17 June 2007

KingCast presents: One Business Day in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

I want this post to stand alone, but I link it to the previous one in which I reference last night's meeting with Caleb Macaulay:

I just mapped the email from Attorney Ayotte to Attorney X:

From: "Ayotte, Kelly" Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov
To: [snip]
Cc: "Strelzin, Jeffery"
Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov; "Young, Jane" Jane.Young@doj.nh.gov
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 11:02 AM
Subject: RE: Liko Kenney

......and realized that it took exactly one (1) business day for the State to reach its conclusions and to villify Liko Kenney and to celebrate Shooter Floyd and Bruce McKay, using the video and radio transmissions. Yet it will take 7 weeks from that time before the State complies with Right-to-Know laws to allow us to see it.


Christopher King said...

For more on the Right-to-Know see what happened when Homicide Section Chief Jeffery Strelzin met the KingCast cameras Friday, 15 June 2007:

What I said to NH AG Homicide Section Chief Jeffery Strelzin:

Here's an excerpt you need to really think about:


"Please advise me, via email or courier or overnight mail for my receipt no later than the Close of Business Friday 22 June, 2007 each and every Constitutional or Statutory base of authority you have that would compel us not to air the contents of that discussion.

The discussion occurred in a public building, paid for by New Hampshire taxpayers, and which related to an issue of public concern of the highest order: A Double Homicide involving a young man and a police officer with suspected pasts of spousal abuse and abuse of authority in general. There could be a negligent hire/retention issue somewhere in there, but what do I know.... I've only successfully slammed threatening, harrassing employees for the Ohio Attorney General's office as noted herein."


Got it? And BTW I didn't attack Attorney Strelzin, and I don't even think I brought up Attorney Ayotte's apparent inconsistencies with regard to the investigation (they have until Wednesday to clarify that anyway) but what I did say to him will make heads spin across the World.

Anonymous said...

Downright creepy. How is anyone supposed to have any respect for the leaders of this State.

All of the citizens stood in praise over Officer Briggs. It was the loss of a fine Officer.

Now I watch as they put the spin on this and wonder how much the State Officials did care about Briggs. Was he used for their political gains as well? Maybe they didn't truly have any heart for that situation either.

I have read the letters that Fred Murray sent pleading with the Governor to allow him his daughter's case information. I don't see how anyone with any heart could have turned Fred Murray away after his heartfelt cry for help.

What is happening in the hearts of people that they care so little of the lives of others? This is a very sad time in the United States of America.

George W. Bush has set a very poor example for all of the people in leadership roles today in this country.

Where's my passport???!!@#$$%%&&**^$*&%$#

It makes you want to get out!

Anonymous said...

Compare the state's reaction to legitimate questions to the DOJ Mission Statement.

Looks like the Mission Statement needs to be completely rewritten.

Christopher King said...

Dear 8:39

Oh, I'm not getting out.

I'm making a movie about it for International review, and I plan to include the Maura Murray situation.

Takes time and money, and they will come in due course.

In fact, it's pre-ordained:



Christopher King said...

Funny how the LE guys dropped out, even though unlike the cops at MASScops:


or WMUR:


I never deleted or failed to post their messages, and unlike Daily Kos, I never kick anyone off.


You bet I find that interesting.

Christopher King said...

And why didn't anyone know why McKay pulled Liko over because Ayotte's email reads:

"The majority of the incident was captured on video, including the initial stop and the shooting."