25 June 2007

KingCast presents the short version of the 2007 Franconia shooting tragedy.

This is an adjunct post to the main post which is here.

Update: NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin hid this witness.

From p. 27 of 43-Page final report: 3 trac-phone calls made by Liko Kenney at 6:05, 6:06 and 6:07. [numbers not disclosed]

19:10:20 - Liko Kenney pulls to a cut away and stops; asks for another officer.

19:15:05 - Shooter Floyd appears on the scene after the second stop as Liko twice motions for Officer McKay to meet him back down the road at Tamarack. This will become crucial down the proverbial road. Floyd stays there even as McKay and Liko's cars are both well off the street.

19:15:42/49 -- McKay twice pushes Liko's Toyota back away from sight of witnesses in the house across the street.

19:15:53 -- Liko motions to Floyd to help as witness.

19:15:56/59 -- Without saying a single word or giving any command or directive, McKay alights from his Tahoe and immediately blasts Liko and passenger Caleb Macaulay with pepper spray and struts away like John Wayne, probably as he did it to that 110 lb. blonde girl not long ago. Liko twice says "What are you doing.... what are you DOING???"

19:15:60 -- Liko snaps and shoots McKay from his driver's seat.

Look, I'm truly sorry that Bruce McKay is dead. But I cannot excuse his actions any more than I can Liko's. And as for Shooter Floyd, well AG Ayotte already said he had no idea whether McKay was dead or alive, and he had a clear chance to retreat. Instead he didn't; he shot Liko and threatened Caleb and a police officer by the name of Phillip R. Blanchard, as the Official Report notes at p. 15-16.

To further insult our collective intelligence, there is all matter of questionable "other acts" of Liko in the report but not one mention of any complaints against McKay, and I mean NOT ONE, even though we have an alleged complaint of spousal abuse and I have direct knowledge from another attorney that he complained after McKay maced his 110lb blonde client, and we know there were issues when he maced out some kids at a public school. And I've read in the Caledonian Record that there were complaints against him. And we know he was sued and settled for threatening an area resident as well, yet NONE of this is in report. That's why I know it's a sham.


Anonymous said...

No way! Floyd threatened to kill a police officer as well as Caleb????

As if it could get any more bizarre than it is!

Hey, that pepper-spray looked more like a garden hose. I never expected it to be so dense and broad streamed. Now I see how it can really harm someone.

Christopher King said...

Yes, he did, as an officer went to retrieve a weapon, as I note in the long post:


And then Floyd threatened another cop, Philliip R. Blanchard, who came upon the scene as noted at p. 16 of the Official Report: "Easy son, I'm quicker than you."

Anonymous said...

The AG must have serious hormonal issues or she has entered a deal with the Devil because that is evil to let a man walk away free that killed a man and threatened two other men.

Well, thanks AG. I hope you are sleeping well at night while the rest of us are worried about a known killer roaming around in our hometown. Not to mention he told Caleb he could kill him and get off because he was taking medication.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how anyone is supposed to trust the Franconia PD if they won't acknowledge the problem with McKay or ongoing problems that still exist in the PD?

Why would anyone want to talk to them about what we want based on the fact that they seem to be quite comfortable with the service and actions done by Cpl Bruce McKay?

Anonymous said...

This is all subjective to your interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Let me see, the investigation is complete the report has been published. There is nothing in there that is clear and convincing evidence that McKay did not use justifiable non-lethal force. What is clear, Kenney had a loaded weapon in an automobile, which is a serious offense. Had recently ingested marijuana, which is a serious offense, had possession of drug paraphernalia, another serious offense, had an expired registration, which is a violation offense, He was disobeying which is a serious motor vehicle offense, There goes your brilliant argument to give McCauley the right to sue for an illegal detention. Kenney was fucking up and was a fuck up from the minute he was whelped. McKay cautioned local Law enforcement to be wary of Kenney. It could have been any officer north of the notch who could have had a deadly run in with Kenney, McKay made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his fellow officers.

Anonymous said...

Ding Dong Liko's gone...

What a fucking psycho.

Anonymous said...

this is the problem, you're all probably cops with bad attitudes and think that you are above the law.
and yes, it could have been you or it could have been another kid in town. what the hell are we going to do about it? get your ass into therapy and learn to be leaders and change. your attitudes are of NO help to this community and while scary. Have some respect.

Anonymous said...

You know what's going to happen, Floyd is going to take one of the cops out - this is who they should be afraid of. my god! what a god damn mess we have here.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:07 nice comment:

McKay cautioned local Law enforcement to be wary of Kenney. It could have been any officer north of the notch who could have had a deadly run in with Kenney, McKay made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his fellow officers.

Not to protect the community, but HIS FELLOW OFFICERS! You're all a bunch of chicken shits and the entire every PO in the North Country should be psychologically examined and the unstable officers should be fired so we can start over.

How can you justify what McKay did? He did nothing but continue to escalate the situation as was his MO. Liko had done everything he could to try and avoid this, he had his hands up signaling "I give" before the Tahoe rams the car backwards a second time. If Liko was so damn dangerous, why in hell did
a: McKay not wait for backup by holding him at gunpoint from behind the cruiser?
b: Pepper spray and walk off like it was no big deal?

Noone has addressed these points from a proper SOP standpoint.

You make it sound like Liko started this but the tape shows he tried to remove himself from the situation and/or diffuse IT MULTIPLE TIMES.

Your an ass of an if you're in LE, you probably have something to hide as well.

Anonymous said...

First impression from reading a news account and watching the tape:
I still want to know if McKay followed proper protocol.

McKay, reportedly issued a memo describing Kenney as possibly dangerous, months earlier.

Yet he pepper sprays him, turns his back, and walks away. Proper procedure??????

There is no excusing Likos actions, despite McKay's prior dealings with him.

Like others have surmised, there seem to be no heros and villains. Floyd, well, what can you say about that???

At this point, it seem there are no heros or villains, but just three flawed men, at the same place, at the same time...

I don't think McKay was a good cop. Nor do I think Liko was a model citizen. Neither should be dead.

The state's story is still full of holes.


John P. said...

I noticed in the tape that it appears Liko's car has paper (Temp) plates. This may explain why Mckay went after him in the first place.

Older car with paper plates usually means a kid.

I also don't buy for a minute that thier was no other audio but the last seconds or that we don't have access to the radar/GPS to even know if he was speeding.

Do we have any communication from the police radio? How did the AG come to the conclusion it was a speeding violation that was the initial stop?

Anonymous said...

Those of you defending Liko's actions are vile fucking ghouls who have no idea what it means to be a law abiding citizen. One of you states that Liko tries to "remove himself from the situation", yeah thats called running from the police and is illegal moron.

I read this story and am glad that there was someone there to bring that faggot to justice. Burn in hell Liko.

Lance in FL

Anonymous said...

Just catching up here.

To the knuckleheads quibbling previously whether it was a "19 point" or "10 point" turn: Irrelevant -- a witness previously described it as a 19 point turn. CK was quoting that witness. CK has no "story to get straight" in that regard.

To the gesturing: Yes, clearly Liko was gesturing to McKay and Floyd, and he gave the finger also.

To the editing: well, what did you expect? The state has a story, and it sticking to it.

To those who say Kenney was stoned and drunk: do you SERIOUSLY think the state would not have stated that??? I mean, they basically call the kid a loser high school dropout. You think they wouldn't release that???

To Floyd:
Various versions of whether he was acting in self defense from Kenney, or whether he was protecting McKay. Shooting thru the passenger window, past Caleb???????? That is just unbelievable.

This story still stinks, and will always stink. People up there know the real story about McKay's and Liko's attitudes. All we have are random snippets to support the AG.

This sucks.


Anonymous said...

On both occasions, '03 and 5/11, Cpl. McKay escalated a routine traffic stop to end in violence; with a beating in one instance, and death in the second.

The seasoned officer might have felt provoked, but as a professional and adult, he should have been in control of his emotions, and willing and able to apply a skill set of options to reduce rather than escalate to violence.

Liko Kenney did not initiate physical violence in any manner, until violence was visited upon him.

Clearly, neither killing can be justified. There are no heroes here; a tragic outcome.

Anonymous said...


While you continue to collect your taxpayer paid pension in sunny FLA, you call law abiding citizens ghouls.

You are a sick man, to make such a statement. Good that you are retired. YOU ARE THE KIND OF COP THAT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS NEED PROTECTION FROM.



Anonymous said...

Look, The north NH Law Enforcement has some serious problems. If given the opportunity to anonymously tell you how they feel about their local PD it would not be positive. People fear making complaints due to the very real fact of retaliation. What, we are supposed to heal Franconia by getting back to "business as usual"?

There has not been a single forum that I have been to that a cop has expressed the tragedy of both men dying. Most citizens at least have the compassion for the loss of life even if they didn't like McKay. Their has not been a single cop that has expressed there was something wrong with how McKay policed. Every cop stands up for his manner of interacting with the community and that is screaming at me. SCREAMING AT ME!!!!!

While at the Whitefield PD, Officer C. told a teenage boy he was above the law. This is the average attitude. I could go on for days with stories from people about how their local PD behaves. The cops speed through their local streets frequently - "they are above the law". This is not meant toward the good cops as they are sorely needed.

One woman concerned about the screams of a female neighbor that was crying and begging to not be killed, intermingled with an angry man's voice in the dark of night. The woman saw the lights go out and the deafening sound of silence. Chilling. Although it was less than 10 min. from the PD, it took them several min. to arrive. When they spoke with the woman that had called she wanted to know if everything was alright. The answer she got was, "All the lights were out. We knocked but no one answered". God help us!

SERVE AND PROTECT??? What is that? A local traffic stop is treated like you robbed a bank and no more attempt is made to help a woman that most likely got a serious beating.

This is rampant and needs to stop! Organized crime at it's best. More power than the mafia because of the badge. It is so disgusting and they don't even care about all the missing and dead people. They prevent people from attempting to find their loved ones or figure out who may have harmed them by holding onto police records. Nothing but power and control. They aren't even looking for these people. Oh yeah, must have been a runaway!

There is a very serious problem happening and it goes beyond Bruce McKay and Kenney!

John P. said...

If anyone can enhance the video ... take a look at 19:13:22 and see the car pulled over as Mckay goes after Liko... IS THIS FLOYD??

It looks very similiar to the truck we see waiting as Liko is pulled over the final time. You can catch a glimpse of the truck in a closer frame at 19:15:39.

I am curious if Floyd turned and followed the pursuit ... looking for action.

John P. said...

Chris - Does your video have audio? THERE IS AUDIO ON THIS VIDEO .. Listen starting from 19:14:09 and you can hear the police radio in the background ... they have just muted the sound but the recorder was on. Not sure about yout copy but at


I can hear the sound very very low.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Liko hid his stash?

Anonymous said...


Agreed 100%. I can tell you for a FACT that problems with local PD are not confined to northern NH.

Civilian review board, a real one, needed now. Cops deal with some really dangerous bad guys. But Liko was clearly no psycho, but scared and angry. He clearly thought there was injustice in the prior encounter, the one he took an assault plea on. McKay should have been able to handle both situations better, IMO.

In any event, it is 100% clear to me that even if you believe McKay was a great officer, it was stupid to OC spray the kid then just turn his back and walk away. What other procedures did McKay not follow??

I agree he again had opportunities to not escalate. Not to excuse Likos running away (again!) from a police stop, even if it was harassement, which appears entirely possible. But McKay knew the kid, where he lived, and I strongly suspect knew exactly where Liko was going.

This second tape could easily support Liko's contention that he wanted to avoid another beating like he took a few years earlier. Tell me if that arrest was warranted, if McKay could have de-escalated (McKay toyed with the kid, IMO), and if proper procedure was folllowed in that arrest as well.

This really smells.


Anonymous said...

John P,
From my reading of Floyd's statement, he did watch the first stop, w/ kenney driving away. Additionally, the direction he states he was traveling initially does not match the direction he is headed at the final stop. It appears he followed the incident from start to finish. He also states Liko's gun fell out the window, which was how Floyd got a gun. It then appears he is 'lead' in a different direction. How does Liko have a gun if Floyd gets Liko's gun which fell out of liko's car? Am I reading the statement wrong?
I appreciate your empathy in this. This is sad all the way around. I appreciate your tone and words.

John P. said...

6:23 AM - Thanks

I guess if the video didn't stop (edit) when it did, we would see if Liko dropped the gun.

Also, any clue why the muted the sound on the video?

ArgusWest said...

Where is the rest??

Where is the audio??


This shows us nothin more than The shootin of McKay..
In turn makin us see Liko as the bad guy..

Where is the vid of the rest??

Not fer nothin...
I knew Liko..
There is no fucking way he 'dropped' his gun...

This is complete and udder bullshit i say..

arguswest said...

And another thing..

Yes, what Liko did was wrong..
Yes, McKay was bullying him..
Buts thats not what ENRAGES me..
What bout Floyd??
The uber rambo who " saved the day "
If it was one of us ( laymen ) we would be still sittin in a cell waitin for a sentence.
This whole thing is complete and udder bullshit.
Who the fuck cares how many point turns he made to reverse his direction??
Why does the weight of the SUV ( or whateva ya want to call it ) even fucking matter??
The petty comments fired back here are childish and unheard of.
People died here.
Grow the hell up.

debby said...

john p.

I heard the muffled voices too, even when I watched it the first time. It is absolutely there and I tried to grasp what was being said but it is there...plain as day.


Anonymous said...


no audio

an incomplete video


floyd is free and loose

Anonymous said...

chris; can you mirror the temper fi shooter's statement...the union misleader's link to that interview freezes on every computer and browser i try...
as of now, your efforts are the only public clearinghouse with any balanced perspective on the actual truth in context...

but i know how the shooter feels...he just couldn't stand by without murdering liko...that's what he said...and vigilante justice is being absolutley confirmed and encouraged by the state from the ag's office itself...so be it...

can you transcribe and/or mirror the shooters cop interview and other most relevant interviews that might have been released...

interesting the audio was not there on the clip...and it was truncated, cut off dead before we could hear temper fi cop assaulting felon do his "stated" faux cop routine, ordering liko to drop the gun etc...as if that really happened...easy to catch in a lie...and that will invalidate the rest of his testimony...
and even if ayotte and her ambitious political climbers manage to keep out of prosecutorial reach...the facts are out...peeps know wassup...they do...and there will be a critical mass, even in mainstream media...temper fi bastard was itching to kill someone for years...
i want phone records from mckay and floyd, and all scanner records from that day...amazing they'd have the nerve to kill the audio...too obvious...the public is more sophisticated now...the misleader and it's ilk have lost tremendous circulation to the web...they are on the way out and already mostly impotent & irrelevant in the bigger picture...

...and their links to floyd's interview don't work...not just stupid, partisan and cruel, but incompetent...but we've known that for years...

if liko was there to kill mckay he would have shot him as he approached...
same with temper fi murderer...

cover up was predicted the first weekend by 'anonymous' and other posters, and yourself as well...
great job chris...
(I'd cool it a bit with the personal grandstanding...don't go hollywood on this chris...make your film or whatever but it's about justice not self promotion...
your spirit and humor and dedication are very inspiring and do present quite a brave and important clearinghouse...so i'm intending this slight critique in good faith...
please help get that shooter interview out; the misleader is the only one who 'offers' it thus far...
(great work on catching, tracing the wmur/union misleader spinmeisters originating the youtube clips to spin away monday's snakey 'release' of the info) tho that backfired on them too...
funny thing is...the truth reveals itself even more clearly the more they spin, and other publications are beginning to pick up on it...
don't think for a moment the cop community is truly proud of this cruel, unprofessional dead imbecile...who has endangered us all, public and official...and continues to, even in death, with ayotte's political grandstanding...

no cop on the beat, or citizen who loves and respects the law, really can get behind this spun lying mess, no matter what the desperate reactionary drivel...

public needs to see these interviews...and they are not presenting themselves in total and in context...
need to see caleb's interview also, temper fi's kid's interview...and of course the words straight from the murderous felon would be helpful in context...
there's a critical mass out there...the law enforcement community, mostly intelligent and sensitive i do still believe, already knows, but can't say...that this unprofessional decedent
has been a horrific presence and left a horrifying legacy of wife beating, harassment and terror...
the grief and honor for a fallen officer is better placed on an officer without cruelty and deception as his modus operandi...McKay brings shame on the all aspects of the communities up here...and the syncophant police officers rushing to support this sly rage junkie just make themselves, and their more intelligent brother officers, more estranged, and endangered...'easy son, i'm faster than you' says the two gun wielding shooter as police order him to drop his weapons...(and where did he get TWO guns btw? was mckay carrying two on him...did mckay have time to get his gun out of the holster because when he was peppered back he had it holstered...??
so temper fi, with a scanner, waits in his truck as this goes down...
(where's the scanner and phone records in listenable AUDIO)...there's a bigger rat here than has yet to be exposed...but surely will be...how are you sleeping floyd? just great???
good...you are probably safe, as liko and the crowd of young folks up here are very peaceful until provoked...so maybe, if you watch your ass, and stay inside your little compound, you won't have to deal with someone like yourself...who just "can't stand by"...cause there's someone that's faster than you son, count on it...
hopefully, no more lives will be destroyed and no more violence will take place...but ayotte has created a tinderbox, soaked it with gasoline, and then ran back to south...
her nh career is over...back to pennsylvania with her...back to whatever state the shooter came from, or he can serve his time in new hampshire jails...i'm willing to be flexible as to where his cell is...the third cruel out of stater in this murder/coverup was laid to rest last may...
push comes to shove...shiznit happens boy...what a shame...and on it goes...

Anonymous said...


Right on, right on, right on!!!

The Union mis-leader: I like that, and will use it from now on.


Anonymous said...

We would love for all the good and honest Police Officers to come forward. These are the people we need serving our community.

This John Wayne attitude is over the top.

Anonymous said...

To all residents of the state, especially youths who may not be familiar with legal responsibilities and constitutional protections:

McKay was correct in that licensed operatators of motor vehicle in this state have already consented to ID checks if stopped by a LEO. That is the law.

Know your constitutional rights and responsibilities during a traffic stop, so that if you encounter a McKay, you behave appropriately and don't wind up arrested.

Read this:


B. Rhapsody said...

This song pretty much sums up the final moments of that tape for me. I will forever think of it as Liko's song.

Little silhouetto of a man = McKay

Thunderbolt and lightning-very very frightening me = Tahoe slam

Easy come easy go-,will you let me go-
Bismillah! no-,we will not let you go-let him go = Finger pointing an pleading to get to Tamarack or his Uncle's place and McKay's refusal to stand down

Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me,for me,for me = Shooter Floyd stopped and waiting

"I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche,scaramouche will you do the fandango-
Thunderbolt and lightning-very very frightening me-
Galileo galileo
Galileo figaro-magnifico-
But Im just a poor boy and nobody loves me-
Hes just a poor boy from a poor family-
Spare him his life from this monstrosity-
Easy come easy go-,will you let me go-
Bismillah! no-,we will not let you go-let him go-
Bismillah! we will not let you go-let him go
Bismillah! we will not let you go-let me go
Will not let you go-let me go
Will not let you go let me go
Mama mia,mama mia,mama mia let me go-
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me,for me,for me-"

The next chorus urges us to move forward toward justice, it speaks to me just as other signs speak to those that know the truth.

"So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye-
So you think you can love me and leave me to die-
Oh baby-cant do this to me baby-
Just gotta get out-just gotta get right outta here-"

Thanks, I had to share.

Anonymous said...

I want what he's having.

Anonymous said...

Lets just cut to the chase:

McKay was a bad cop. His poor judgement and attitude contributed to his own death. He was obviously a bully. Confirmed by the release of the first tape, and by many statements from people who knew McKay.

Liko was a kid with a defiant attitude and a temper. McKay would have none of it, and wanted to put the kid in his place.

The various and changing justifications of Floyd's subsequent shooting of Kenney still smacks of a coverup.

A jury should make that determination, but, since Kenney is dead, there is no trial. The State wants everyone to simply move on, honor the heros, and back to business as usual.

I agree with the poster who said that the good LEOs in the state, and I pray that they are the vast majority, are also harmed by this "investigation" and the honoring of McKay.

Botch job, Ms. Ayotte. Maybe you've done other wonderful things in your career as NH AG, and this is an exception. I don't know, but this is an important case regarding law enforcement's professionalism and citizen rights.

We deserve better than this bullshit.


Excess of testosterone by both, though more excusable from my viewpoint from a 20 year old kid.

Anonymous said...


The only bad judgement that McKay showed was letting Kenney get a drop on him. Kenney was trying to elude an apprehension. He would have been arested that evening. True, idle speculation on what McKay would have done, But everything else here is idle speculation on what Kenney had been thinking. Kenney was a loose cannon as his family described him. Threatening to serious hurt a grandmother, "poor liko" my ass. He was a violent repeat offender that was going to serious hurt or kill somebody. Unluckily, McKay got in the way and let Kenney get the drop on him. McKay may he rest in peace. Thoughts on Kenney's behavior, why didn't he just flee, why did he have to back the car up and then run over McKay again. Why was he reloading, what was his intent, was it to get out of the car and give McKay a coup de grace, or was reloading to prepare for the onslaught of law enforcement officers that would be arriving at his location. He may not have been psycho, but that was for the lack of being diagnosed. Clearly anti-social personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Chernicki, one of Kenney's close and longtime friends, said the April 24 simple assault conviction was a "turning point" in Kenney's life when Kenney "stopped trusting people and seemed to disassociate himself from others," the files show.

Chernicki described Kenney as both a loyal friend and a "sociopath" who "was going to snap." He said Kenney was unstable and needed mental health counseling.

A few weeks prior to the May 11 shootings, Kenney told Chris Fowler, a part-time Franconia police officer and attendant at the town's transfer station, that he was going to take things into his "own hands" and mentioned his dislike for the Franconia police, especially McKay, the files show.

Say no more,

Anonymous said...

Yeah. He let Kenney get "the drop" on him. Obviously.

Was that proper procedure???

And, no vest??? Whats up with that?

Look, I am no cop hater. Not by a long shot. Neither do I believe that McKay was a hero officer while the kid was a psycho, as you seem to believe.

McKay's first encounter, with a clearly troubled kid could have been handled much, much better, I think. I questioned McKays actions as much as Likos when McKay would not identify himself, and when Kenney produced his license, McKay made his stupid remark about understanding the attitude.

Liko a "Repeat offender." Please.

The first stop should have been de-escalated by the 45 year old corporal, encountering a troubled, defiant kid. It would have been easy, had the cop shown just a bit of judgement. E.g. Grownup cop to a kid that was way out of line: "Liko, lets calm down. I don't want to have to arrest you, but I'll have to...." Something like that. Instead, he gave Liko orders in a robotic way, and Liko was becoming more and more and more upset. Anyone can see that, no??

That first stop needn't have escalated. Was that arrest proper procedure? I don't think so. Both are at fault. But I am convinced that McKay decided to throw Kenney a beating while he stood in silence with the tac light in the kids eyes. "Oh yeah."

Kenney was certainly no kind of serial killer, as you are trying to present. He was returning home from his job at Agway. Where he received good reviews. Lots of people liked the kid, as demonstrated by the turnout at the funeral (as opposed to McKay's).

What about the complaint, documented, where McKay told someone, with hand on butt of gun that "he was going to get him out of town?" Since you are smearing Liko, what about that? Is that the action of a hero officer? The various uses of OC spray??

Sorry, but like I said from day one. Condolences for the dead. Both of them. It should have never come to this.

And the reason I won't come forward is that I don't feel like being pulled over every single day, for no reason, by some local LEO that doesn't like me, a mere citizen without a badge.

Thats it.


Anonymous said...

9:37 said

"A few weeks prior to the May 11 shootings, Kenney told Chris Fowler, a part-time Franconia police officer and attendant at the town's transfer station, that he was going to take things into his "own hands" and mentioned his dislike for the Franconia police, especially McKay, the files show.

Say no more, "

A few weeks later, Fowler, newly promoted to full-time, was over heard in the Village Store saying that if Likos friends thought he was a hero, he'd "show them". Can we have a civilian review board now? How about some psych evals?
Say no more

Anonymous said...

"...the facts are out...peeps know wassup...they do...and there will be a critical mass, even in mainstream media...temper fi bastard was itching to kill someone for years..."


"i want phone records from mckay and floyd, and all scanner records from that day...amazing they'd have the nerve to kill the audio...too obvious...the public is more sophisticated now."


Anonymous said...

This is statement below is sooooo BOGUS and if there is a record it was created in the aftermath. No statement like that would have gone un-addressed by the PD, nor would McKay have been so belligerent to refuse a witness. He certainly would not have let his guard down after the pepper-spray. Disgusting. Who said this...Chris Fowler? Hhhhmmm........

"A few weeks prior to the May 11 shootings, Kenney told Chris Fowler, a part-time Franconia police officer and attendant at the town's transfer station, that he was going to take things into his "own hands" and mentioned his dislike for the Franconia police, especially McKay, the files show."

Anonymous said...

First that was hardly a beating, I too would like to see the condition kenney emerged from behind that vehicle. 4 people present, 2 are in front of kenney's car, Liko and one officer are behind car. If that officer was throwing a beating on kenney like everyont here likes to say, why is the officer talking in a calm even voice, if he was beating kenney why wasn't he out of breath and talking in gasps. Kenney did not want to talk rationally, he wanted to get his way and that was to have McKay leave him alone. that was not possible McKay had a duty to act.

I'm not painting liko as a serial killer, but he was extremely unstable friends and family said as much, It was just a matter of time before he would explode. OC is a great tool, and it is less than lethel force, it potetially disables for 10-15 minutes but burns quite a while longer.
I do agree with you that this should never have happened.

Anonymous said...

There were rumors out there liko did make comments the next time he was pulled over by McKay he was going to kill him. Ask liko's friends.

Anonymous said...

Missed your post 9:58, as you can see I am in complete agreement with you on this.

Anonymous said...

"A few weeks later, Fowler, newly promoted to full-time, was over heard in the Village Store saying that if Likos friends thought he was a hero, he'd "show them". Can we have a civilian review board now? How about some psych evals? Say no more."

Call me crazy but I find this very scary for all of us. So wrong! I know this statement to be fact, as well. Smooth move toward healing Franconia! Right, and his name is on the survey for the Healing Group. Yeah, I'll be right over for the next meeting.

Anonymous said...


We seem to be pretty much on the same page here. I hope you are a cop, because you sound pretty reasonable to me. Not pure black and white (like the state story).

A beating? Well, I think it was, but Liko was doing a lot of yelling before he went behind the car. It could have been overly dramatic. Liko was pretty charged up by that time.

Obligation to arrest him? Yes. He did. But I think had he (McKay) handled the first five minutes of the encounter with humanity and compassion, and reached out to a troubled kid (who was way out of line) who was obviously not a threat to the officer's safety, it would not have been necessary to arrest him in the first place (he was not doing anything illegal until he refused McKay's orders to return to the car).

I'm sorry that McKay and Liko are dead. I pray for both.


Christopher King said...

Dear 10:17:

How bad does a beating have to be in order to be an unlawful use of force?

Why does the video stop just as Liko is complaining about his civil rights.

Let me say this:

My client and I went to the bank with a $58,500.00 check and got the cops adjudicated to have made him a Victim of Crime after they lightly chocked him in the booking area because they didn't like what he said, i.e.

"This town is racist, and y'all pulled me over because I was driving that new Northstar Cadillac."

Unlike Liko he had no hospital time and went on home that same night.


Also from that post my buddy Regina told a police officer "You're a real asshole" which Liko did NOT say, and her arrest, based on her mouth, was thrown out.

Food for thought, whether it suits your palate or not.

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I asked a friend of mine that is a cop that is not from New England to look at the videos from 2003. He said that Liko did get out of hand and by the time it had escalated to what we see on the tape, the cops really did have to arrest him.

More importantly though, he told me that as an officer you deal with belligerent people all the time and McKay had the ability to defuse the situation early on if he chose to. He said you should know after 12 years how to calm and talk a 19 yr. old down.

He also felt that the back-up cops should have listened to Liko, attempting to calm him as opposed to just going for him. He did not see him as a physical threat so it would have been advantageous to listen and reason with him instead of giving orders.

He said there are plenty of times that you know you can't do that but he personally could see himself defusing it very early on in this situation.

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Anonymous said...

Ding Dong Liko's gone...

What a fucking psycho.

1:52 AM

Sweeet. Hope you are not LE.

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Thanks for sharing.


Christopher King said...


"Ding Dong Liko's gone...

What a fucking psycho"


Same thing could and has been said about McKay, but I don't celebrate his death.

You are a sick individual, may you get help before you meet your maker.


Christopher King said...


I agree with you and your friend with the caveat that McKay created something out of nothing in the first place, and took that attitude as soon as he saw Liko was a Kenney.

There was absolutely no reason not to run the license, give it back and tell Liko to

"Be careful out here, son."

And when Liko said you have no right to keep me here without just cause, in an ideal World McKay would have said, "Oh, heck, you're right. I've GOT NO JUST CAUSE so you're free to go."

Remember State v. Sansalone as persuasive law from Ohio, calling a cop a "real asshole" constitutitionally protected:



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RSA 644:2 II (e) Disorderly Conduct. A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if: knowingly refuses to comply with a lawful order of a peace officer to move from (get back in the car)or remain away from any public place.