidence and facts in evidence to news and public, 'throwing sand in the eys' of the process, as fitzgerald called it when he brought down libby...a much bigger & equally stinky fish, (from the same school)...feel the fear kelly...you did an evil and illegal thing...planned deception...you endangered the officers and the public...this is a tinderbox...

Chris, is there any way a 'class action' suit would be possible in a sitch like this?...even if it's a precedent...forgive my ignorance of the law in this regard please, thought i'd ask tho...

Christopher King said...


A class action..... interesting.

I'm going to run this legal theory past Attorney Watts, who as you know represented one of the other folks McKay maced without Just Cause.

1. The taxpayers of New Hamshire have a derivative right to know the full investigative file.

2. The full investigative file was not produced, and in fact as noted in the Ethics Complaint:


3. They even materially misrepresented the presence of audiotaped interviews with valuable on-the-scene witnesses

I like it a lot. And folks in Franconia and online who agree with it can just initial a signup sheet noting the area/town in which they live because as we shall see, folks are still afraid to put their faces on line for fear of retaliation from the police.

And I'm talking about respectable, home-owning, career-having middle-aged people.

I like the idea of such a lawsuit, and I'm leaning toward filing it. We all know I know First Amendment Law like nobody's business and with my network of other attorneys who know as much or more than I do, it sure could change the way government addresses public interest issues going forward.

Thanks for the idea.


Anonymous said...

Representative McLeod's husband is a Franconia Selectman. The Selectboard has the potential to come out of this looking pretty bad, because their insistence that they didn't know there were issues with McKay is just wrong and they know it, and I would guess that Martha does too. I'm glad she's a State Rep. I wish she weren't a Selectman's wife.

Christopher King said...

And the best part is, I am an aggrieved individual so I can file it myself and not be subject to Unauthorized Practice of Law.

I just bring it as "KingCast.net, on behalf of the taxpayers of New Hampshire."

A Petition in Mandamus before the New Hampshire Supreme Court so that there is a record of this malfeasance.


debby said...

Liko- I'd like to request another Officer to bear witness.

McKay- You don't have that choice.

Minutes later both are dead over a traffic violation.


Liko- I'd like to request another Officer to bear witness.

McKay- I have already called for back and they will be here shortly.

Liko- Thank you.

Traffic ticket and everyone goes home. Would have been appropriate.

Mark said...

the 'bruce mckay' style of law enforcement can be witnessed in any community in the state, I live in southern nh and every department in the area has at least one of these types (I could elaborate on the misdeeds of some of them but I'm sure you all get the point). this war law enforcement has waged on the people for decades now has to stop. what we need is a motorist bill of rights to restore our constitutional liberties (the right to travel without being pulled over and harrassed for every little thing). I have posted a modified version of the Motorist Bill of Rights from the National Motorist Association at petitionspot.com. We need to get as many signatures as possible and pressure our lawmakers to end the war on freedom...

sign it here:


and spread the word...

Christopher King said...

Thanks Mark,

I'll mos' def get on that petition tonight.


PS: Meanwhile I'm still setting the evidentiary trial so everyone can see how Government responds with respect to the Right-to-Know file on Bruce McKay:



Anonymous said...

I agree with Mark.

LS (I'm back)

Anonymous said...

If Fox Hill Park is a suspicous place, then the cops better line all of us Franconia kids up and stuff our faces in the snow and zip-tie our hands behind our backs.

Anonymous said...

If Fox Hill Park is a suspicous place, then the cops better line all of us Franconia kids up and stuff our faces in the snow and zip-tie our hands behind our backs

Sounds like McKay already did that to a whole bunch of people in Franconia. Got him promoted to corporal. There will be more McKays, until we get a Civilian Review Board and an independent attorney general, not one who automatically sides with the police and defames citizens. A truly pathetic performance from the State's "chief law enforcement officer." What a joke....

Christopher King said...


Yes you are correct.

FIrst step is a Congressional investigation, which we could move for later this summer. All things in Due Time and a lot of things are going to surface soon.


All the Best,