08 June 2007

KingCast presents a tennis lesson with Scott and Helene, or, how Chris got his groove back.

Three generations -- an 82, 58 and 42 year-old -- chatted at the Courts at Historic Holman Stadium this morning after our routines. Scott McDougald, Nashua's Mr. Tennis (the 58), was giving me a lesson mostly on my forehand, and it was going good. Not great, but really good and it felt right again because I used to be strong off the baseline on both wings. It's 90% mental and he showed me a couple of good tricks for that, and that's why we pay a pro sometimes when we get lost because tennis is such a mental game and they cut right through the shit and hook a brother up! To strike a tennis ball well, consistently, is one of the most beautiful things in the Whole Wide World.

I'm still swinging a Wilson Surge 5.1 Pro Staff. It's a 'tweener, a good all 'round piece for intermediate to advanced players as this review notes. I don't get all caught up in new racket this and that because as long as you are comfortable with what you've got, it's All Good. The game comes from you.

When I was more consistently playing in the late 90's and early '00's I rocked the grandaddy of them all, the Pete Sampras special, the original Pro Staff (braided). It was heavy and had less of a sweet spot than the Surge, but when your game is on, its still a great stick. Just solid. And you can beat rugs with it if you need to.

What next? Wilson's current Pro Staff series will get a test drive, and so will the New Dunlop McEnroe Maxply because whatever he plays with has great touch, like the Dunlop Max 200G I used to pimp back in the 80's. Every good player of a certain age remembers that piece fondly, including Scott, who still plays exclusively Dunlop. Steffi had a sweet forehand.


Christopher King said...

And then we talked about the police, a topic with which Mr. McDougald is more than familiar because he used to hire them for patrol in his professional business endeavors.

Everyone wants to know what really happened in Franconia on 5/11.

What will Governor Lynch do with my request for production of the video, especially now that the Caledonian-Record published my letter to him:



Christopher King said...

Better read the timeline of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's comments:


It's no bueno, hombre.