30 June 2007

KingCast presents: A copy of the 21 June 2007 RSA 91-A request to Franconia Selectmen on Bruce McKay in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 12:18:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com Subject: KingCast RSA 91A request on Bruce McKay as ignored by Franconia Selectmen.
To: Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, Andrew@RightToknowNH.org, jamie.richardson@nh.gov.......

Dear Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin:

I want the requested documents I sought from the town selectmen, and I want them now. And in addition I now want a complete and unabridged copy of Bruce McKay's personnel file as I am aware of a pattern of misconduct that bears relevance to his continued abuse of Liko Kenney and other youth in the area. And don't leave anything out, either because I know more than you think I do, just as I did with respect to the recorded witness testimony you left out of the first package I paid $75.00 for that was incomplete. I will file a consumer fraud complaint with your office on that matter, as well as the pending ethics complaint.

It is amazing you completed your "investigation" with nary a reference to Bruce McKay's personnel file or any complaints that have been filed against him.

Also, I might decide to file a mandamus action to compel production so we can settle the Law on this matter in New Hampshire.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D. (selectmen request in the overleaf)


McKay did evil, hateful and abusive things to those he didn't like, and that's precisely why he had no integrity. If he was a jerk to everybody, that's not okay, but at least it shows some sort of integrity. McKay just picked on those he didn't like, and in the end that's what got him. Remember when I went to Franconia the first time someone said "I always figured they would find him dead on the side of the road, and if it wasn't Liko it would have been someone else."


Christopher King said...

First of all, Attorney Strelzin is now on vacation or something:

Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: KingCast RSA 91A request on Bruce McKay as ignored by Franconia Selectmen.
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 15:19:25 -0400
From: "Strelzin, Jeffery" Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov
To: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

I will be out of the office and away until Monday, July 9, 2007.
If you need immediate assistance please contact my assistant, Mary Thayer, at (603) 271-3671.


I wonder if it is anything like the "medical leave" that Chief Dunn took prior to getting fired?


And now for the Selectmen:

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 07:04:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: New Hampshire RSA 91-A request on Bruce McKay
To: info@franconianh.org
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Dear Administrator:

Can you please forward this email to Carl Belz, as
Franconia selectman chairperson, as KingCast.net seeks
a copy of:

1. Any and all memorializations of any and all
citizen complaints filed against Bruce McKay, or
involving Bruce McKay in any matter, including written
or verbal complaints.

2. Any and all compliments, be they written or
verbal, involving Bruce McKay.

You may be aware that we are working with NH AG Kelly
Ayotte on similar matters:


And in this blawg entry


I lifted the following quote from ABC News:

"Liko Kenney may have had some psychological issues,
but he wasn't violent. People didn't trust Bruce McKay
and they didn't like him. Heck I was afraid of
him....These women, and others around town, described
McKay as an overzealous cop who treated even minor
infractions as major crimes. They said people
complained about McKay to the local Selectmen and to
the police department, but no one took any action."

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,
and if there is any problem with this request not
being sufficient to invoke the authority of RSA 91-A
please notify me within 24 hours of receipt of this

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.
15 Beasom Street
Nashua, NH 03064

Charles Duffy said...

I noticed that a 1a2 call director set was in the background of the picture..

Look at the tapes of franconia notch again.

Notice the truck pulled over as kenney backs into the lot.

Was this Kenney's Murderer? Floyd?

Christopher King said...

That's Floyd all right. Oh, yeah....

Charles Duffy said...

I thought so,

So he happens to be there at the right time?

This is a complete cover up.

I now realize Floyd did not pick up Mckay's Gun. He used his own.

Anonymous said...

Well, the State of New Hampshire is sorely in need of a SERIOUS SMACK DOWN, that isn't even arguable.

We aren't cowards and we don't mind letting you know right up front what are intentions are.

We'll leave the sleazy, "Oh yeah's" to your office and your buddy McKay

Lifer said...

CK, try this email:

Meets on Monday 3:00-6:00 pm
Municipal Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 12:30-4:30 pm

Christopher King said...



Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 12:58:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com Subject: Fwd: KingCast RSA 91A request on Bruce McKay as ignored by Franconia Selectmen.
To: selectmen@franconianh.org
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Dear Selectmen:

I sincerely hope this was an oversight; scroll down to read the RSA 91-A request I sent on 21 June 2007, now supplemented by a request for Bruce McKay's personnel file.

Please advise via email or phone call to 603.438.8017 on Monday.

Christopher King, J.D.


It is painfully evident to me that Bruce McKay was indeed a bully cop without integrity. But all is not lost: If the State decides to put an end to his brand of policing and be willing to actually hear the concerns of citizens like you, we can make Franconia, and the World -- a better place in which to live.

I have spoken with someone on the Conciliation panel and I think it went very well, but I can't get into that right now.

Namaste, and I will see you again, soon. It is the longest drive ever to play tennis, but it is also well worth it :)

debby said...


We'll see if the bullets disappear. Better yet in pristine shape.

Charles Duffy said...

"put an end to his brand of policing"

Real crime his happening at the 1st National Bank Of Francoina.

With that and all of it's 27.00 dollars in the tellers draw.

Wake up people. This is your government. Or did you forget?

John P. said...

Page 971 – shows they do have audio that has not been released including audio all they way up until helps arrives on the scene.

See: http://www.unionleader.com/uploads/media-items/2007/McKayReports/officers.html

Anonymous said...

Duff -- whats the story? did they run out of money? Did they loan out too much? are they not accepting cash anymore?

debby said...

Charles it does start at the top with our government. We can't make a difference at that level until we can do it in our own home towns. If we can't stand for what is right in our communities----attempting to go straight for the top is like spitting into the wind as far as I am concerned. We start where we live and the power of that acts as a movement for other towns and slowly moves beyond. People must become strong as communities to create strength by numbers.

I completely agree with the fact that it is at the core a governmental issue but that is often immobilizing for people which causes no action at all. Breaking it down into chunks helps people feel they can tackle it.

John P. said...

Debby, I think you provided a link that had a number of documents and or audio recordings of the investigation. DO you still have that link? Thanks, JP

John P. said...

Floyd states that he got into this “pot” trouble after he got out of the service. Note that Floyd would have been 22 or 23 at the time of his arrest in Florida if convicted in 1981. Clearly his military service couldn’t have been too long or extensive as he claims in his statements to police during this murder investigation.

John P. said...

According to the official report:

There is a bullet hole in the front windshield of Liko's car.

Floyd only fired two shots "at" Liko and both struck him.

Floyd Jr. says he was in the police cruiser when he heard his father make the first shot and then got out and looked to see his father take the second shot.

Liko was hit both in the head and neck, both fatal wounds, one would assume. Clearly Liko was no threat when Floyd went from the front of the vehicle and then shot again at Liko.

But what makes little sense is that Floyd Jr. says that Liko was firing with his hand out the window at his father as he tried to run down the officer ... Yet, all of Liko's bullets and casings were accounted for.

How come nobody is explaining how the bulletts from Mckay's gun ended up in a toolbox in a bard and in a house? Floyd's say in addition to the two shots at Caleb, the only other shots were fired in the air as warning shots.

They also found live unfired rounds from both guns at the scene and later Floyd said he found one in his pocket (he was never searched?!?!?) when he got home.

John P. said...

Floyd also fails to mention in his interview that in addition to the Percocet, he has patches for his back pain that one can only guess are Fentanyl Pain Patches. Fentanyl is 80 times stronger than morphine.

What doctor is prescribing both Fentanyl patches and Percocet? (Let me know, I need an appointment) Could it be that Floyd is doctor shopping to get multiple prescriptions? Another felony to add to his record?

John P. said...

I am still dumbfounded why they allowed the Floyds to remain at the scene for so long after the shooting able to speak to each other, passer byes and officers in order to get their story straight.

Anonymous said...

Unless Liko was left handed, the gun was not pointed toward the passanger (Floyd) if and when Liko was unjamming it. If it was then he was not holding in a way to fire. It would be very very unnatural to manipulate the slide while you hold the grip in your firing hand and manipulate the gun in your lap.

debby said...

John P,

I will post the info for you later tonight that you are asking for.

My research shows Floyd was a marine from 76-79. Stationed in I think, Asia and Ft. Lujuene in NC.

Look,that guy must have been so high on "whatever" or so brain damaged he was having multiple experiences playing out simultaneous throughout the incident on 5/11.

Get back later to you John with those links.

debby said...



All of the written statements are here. As of today, go to article 2&3. Click on either one and you will see several different article pieces to choose from down over to the right.

I printed the statements out 2 days ago but I didn't know how to save the audio. The audio link is actual in one of the stories. It will say "click here" for the audio as it goes with the stages of events as it unfolds on 5/11. The statements by the troopers and officers verify the time line as well. I was looking for the actual article tonight and can't see it but must still be archived or maybe I am tired and just missing it. Hope you find it ok.

Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Facts supporting Chris' set up theory:

Floyd was at stops 1 and 2, not just stop 2 as Floyd told the press. Floyd said McKay rammed Liko from the rear, when it was from the front. Floyd said he was on many prescriotion drugs. Today, a poster said there was a bullet hole in Liko's windshield, and if true, this does not apepar in any police report. Past posts state witnesses heard many gundshots and bullet holes exist in a barn at the scene. McKay was aware Liko's reg. expired @ 10 days before 5-11 (4-30-07).

Theory: Floyd lies to investigators to cover up a McKay-Floyd conspiracy to attack Liko. Motive uncertain; possibly involving missing persons or other crimes in the region about which McKay and Floyd knew, and perhaps Liko knew or suspected. I have heard the Father of one of the missing women was on Liko's land one day and told at least one of Liko's family that he was looking for his missing daughter there.
Assume Floyd and McKay know this. Assume Floyd and/or McKay know a lot about this missing girl, and know she is a crime victim, probably of a local criminal. Maybe Liko found evidence of this crime and the criminal on his land.

Floyd shows up 5-11 playing the part of a drugged up, deranged "good samaritan". He kills Liko to guarantee his silence as to what he knows, and to scare Macaulay into silence if he knows anything. If this plan backfires, Floyd assumes his military and drug use history will help him escape a murder rap.

Assume Liko knew enough about a local crime to put both McKay and Floyd in prison.

As wild as this sounds, many disparate puzzle pieces fit together if these aassumptions are applied.

As some have speculated, Liko's death was no accident. It was a hit.

If so, why did the state sanction it? What are Ayotte and Lynch afraid of?

I am not buying the traffic stop gone awry theory anymore. There is more. The case does not make sense otherwise.

debby said...

Hey Lifer,

Were you able to save the audio from dispatch?

Christopher King said...


I am getting ready to post something tonight that point-by point, in only 6 paragraphs, explains why anybody who killed someone who killed a civilian would be charged with some kind of homicide.

Meanwhile, take a time to meet some friends and enjoy a musical interlude at Amazon:



debby said...


I find it rather bizarre that McKay goes to Liko's court hearing, of which he had nothing to do with and then sends this big warning out about how dangerous Liko is because he was visibly upset about the outcome????? Come on.

Yes, Liko was parking his car in the middle of the drive because there were tire tracks that were unfamiliar in his drive. McKay had told him, "ONE wrong move and I've got you", after that day in court (I will again say he had no need to go other than to harass the kid some more).

He sure set it all up that crafty McKay. Liko had every reason to be afraid of that man and you can never convince me after watching either one of those tapes of any thing different than McKay was a predator. That whole warning he issued to the police, boy he thought he was so clever and smooth. He had Liko right where he wanted him.

You can only push someone so far. Liko met his limit. I know that Liko had some emotional issues but that does not take away the fact that an Officer of the law tormented and harassed a young man for 4 long years. I have no respect for any Officer that knew it and let it go on or behaves in such a manner to another human being.

Anonymous said...

As for the poster about the missing girls.....yes, I am sure that I am not the only one other than you that has wondered about not only the missing girls but murdered people and people being shot and killed in what should be simple exchanges with the LE. The number of police officers that we actually KNOW are sexual predators seem rather rampant. Not to mention the extremely high number of meth labs closed raided. All of these things in GRAFTON COUNTY alone.

Not sure what that says to everyone else but we are seeing some sleazy, crafty cover-up by LE and the AG over this case. How many cases before Liko's? How many other bizarre cases have they covered up? I don't think we are dealing with the keystone cops here. We might want to think so but how long have these things been going on? We are dealing with some serious corruption within LE and state officials in this state. It is a tragedy for the entire state and I can tell you that there must be many families with missing and murdered loved ones that have found the PD less than helpful. Most have suffered in silence.

If we speak up for what has happened and is still happening in Franconia we stand up for our entire state. We have the opportunity to make a real difference. We have the opportunity to do something true and good. We can show others that they too can change their communities.

Lifer said...

Then you would agree McKay's superior's need to be held accountable as well as anyone who turned their backs knowingly?

If so, stay tuned...the fan is revving up and the manure is being delivered.

Anonymous said...

You betcha!! Criminals that's what they are, far beyond what we probably even know.

Franconia - From the top down - ABSOLUTE ACCOUNTABILITY.


Anonymous said...

Don't you feel the rumblings under your feet?

It is time.

Anonymous said...

We have "Pepper-Spray McKay" and "Officer Pepper".

I would like to add another;


Anonymous said...

Another One Bites The Dust

Oh Yeah...


Except out bullets will be legal salvos in the name of Justice, as Liko would want it.

Anonymous said...

perfect 8:25,

Just listened to it and well the hat that Mercury puts on is appropriate as well.
Oh yeah......

Anonymous said...


New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said the predominantly rural state has become a magnet for meth producers trafficking throughout New England...Maine and Massachusetts have already adopted registration laws for purchasers of medications with meth ingredients, which could be sending processors into New Hampshire where there are no restrictions...Ayotte said two-thirds of all meth lab busts in the past 18 months have occurred in New Hampshire...Although aggressive law enforcement has been a factor in the meth lab raids, the attorney general said producers are attracted to the state's ease of access to ephedrine and sparse population, which reduces the likelihood that neighbors will spot or smell a meth operation.

What does meth smell like and do people up there know if Floyd, Liko or McKay had connections to the meth trade? Was Floyd a meth user/addict? His son?

What criminal groups sell meth? Mob? Gangs? CIA (they sell coke as you may know; ask GW)?

Let's make the wildest assumption.
The meth labs are/were CIA connected. McKay knew but thought it was OK since the gov't supported it, or was threatened to support it. Floyd knew/knows. The feds know. Ayotte and LYnch know. They all support it.

Assume Liko knew something about all this. Liko spent a lot of times on that ATVin the woods. What might he have seen (heard or smelled)?

Assume the Woodstock officer who committed suicide knew something.

Stanger things have happened in this world. Ask former LA narco cop Michael Ruppert, now living in Canada for writing extensively on his life and times investigating the worldwide drug trade managed by the CIA to fund foreign imperialism protecting US corps.

It would be quite ironic, but not impossible, that Ayotte is afraid to tell the truth for these kinds of reasons. Maybe she has been threatened with something much scarier than losing her job or law license.

Now I am creeping myself out...

arguswest said...

Charles Duffy said...

I thought so,

So he happens to be there at the right time?

This is a complete cover up.

I now realize Floyd did not pick up Mckay's Gun. He used his own.

12:49 PM

Holy shit Bro..
That makes complete sense.
What are the odds that Rambo on morphine DIDNT roll with own weapon??

Damn this stinks..selys

Christopher King said...

Lots of food for thought on this one, folks.

Thank you.

Who claims to have seen Floyd at stop #1 and #2?

At what footage is that? I always knew he was at the store behind Liko and Caleb (I think he admits that he was) but I also heard he didn't buy a thing.


So if he was at stop #1 he would be behind the view of the camera, yes?


Anyway so ridiculous McKay wouldn't let Liko get what is it 900 feet down the road to Tamarack:

I know for fact from someone else that others have dissed on McKay when he would roll up to them with a lot less courtesy; roll that window right back up and tell him to go to hell.

And has anybody been able to listen to Caleb's interview?

We had to work with that CD a lot to make it listenable, and we will put it up over at KingCast when we're done.


John P. said...

Debby thanks ... I am looking for the actual reports and not what a reporter wants to tell us. Funny, thing about the "news" is that they don't trust us to read what they read and instead need to put it in their own words and decide what they should stress and not mention.

John P. said...


Anyone who questions Liko's windshield being shot.. It is in the final report on the AG's web stie...

The windshield was cracked and had a bullet hole in the lower

John P. said...

One thing I cannot find anywhere is Floyd Jr's actual statements from official interogation.

Christopher King said...

Whoa, whoa whoa:

p. 27 of the official report they searched Floyd's truck and found nothing of evidentiary value but they didn't search him and missed spent casings?

What the.......

Christopher King said...

And the BIG LIE is at p.40 when the state writes,

""Even though Floyd told Kenney to stop trying to reload his gun and drop the weapon...."

1. We already know that Caleb and Floyd BOTH said that there was no discussion whatsoever. Floyd admitted that at p. 20 of the official report and Caleb at p. 10 or 11 of the official report.

2. And given that p. 26 of the official report says that "the passenger window was in the fully up position but the glass was in fragments with broken glass inside and outside the car" that means Floyd shot the window out.

How much conversation did he have with Liko through that closed window I wonder because he sure as hell didn't have any with him AFTER he cleared the window because Liko was dead, pronto -- basically executed.

For perpetuating these lies to the American Public NH AG Kelly Ayotte should pay the ultimate price and I don't mean suspension:

I mean Disbarment.


Anonymous said...

I had thought about the gun being Floyd's. I am very interested in the bullets from Liko's autopsy.

Chris, I think people are calling stop 1 and 2 as
1) Mckay getting in front of Liko, then the face off.
2) Liko backs up and McKay rams him.

Is that right guys? I think the point is that he did not continue on after Liko and McKay pulled off the road but just sat there. I am not sure if I see this as significant because the siren sound, I think is different for pursuit. Doesn't happen often and many witnesses went to their windows to see. You worry in the small towns because it is highly likely to be someone you know.

Floyd claims to have gone to Mac's. Is that the store Liko and Caleb were at?

If Liko would have remained in the original spot he was pulled over would Floyd still have passed them? If that is the case then I would be more suspicious that it was planned for Floyd to be there.

He still could have come across it, knew McKay and reacted. He said it made his blood boil to see a cop shot and run over. This is more significant to me as he wasn't too fond of cops. Unless this was a cop he knew. If he did what was the tie between them?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody realize that there is nearly a minute of Grafton dispatch audio missing from what was posted on the monitor site?

Between 6:08:20 and 6:09:15. Why?

Chris in your fun pack is this gap accounted for?

Christopher King said...


Which monitor site are you referring?

There are a couple of things I want to check into as far as that timeline goes.


Given that Floyd has a fair amount of disdain for police that "blood boil" comment is a bit odd.

And I sure did mention it was kind of strange that Floyd did not continue on after the vehicles left the road:


And from there it takes a big pair, a lunatic -- or a friend -- to stick around after you see a cop car ram a civilian car like that because it is a show of force and you know you might be next for being in the way.

Think about it. I know I will walk right up to an arrest scene but not if there is action going on; in that event I take my ass to the farthest point possible -- which for Floyd would have been his house on Hummingbird.

110 Hummingbird, BTW they did a crappy job of redacting. You have to make a copy of the copy, with the marker on it. Stupid.

Christopher King said...

PS Yes it was Mac's and I heard that a month ago through a friend of Caleb's and have no reason to doubt it.

I cannot disprove a negative, i.e. that he didn't buy anything.


Anonymous said...

McKay had a terrible reputation here as a cop, but also had some personal issues. Apparently he filed for bankrupcy at some point and I spoke first hand with someone who used to rent an apartment to him. He stiffed them for rent and also trashed their property. This guy had a lot of issues. It's really hard to believe that a cop, someone who is supposed to set an example and uphold the law is so out of control. Not sure what he was doing with all of his money that he wouldn't have been able to pay his rent? Maybe another blogger will be able to shed some light on that...

Anonymous said...

What theory reasonably accounts for the most alleged facts of the blog so far.

Theory 1: McKay is a total whack job who chooses Liko as the one guy on whom to fixate his psychopathy.

2. McKay and Floyd are both total whack jobs who the fates bring together by pure chance. McKay loses it and assaults and betters liko and Caleb because on this day, at this time, in these circumstances (traffic stop near Tamarack, the Kenney homestead)he goes completely nuts. Floyd, taking many meds and who has threatened to murder state police, by pure chance comes upon McKay,feels sorry for McKay and with his young son present tries to rescue McKay. Floyd then lies to police and press about his personal history, and at least gives completely contradictory stories of how and when he came on the scene and what he saw.

3. There is a much darker story. Liko is alleged to know about regional drug trade. He may know about crystal meth labs run by a criminal syndicate, possibly through friends, possibly by accidental discovery in his ATV travels. McKay is a whack job and needs money to resolve family and other issues in his life. He is put on the take by the criminal meth syndicate. Floyd is connected to the syndicate. Eventually McKay learns of the Floyd connection, and later Liko learns McKay and Floyd are involved and cover for each other.
Liko threatens to expose this so Floyd and McKay conspire to take Liko out, to make this look like an "accident" or "justifiable", or "excusable" and to intimidate others who might know about the meth syndicate.

I like theory 3. It explains why many facts alleged on this blog fit together: why McKay let a speeder go by before he went for Liko; why McKay completely disregarded police traffic stop protocols on 5-11; why Floyd appeared during stop 1 and lied about it; why Floyd lied about just about everything; why Liko carried a gun; why McKay notified his and other PDs before 5-11 (date?) that he thought Liko had a gun and was dangerous; why 5-11 took place near Liko's home (intimidation of others who might know something); why the state and feds have been avoided doing justice; it could explain why the Woodstock officer committed suicide (she knew the basis of all these crimes).

This sounds like a wild movie script, but I would like to hear a theory that makes better overall sense. I have a very bad feeling about this case. It fits a very disturbing profile from the darkest criminal worlds.

Anonymous said...

don't agree that the plot is as evil and twisted as you surmise, although it is a possibility. indeed, the interaction between mckay and liko was sinister...
i believe it was a more typical hunter/prey, usurping of power, and an imbalance of authority scenario.
mckay locked liko onto his radar, at least from '03 forward, perhaps sooner, and wasn't going to let go.
he saw the kid as vulnerable.
and as a bonus, he was a KENNEY! OHHH YEAHH....
i'm creeped out by mckay's silences in '03; his knowing the plan that he set in motion. they're going to take liko down, no matter how many questions liko asks about why he is being stopped and detained.
the silent pause occurs again after the tahoe ram....as if to say, "go ahead and take that! now, what are you going to do?"
head games at their finest.
you know the rest.


Anonymous said...

Take a breath and keep the focus. This was a bad cop who used Floyd as the lookout guy to tell him when Kenney was coming through. Liko was unstable and growing up never had the parental guidance, like the word NO. Mckay was well known to be vindictive and generally picked on those who could least fight back. The adage of "what goes around comes around" was never so true for this guy. Also I do know from an eyewitness that the Floyd kid "was just hanging around " in Macs just before the start of this.

Anonymous said...


It looks like Liko is right handed by the way he is holding his gun in the tape.

Anonymous said...


"Liko was unstable and growing up never had the parental guidance, like the word NO."

Do you know this for a fact?


Christopher King said...


Can you email me offline about those background comments about McKay?