23 June 2007

KingCast presents: Just the facts, just the law, in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Now this, from the now infamous "Puppy Post," which is linked at the end of the State v. Sansalone, 71 Ohio App. 3d 284 (1991) in which it is proved that you can resist an unlawful arrest, and that telling a cop "he's a real asshole" is constitutionally protected -- Not that Liko Kenney ever said anything like that to Bruce McKay.

PS to 7:45

And I still spanked Chief Dunn, Prosecutor Albrecht and Kelly Ayotte's collective legal behinds in State v. King.

Just the facts.

Just the law.


And as a private attorney I successfully defended a criminal case and litigated the civil case for Police Brutality in what was Hamilton Ohio's largest non-critical injury police case to date AND got my client, Michael Isreal who sings negro spirituals in KingCast short film "American Laywer I" and appears in Live Revolution and Oreo -- adjudicated to be a victim of crime at the hands of the cops, Rhodes and Hensley. That is handled by the AG's office, BTW so yeah, I kind of DO know what the hell I am talking about and no, I'm not shy to say so because I was born with Certain Inalienable Rights, as was Liko Kenney.

See, people should know that in the past 2 years I stood toe to toe (Not Tahoe to Toyota) with New Hampshire's legal best and I spanked their behinds "like they stole somethin'" is how I put it. If the State and local media wants to dredge up old stuff about Liko and paint him in the worst light possible and not play salient points of the video, I am going to take the offensive and dredge up old stuff (well, less than a year ago) about the State and show how I was correct about the First Amendment and the law against the very same Attorney General whose actions are being called into question now.

They can't have it both ways.
Here are some bikes that Governor Lynch doesn't know how to ride. If he goes on tour with us Davey Kenney and I promise to teach him how.


Anonymous said...

Love the "I" statements. Lest we forget what this is all about. King.

Seriously Chris, indifference drives critics nuts. Plow forward, and don't stop to respond, it is off topic and proves the haters point.


Christopher King said...

Well it IS about "I" because "I" am just one man, born with Certain Inalienable Rights, who went through an abusive and ill-spirited media and prosecution attack.

Just as Liko Kenney did.

When we string all the "I's" together we have cohesion, which is exactly what we've got.

That's my point.

Now this:

Fact of the matter is, a very highly-respected writer on deadline for August publication for a Big Monthly said to me an hour ago after watching the 2003 video

"Why isn't this shown as an example of policebrutality?"

Christopher King said...

Dig this:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "KingCast gives credit to Kravetz, Puffer, Sansalon...":

Yes, where is our Governor that so compassionately stated that such incidences tear at the very fabric of our community and the state at large.

The Governor and Ayotte have taken this horrible situation and made it far worse than it was to start with (and that was pretty bad). Who are they trying to serve? Where is the help for Franconia to heal? Each new step they take deepens the wounds and broadens the chasm from the tragedy and longstanding problems that already existed.

The mental image I have about their actions and how it has affected the citizens, is of a lion with a small animal in the grips of it's teeth, thrashing it back in forth in an attempt to kill it.

How far are they going to go? How much more damage will they do to the already mangled community by lying, spinning and withholding the truth?

I beseech you Governor Lynch and Ayotte to do the right thing. Do the honest thing. Have integrity.

In the words of Liko Kenney:


Anonymous said...


Christopher King said...

THX :)


Anonymous said...

Chris King,
Keep on Keepin on.

Anonymous said...

You are such a self made success.

Christopher King said...


Thanks, just a little guy with Big Ideas about the Government and the First Amendment.

Just got off the phone with Connie McKenzie and Liko's Uncle Bill (John). Ms. McKenzie is owner of the land on which the tragedy occurred and of course has gone on record as noted in the Brendlin post as stating that folks in town did not trust Bruce McKay and that she feared him as well.

Then we talked about the Patriot Act and the fact that McKay stopped the musician who played at Governor Lynch's inaugural because he drives a van and was a "person of interest," just as was Liko.

I told her to go back to the beginning of this blawg, which the very first post "Why a First Amendment Blog?" is ALL ABOUT the Patriot Act.