28 June 2007

KingCast says, "We ain't scared of your Tahoes" -- Back to the Franconia shooting video: Something's not right there, either.

First of all, LE has been knowledgeable of the video for a long time. Liko and our friend Oliver knew that McKay didn't give a command when he peppered Liko and Caleb because Oliver's ex roomie was LE. Then it comes up allegedly without sound until the last seconds, yet you can hear muffled voices at times?

Negro please. Seems to me like a continuation of the alleged lack of audio interviews, which by way of the KingCast valid and accurate ethics complaint we now know not to be true. So to Kelly Ayotte and whomever is running the show up there in Concord let me tell you this:

The people of Franconia might not be the most tech or computer savvy, but they've got a whole lot of common sense, and frankly you've been insulting it. And KingCast is about to show the entire World just how you've done it, and the impact it is having on the community. There's two-page letter from the Franconia Collective right here that will run in Sunday's Concord Monitor.

Well take your stupid Tahoe and run it right off the road with a 20-year old Turbo; push and push and push you right up flush with the Guardrail of Justice.
The grey car was not going fast. I thought [McKay] was trying to get around it [for something else]. He made several movements (her daughter called it a "10-point turn" in her interview) to come nose to nose now facing north.... [McKay] pushed him and kept pushing him down (into the gravel area) dirt flew back the police car pushed him so strongly and just kept pushing and pushing and pushing until the grey car was beyond my view."



Christopher King said...

LibertyNH said...
Having ski raced as a youth on the same courses as the infamous Kenney’s and raised to question authority and convention I feel more than a little affinity for the clan. From my perspective and bias based on interactions with other seemingly misguided local NH town police the conclusion I draw is that the actions of the pursuing officer were gravely inappropriate and the citizen vigilante actions were at least partly motivated by a predisposition to act out gunplay fantasies. It seems that the mass media has failed clearly report potentially wrongdoing and is predisposed to propagate idealistic imagery of law enforcement. It is of little consequence that the blog owner’s tennis camp application was rejected or that I couldn’t finish within twenty places of a Kenney on a ski course. I love this state and country. This family is iconic to both and deserves justice as do we all. This is only place that readily displays a focus on obtaining just that. Please fine tune and keep it for the sake of us that don’t know how.

Charles Duffy said...

Someone wake me up or is it a bad dream.

The same shit that happened in franconia is going on Nationwide.

Other parts of the county are able to hush it up.

Not here my friend.

Anonymous said...

Charlie hit a big nail on the head. Northern New England, from Green, White and Western Maine mountains, to the Atlantic, has a very deep and long tradition of rugged individualism. Though it is buried somehat today by tourism, if you spend time with the people in these regions, you will see the real deal, often with great flair. Loggers, farmers, woodsmen (and women), and fishermen (and women), the backbone of the region's economy and culture for centuries, do not suffer fools gladly, never forgive people who lie to them, demand the right to speak their minds to government and BE HEARD, and fight for their beliefs, especially concerning their freedom. Obviously Liko was cut from this very old mold.

The north country is also famous for people giving those in need the shirts of their backs, for living with great energy, and while sometimes outwardly cranky, more often inwardly deeply thoughtful, kind and loyal. These are the people you want in any community, especially when you have a serious problem.

I have great faith in the people of northern New England. They and their supporters who know them know they will fix this, come hell or high water. The buck stops with them, not with their elected officials, and surely not with circumstances that threaten the well being of their families.

Don't worry Charlie, you have plenty of community left up there, all around New England, and anywhere people value what you do -
the "real" NH way. As your pal Dan Webster said about the Old Main in the Mountain, the Old Man was clear evidence New Hampshire is a place where God makes men (and women of course).

Anonymous said...



Live free or die.

Charles Duffy said...

You stole my words. I can only keep it short and stupid.

Like the tourist asking the shop owner of a county store, "How long have you been Here" He replied, since 6:30 this mornin.

Anonymous said...

LibertyNH - Impressive summary; extremely well written. Your caring community connection lends a voice of reason to the unraveling of the increasingly complicated circumstances specific to the event, and to its aftermath. I happen to agree with your position.

Charles Duffy said...

Liberty in NH said:

"It seems that the mass media has failed clearly report potentially wrongdoing and is predisposed to propagate idealistic imagery of law enforcement".

Bravo and High marks for liberty In N.H. We want to read more from you!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you please make a major note that media keeps forgetting.

Floyd states he picked up Liko's gun from the ground after it fell out of Liko's car. That would leave Liko without a gun!

Did they say they found two guns belonging to Liko? NO. Man, please bring this to people's attention. It's just slightly important.

Anonymous said...

8:00 PM -

This CT native is getting an education here. Northern New England has an immense appeal for all the reasons you mention. Liko's young life, and unfortunate leaving has made such an impact that the ground is shaking.

Thank goodness for a gathering place to share values and beliefs on behalf of one young man who began this process.


Anonymous said...

"The people of Franconia might not be the most tech or computer savvy, but they've got a whole lot of common sense "

I got thier backs bro.
I might not be 'savy' per say, but Im plugged in.
To the internet,
and to the loving,
kind pholks in Franconia.

Those who might not be plugged into the web get to hear any and all of the information that lies herin.

And ask anyone round heya..
I love to talk..

If I was a bottle, I'd spill for life
Sake of mercy, I would kill for love
If I was a liar, well I'd lie for love
Sake of my baby, well I'd die for love
Sake of my baby, I'd die for love

Ooh freedom
Ooh liberty
Ohh leave me alone
I'm gonna find my own way home..

Christopher King said...

Hey guys, on the run.

Glad you enjyed today's instalments.

I lifted LibertyNH's comment from the stop sign/Liko spirit post as I wanted to highlight it.

Gold star to you my friend =^.)


Anonymous said...

8:39, I think that later in the interview, Floyd acknowledged (with some nudging by the interviewer) that the gun could have come from McKay as he was hit. Personally, I'm not bothered that much by that error, as I imagine that it was probably hard to see exactly what was happening in split seconds.

I AM, however, very bothered by Floyd saying in the interview that as he shot Liko, he had his elbow on Caleb's throat, restraining him. I cannot see Floyd misremembering at ALL that in fact he shot through the passenger window of the car. Caleb managed to duck down on the seat and not get shot. He put Caleb, an innocent passenger, at unbelievable risk, then lied about it. I just can't see his memory being that bad.

Anonymous said...

I should have clarified that from what I gather from the AG's report, the passenger window that Floyd shot through was up at the time, so he shattered it. It's a real stretch to believe that Floyd truly thinks he reached in when the window was closed.

Anonymous said...


In your view didi Floyd shoot through Caleb's window or ever had his elbow on Caleb's throat as Floyd apparently said in an interview? What do your state docs say?

Most posters seem agreed that Floyd shot through Caleb's window, and that Caleb has told some of them that this is true and that he ducked to avoid being hit. Your view?

Anonymous said...

Chris - I don't have the report but have seen no mention of who took Liko's car out of gear and turned it off.

I believe this is crucial info since Floyd says that while Liko was using both hands to reload or unjam his gun that he was also about to run the officer over again.

Sombody MUST have taken the car out of gear or turned it off prior to them lifting the car off Mckay or the car would have continued moviving in reverse of forward once lifted off Mckay.... that is if the car was on or in gear .. both of which need to be true if Mckay was at immediate risk of being run over again.

FLOYD MADE NUMEROUS statements that he said NOTHING before firing and even explained why he said nothing. So, this is not a mistake or a bad memory. He justified his saying nothing first because of the imminent threat and he wasn't going to give Liko another chance to run over the officer or shoot him.

He knows Liko is either reloading or unjaming a gun with both hands. One must assume Liko was at least trying to look at the gun through his pepper sprayed eyes .. he could not even has seen Floyd was there and clearly posed no imminent threat to anyone. A command needed to be given to him to drop the gun first for this to be justified. Even only giving him a split second to comply with the command would have been fine but a command must be given in this situation for it to not be an execution.

In a fair world, we need to give Floyd leeway for the excitement of everything but CLEARLY THIS IS A MAN WHO SHOULD NOT POSES A GUN OR PUT HIMSELF IN SUCH SITUATION as he is mentaly unfit. So, how do we handle this situation in society? We charge him with something such as reckless endangerment at minimum and ruin in the court system even if he is found innocent. This is the American way.

Not charging him has told the people of this state that they encourge even drugged and mental citizens to get involved with deadly weapons and make judgment calls they are not capable of making if their drugged and mental state tell them it is a good thing to get involved.

The facts are clear that he fired through the closed passanger window and only by shear luck was Caleb not hit by gunfire.

Let us not forget from Junior's statements that Floyd fired his second round into Liko moments after the first shot and not as if he immediatly squeezed off two rounds. So, what was the second shot for? Was Liko still reloading with both hands and driving with a bullet in him?

Christopher King said...


I know. The report mentions the shattered glass.

He's trying to eliminate his potential liability to Caleb.

And what's really disgusting, as I noted in this post applauding the Concord Monitor:


......Is the way in which the media reported the uncorroborated version of the events when Floyd later lies about whether or not he said ONE WORD to Liko because.... he.... didn't. His own statements as noted in that post along with Caleb's statements prove he didn't say one word.

Also sad is the fact that Liko waved to Floyd to help as a witness, which CNN left out.

But which we will put right back in, in slow motion, for our film, Franconia 5/11.

And the facts will show that:

1. Kelly Ayotte acknowledged to Attorney X that Floyd had no clue that McKay was alive or not;

2. He had no apprehension or fear for himself because he was outside the car ON THE PASSENGER SIDE and never warned Liko about anything and also was under no reasonable fear or apprehension for his own life because Liko was not hardly going to shoot past Caleb and a closed window to shoot Floyd.

3. This part is speculation, but I believe Floyd shot Liko out of rage because he shot his buddy McKay and had run him over. And I futher believe that Liko, with mace face, hit McKay by accident and then was trying to get him off from under his car, in the manner of something you step on in the park that is unsavory to those of us with two legs.

Thank you for bringing that up because it is ESSENTIAL.

But then so too are the missing and hidden and lied about digitally-recorded material witness statements from Chuck and Sam. And perhaps others.

That's why KingCast filed an ethics complaint,


and that's why this case is going to remain hot for years, in the manner of a radioactive isotope.

Attorneys Ayotte and Strelizin's careers should be so lucky. He's wiggin' so hard right now he's sending me blank emails:



Anonymous said...


They have uploaded the report that contradicts many of the other documents. If they can put that up then they should put them all up.

ISN'T THERE A LAW THAT THEY NEED TO CHARGE A REASONABLE FEE for the documents? By posting the conclusion report for free, they have clearly demonstrated a resonable cost would be $0.00 if they have them on the internet to be downloaded.

Anonymous said...

And ... every cop should be fired who was in the room when Floyd was interrogated. Not only am I SURE they coached him in the 10-minute "pee" break he took but his clearly proved himself as a liar to the cops and they didn't care.

He lied about his arrest record (the clearly asked about arrests in addition to convictions). He lied about his past in the military (he could not have been in special forces and not understand the most basic workings of a gun or not even be aware of the types of guns he was holding that day - - he said he didn't know what kind of gun Mckay's was and kept calling Liko's a 10mm ... why would he think it was a rare 10mm and not a common 9mm?? ... he didn't understand the terms single or double action or even the parts of a semi automatic gun) ... just to name a few things he CLEARLY lied about ... yet, the cops kept pushing him to get the story to fit what they needed.

Anonymous said...

Lastly ... Why was Floyd & Floyd JR. not seperated at the scene when officers arrived?

Why did they allow them to get their stories straight and also speak to other witnesses and passer=bys at the scene?

I read in the report the AG posted on their site that they were put in seperate patrol cars on arrival of an officer but a picture posted on Chris's site shows them standing together giving statements to an officer at the scene with plenty of other loitering around in the background. This was clearly well after the incident as the first priority would have been dealing with the dead and wounded and not taking statements.

Seperating witnesses is investigative work 101 ... Even teachers in school new to seperate people and get individual statement when investigating which one of us put the tack on the seat.

Anonymous said...

3:54, here is what Floyd said in his interview (you can download the audio file from the Concord Monitor site and listen for yourself to confirm):

Floyd, at about 14:36: "I picked it [gun] up and I leaned in to see what this guy was doing, and pressed my elbow into the passenger's throat to hold him in place, and the other guy was trying to jack [?] around then into the ten millimeter."

The AG's report relates Caleb's statement (no audio available at the Monitor) as this: "This man walked over to his window as they drove toward Cpl. McKay and fired through his window. He believed the man fired more than twice and said that the man said nothing before he fired. He managed to lean forward when he saw the gun and said that he felt the shots go over his back. He said that the car was stopped and that the glass shattered." (p. 11)

The AG's report says that witness Sam Stephenson said "He noticed that the glass was missing from the passenger side window of Kenney’s car." (pp. 16-17).

The AG's report, in the "Forensic Evidence and Evidence from the Scene" section says of Liko's car "The passenger side window was in the fully up position but the glass was in fragments. Broken glass was found inside and outside the car." (p.26)

Sounds like the elbow thing couldn't possibly have been true.

Link to AG's report:


John P., I also completely agree that the contradictions about whether or not Floyd said anything are very disturbing.

Christopher King said...

You guys just help me figure the whole case out.

Together, we did it and we're not even finished yet.


We're gone to Franconia so I'll be away from the Mac for much of the Day.


Anonymous said...

My passion for justice and great empathy for the Kenney family was incited by the news of Liko's death, especially since I am the mother of young men.
I do not have ties to the Franconia area, and I am more a nurturer than a debater...so I am beginning to feel my contribution to postings is less helpful now than shortly after 5/11.
I wholly support this cause and effort, but think I'll just be watching from the curb now.

Anonymous said...

During the audio portion of the interview with Floyd, wasn't there a question to his past problems with the law and he replied he had been arrested" for PCP but up here they call it THC". Also if you dig a little more you will find this same guy threatened a former principal at the elementary school over some issues his son was having a time. He reportedly told her that they would be taking her out in a body bag. The principals' office in the school that has since been built has an escape door that was installed in direct response to this threat a number of years ago