12 June 2007

KingCast and former selectman ask why NH AG Kelly Ayotte kept media away from Franconia shooting tragedy.

The comments section to the NH Insider is pretty interesting because KingCast, Liko, Governor Lynch and NH AG Kelly Ayotte are taking a walk into history:
"As a former selectman who has interviewed about 25 applicants for police jobs, hired and fired police as well, I think I can say with some small amount of authority that this "investigation" and the reporting on it stinks. That night when I saw Ayotte being interviewed on the "news" and they said the press were being kept two miles away from the incident, I knew it had to be something like this."

Show the tape.
May 20, 2007 | Ed Naile [NH Taxpayer Radio]


"There is so much about this case that doesn't make any sense. My question is, even if the State AG decides not to pursue charges, can it still be investigated by the Feds?

The state should investigate further while they still have the chance, because this case already sounds like an episode of Dateline, and when that happens the AG's office is going to look like a bunch of idiots in front of the whole country."
May 21, 2007 | NH raised

KingCast note to NH raised: Believe me, something like that is happening with a deadline for next week. I can tell you that after my 45-minute interview last evening.

The Governor can hang up on me and ignore the Caledonian Record but I bet he won't hang up when Dateline comes knocking to ask how his appointee, Kelly Ayotte, concluded a criminal investigation of Shooter Floyd's actions in just over 24 hours -- but then withheld the video for 6 full weeks. As a former AAG I am appalled.


Christopher King said...

Just chillin' on the baseline today. But since everyone at KingCast and our affiliates are well-practiced in the art of serve-and-volley, we'll be closing in on the net later this week, you bet.

Might even do it with video.


Christopher King said...

There are a lot of coincidences in this case.

Those of you following this case may be aware that I was unable to attend Tamarck Tennis Camp, where Liko was raised, because of a bogus indictment for Attempted Felony Extortion and Unauthorized Practice of Law case stemming from me writing a Demand Letter about police abuse when I was NAACP legal chair for Southern NH.

NH AG Kelly Ayotte was at the helm of the UPL case, and both cases were ultimately dismissed and I offered no plea of guilt whatsoever because my conduct was protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and principles of law enunciated in NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963).


The police chief and prosecutor got fired and resigned under an ethics investigation, see para. 2:



So for the newest coincidence, I will only say that almost everyone who is involved in this case as a supporter or on my team has played competitive tennis at one point or another.

And that last link in this entry, to a case I won against an abusive employee (but not as abusive as Bruce McKay, as few employees are THAT abusive from what I've heard) stemmed from his actions while employed by Tamarack Farms. Although part of a corporate monolith, which is antithetical to everything Tamarck Tennis Camp is, the coincidence is remarkable.


Anonymous said...

"There is so much about this case that doesn't make any sense. My question is, even if the State AG decides not to pursue charges, can it still be investigated by the Feds?

Yes! From the Concord Monitor:

Floyd's 1991 drug arrest in Georgia was a felony level offense. That, the state police concluded, meant Floyd could not legally own guns in New Hampshire. In June 1997, the state police added a second charge against Floyd: being a felon in possession of firearms...

From the net:

A federal law, 18 U.S.C. 922 makes it illegal for anyone with a felony conviction to purchase or possess a firearm. This includes rifles, shotguns and handguns...not just ownership, so if you have "dominion or control" over a firearm, you are violating the law...It is also illegal to possess a firearm if you are subject to a domestic violence protective order (McKay?), even if the order does not prohibit you from having a gun...
The penalties for violating the federal firearm law are severe and would ordinarily result in prison time...

This may be why the investigation shut down so fast. By federal law, McKay may have illegally been packing, and surely felon-shooter Floyd, from the moment he picked up McKay's gun, villated federal gun laws. The fact that the case invovles discharging the weapon into a vehicle, and that it was very near federal lands (WMNF) could be anther basis for federal investigation and prosecution.

In 2003 GW Bush and US AG Gonzales created the "violent crime impact team program" (VCIP), ostensibly focused on city street gun crime, but its underpinning authority probably gives the feds authority in Liko's case as well.

In the wake of Katrina:

* The ATF will relaunch the 24-hour ATF Gun Hotline which allows citizens to report the illegal use and possession of firearms for federal response. The hotline phone number (504-581-GUNS) will be advertised in public service announcements throughout New Orleans (ATF is Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms).

Gonzales on VCIT success against white professionals who illegally put guns in criminals' hands:

One example of the success we've had with VCITs involves David Muska, who was a chiropractor in East Windsor, Connecticut. He also collected guns...David Muska received a 101-month sentence -- with no prior record, for simply putting guns into the hands of criminals...

So, it is not impossible for the feds to help, and they should, but the complications become obvious with soem study and reasonable inferences. If in fact McKay was packing illegally on the job(domestic abuse restraining order) had he survived, not only could he have been prosectued by the feds for that gun crime, but also for the fact that his gun ended up in the hands of a convicted felon, shooter Floyd.

Now consider a case where the feds were duty bound to prosecute both a
lawless policeman and a convicted felon on gun charges related to Liko's murder, after NH has made heroes of McKay and Floyd, where facts get proved that Liko was either unlawfully provoked or acted in self-defense, and McKay and Floyd had no defense to their acts, and you have a serious political problem if your career interets line up with supporting illegal police and vigilante conduct. But that clearly could be the story here.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget felon shooter Floyd then committed a homicide with the "illegal" gun, raising the prospect that he could and should be prosecuted for murder with an illegal gun.

Straight up federal law enforcement should be all over this case.

Anonymous said...

And in CA:

MARYSVILLE, Calif. (June 8) - A man accused of fatally shooting a beloved pet goose faces three charges.

Apparently CA pets have more rights than men in NH...

8:06 AM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:44

Floyds, charges in NH for possesion of firearms after a felony level drug conviction in Georgia. First the conviction in Georgia would not have been considered a felony in NH. Second, even if he could not own or have possession of a firearm, a defense could be argued for "competing harm". McKay did not have a restaining order preventing him from possessing a firearm, nor, a convicting of domestic abuse assault. So if you look at the Lautenberg Act, to prevent a person from owning or possessing or have active control over a firearm has to have an active restraining order or a CONVICTION for domestic violence related assault. I think Kenney had a restraining order on him from his aunt, domestic violence restraining order. So, if we are to use your argument Kenney should not have been in possesion of a firearm. So if you are trying to get the Feds involved try another avenue, your arguments do not hold water. Everything about McKay's actions are hearsay. So comments about McKay can be considered libelous. Just a few of Kenney's action have been made public, and those are on record in a court of law. If Law Enforcement were to publish his long history of violence and problems with authority it would take reams. Even his relatives said he was a loose cannon.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:29 aren't you "not amused" who stated on the topic blog the info below? Direct link here:


"I just spoke to a woman who had recent (about 3 months ago) dealings with McKay. She had been arrested for simple assault. He spoke in length about how violence was not the answer. And, yes he brought up his incidences from previous marriage. He was very up front about it. But, all these allegations are alleged. I'm not saying they did not happen, if they did happen they need to be accounted for. I know there is a lot of loose talk on this site without any concrete evidence, the molestations. Lets start discussing real incidences that can be backed up with eyewitness testimony or withsomebody that can corroborate the allegations."

Who do you work for? And what do you mean by stating the following when talking about McKay speaking on violence:

"And, yes he brought up his incidences from previous marriage. "

Just wondering....

Anonymous said...

8:29 2 questions:

Regarding you statement:

"Everything about McKay's actions are hearsay. So comments about McKay can be considered libelous."

Care to comment on why there is so much "hearsay" on this specific officer? Don't say it's because Franconia is full of Hippie Liberal Jackasses, because these accusations cut across demographics. Just curious as you seem to have an agenda, to have studied this so closely.

And this statement:

Just a few of Kenney's action have been made public, and those are on record in a court of law. If Law Enforcement were to publish his long history of violence and problems with authority it would take reams.

Are they not published because nothing could be proved? If so, how are you aware of such documents? If they are not part of the public record, can you tell us how we should view this, as in, how the hell do you know?

As a side note, I'd be curious as to when this rap sheet started and what the alleged offenses were? Did you ever think that the "reams" of offenses were perhaps a direct result of interaction with a certain officer?

Just curious...

Anonymous said...


I appreciate the point you made regarding the legality of Kenney possessing a handgun.

One article I read said that Kenney called police to investigate the theft of a handgun. I believe he accused a relative of taking it.

I am assuming that the investigating police would have had knowledge of the restraining order against Liko (maybe that's a bad assumption), yet Liko was never charged with a gun possession crime. Maybe it just wasn't reported, or something. But that would seem strange considering that so much other information was released about Liko's legal problems, no?

Anyway, legal arguments aside, the tape should be released. I agree with the editorial in the Concord Monitor last month calling for release of the tape. Too many inconsistencies and open questions to not do so, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Liko did not have his gun illegally.

I believe that McKay's ex-wife only had a temporary re-straining order on her husband and dropped it when she found out he would lose his job. Not 100% sure on that. Temporary orders are not easily accessed.

The longer the AG holds the info the more incriminating it makes me think it is for the PD. They rolled out everything they had on Liko within 48 hours to create him as a monster. McKay must look pretty bad himself on the video or maybe something with Floyd. If Liko was the only one that looks bad on the tape we would have seen it by now.

Anonymous said...

I have no agenda here, except to put the past behind us and make sure such an incidennt never happens again. The arguments for illegal possesion of a firearm by any party I think is stretching it. I don't think Chris King is anybody friend. He is jumping on this crusade with his own agenda and it is not in the best interest for the Town of Franconia (IMHO). The tapes will bring more information to light, I hope, but I don't think it will clear anybody of any wrong doing. If anybody has visited this site regularly, Chris King has a vendetta. He claims it is not a vendetta, it is his qualifications. I argue that statement, as he has stated numerous times about his run in with Chief dunn. You can see the hate in his letters. His callous portrayal of the woodstock cooficer's suicide, "she blew her brains out", Have some respect for the deceased. Chris King claims he is neither pro police or anti police, but pro truth. Judging from his post he clearly has a dislike for police and that is one of his agendas.

A post on MauraMurrayMissing.com also cautioned to be aware of his aganda. It has nothing to do with finding Maura Murray. The comments about linking Radio Floyd to Maura Murray are complete careless. If investigators were looking at him as a suspect, now his guard is up. The posts linking the two tragedies is callous, irresponsible and reprehensible. Chris King is nobody's friend and exploiting two tragedies to further his aganda.

For shame...

Anonymous said...

9:59 wrote:

"I have no agenda here, except to put the past behind us and make sure such an incidennt never happens again."

Is your name Ayotte? As a resident I have a big problem with that statement in regards to putting the past behind us. I would prefer the truth be known and held up as a beacon for justice. I would prefer it to be remembered so that history does not repeat, and citizens everywhere (not just Franconia) seize control of their destiny and not let a rouge cop(s) run the town.

You may not like his methods, but by God, CK is at least taking it and trying to make noise. Noise is what you fear, because as long as there is noise, they can't put the "incident behind us".

It's another tactic to diffuse the situation by disparaging the messenger as a "cop hater". What you failed to address in your reply are the questions asked by 8:48 and 9:14.

Who are you, what is your agenda, and why do you fear what is being said?

You know what. I wasn't a "cop hater" until 5/11 and the way the situation was (mis) handled. I still don't hate the police but I don't blindly trust them any more. There is nothing more AMERICAN than that!

Is that what you fear, a loss of control an power? it's what I sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:59

Ad hominem argument

A (fallacious) ad hominem argument has the basic form:

Person A makes claim X

There is something objectionable about Person A

Therefore claim X is false

Please provide valid arguments if you can rather than this fallacy.

Anonymous said...

Did fliers go out?

Anonymous said...


You sound concerned. How do you know whether McKay was subject to an abuse order? Have we hit a nerve? Have Chris's talks with TV or other major media finally made an impact? Are we going to get some justice for Liko and his family, finally?

NH dropped its gun case versus Floyd stating his GA conviciton was not a NH felony. That is of no consequence under federal law, which merely requires ANY felony conviction under the federal anti-gun statute. Floyd had no right under any circumstances, justified by NH or not,competing harms or not (that's a criminal defense, not a federal anti-gun crime policy), to touch any gun under federal law else face Lautenberg charges and prosecution, which you obviously know and write to obfuscate. Why don't we just give guns to all of our GA convicted felons so they can kill other alleged criminals and later argue "competing harms"? Look at the tax savings!

Why didn't the feds hammer Floyd when NH brought its first gun charges? If he were in jail maybe Liko would be alive.

I do not know McKay's family history and did not say I did. I said IF he were subject to a court order (and many on this blog think he was at or near Liko's death) my analysis is correct. Sounds like you know, and it is of consequence to you. I have no personal interest either way, other than resolving why the state dropped and the feds passed on further investigation of KNOWN facts herein. If you know McKay had no court order, great. Prove it to the world. The law is that anyone subject to a domesic abuse order may not possess a gun for a milisecond - no domestic abuse conviction required (as you well know).

Then only Floyd needs to be prosecuted for federal gun crimes. You apparently oppose that as well.
Hell, may need to deputize the boy again...that Rte 116 is full of banditos.

GW Bush could learn a great deal more about suspending the Constitution from this case; a virtual smorgasboard of fascist delight.

Anonymous said...

"The world is dangerous to live in not because of the people who do evil things, but because of the people who know about it but do nothing to stop it."

Anonymous said...

One good thing about this site, helps you brush up on your latin. I do not have a problem with some of Chris Kings message, the tapes should be viewed, there are injustices in this world. And if Chris King's crusade helps shed some light on what had happened, great. There is more to this case then just black or white, many shades of grey. As to putting the past behind us, poster 10:27, what is the truth? Do you know the truth? If the truth is revealed and it isn't to your liking will you still hold it up as a beacon for justice? We do not know what is on those tapes, the tapes could clear floyd of any wrong doing, are you willing to accept that? I'm all for the tapes being released. I am in agreement with you about without the truth there cannot be any healing, but it will not be truth alone that will start the healing process, it is truth and acceptance. So, as for my Ad Hominen argument, I'm not trying to discredit the speaker, just to caution the people of Franconia, Chris King has an agenda. What it is only he knows, and after the tapes are released and more facts are known. Who will be left to rebuild the community, not him he will be away in California.

Anonymous said...

Stand up against all forms of Police Brutality!!!

Moving on requires looking at why we ended up here in the first place. It does not mean sweep it under the rug.

I am sure the LE would like to get back to "business as usual".

Anonymous said...

I do know a little about the Lautenberg act from my many years in the service. When the bill was signed into law, servicemen and women that had convictions could not have possesion of weapons. Reason to dicharge from the armed service. Commanders of the service members could be held criminally accountable under UCMJ if they allowed those servicemen/women to carry weapons.
I think the Chief of Franconia would also be held accountable under NH law if he allowed one of his officer to possess a weapon.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know exactly what day the AG will release the tape?

I support what CK is doing, though I would do it differently. Whatever, its his website...
But at least someone besides the Concord Monitor is asking the burning questions, and they are not the stuff of weird conspiracy theories, IMO.

Maybe the best tact would be to simply wait another week or 10 days or whatever, and see IF the tape provides any answers.

Anonymous said...

You act as if the people of Franconia have been lead astray by CK. You my friend, are incorrect. Chris King listened and heard us. He did not create the upset in Franconia, he allowed us to come out into the open to tell what we know. You and others would have us silenced but we will not be silenced.

The silence it what gives power to people that behave as McKay did but if it is brought out into the light it will shrivel and blow away. That is how Franconia and the surrounding areas heal. By facing the truth.

It may be convenient to pick on Liko as being troubled for your sake of argument but that made it quite convenient for McKay to pick on him too. Whether Liko got in trouble or not is not really the issue. The issue is that McKay was a rogue cop that singled people out. There are other cops that do the same and you don't get a free ticket because a civilian may or may not be troubled. If Liko was troubled then McKay certainly took advantage of it and escalated it more for this young man by targeting him and harassing.

Anonymous said...

Good post, 11:55, and before all allegations against McKay are dismissed as mere hearsay, please review the following news account again. People are on record coming out against McKay's tactics.

The article had one speaker refering to the "McKay situation."


Anonymous said...

11:34, yes I KNOW the truth. It comes from within. I AM A RESIDENT OF FRANCONIA so I have a stake in this. I'm also confident you are not, and I'm sure you could care less about Franconia's residents. I'm still waiting for the answers to the simple questions you've been asked which you are so adept at sidestepping. Why is that?

Why are you "not amused"? Why do you care about Franconia and the healing process? You say CK has an agenda, but so do you. I'll even call you out on it.

You (LE) are afraid. Afraid the power you've abused for so long is and will continue to erode. A powerful light of justice has been ignited and is being shone on your more hideous side. Abusers fear the light, you are part of the problem. You're trying to hold on to that power and your attempts to do that are thinly veiled in concern. I'm not buying it and apparently I'm not the only one.

Here's some more latin for you: Veni Vidi Vici.

You BET your sweet ass.

Anonymous said...

The tape will tell only what it shows, not why events happened, and how to weight them fairly. Only peiple do that. The law accounts for how and why people do it.

The tape cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Liko had no defenses to what he did - provocation, duress, medical infirmity, temporary insanity, self-defense, defense of Caleb, others. In America only a jury should assess that - of which Liko was deprived.

There is no dispute the tape will show Floyd possessed a gun and shot Liko. That is normally a crime. NH said Floyd is justified.

The biggest issue here then is why is NH the only party to that judgment?
A tape will not settle the question; tremendously important for a constitutional democracy. Why does NH believe it alone has authority to make this judgment?
The people of NH have a right to know every fact NH used for its decision, and to have new facts uncovered to assess whether or not NH made a moral and legal choice for the citizenry. Further, the people have a right to know every reason NH used to justify a decision why a jury would not have been a better analyst of facts, law and policy in this area of "homicide justificaton". It is far from clear that NH even considered the NH legislature's debates and statute on justifiable homicide. It could well be that the legislature said very little itself, raising the issues of where the legislature has not spoken clearly, it is for the people, by a jury, and not for elected officials, to make the final judgment of how and when to apply justifiable homicide.

Clearly justice for Liko would demand this.

Anonymous said...


If you are who I think you are....

Mr. Fahrenheit says, "You rock bigtime, man!"

Anonymous said...


Don't stop me now
If you wanna have a good time
Just give me a call

Justice rules!

Christopher King said...

Dear 9:59

My own agenda?

Jumping on the bandwagon?

Please. One of Liko's closest friends is coming to visit me in Nashua this week, so blow it out your ass:



And as for the background I provide, I provide it because it shows how there is state corruption within the police and how NH AG Ayotte has been on the wrong side of it before, duh.

Watch "Day in Nashua" at KingCast and you tell me if I was anti-cop if Lieutenant Goulden would be cool with me, and he still is to this day, I see him all the time. He and I rap about BMWs and corporate scams that I've brought to him.


You have some nerve. The only reason I never got to meet Liko and some of these friends on prior occasion up at Tamarack Tennis Camp is because of the bogus indictment I suffered under that was brought by the very same AG that is stinking the place up right now.


PS: 11:55 gets it loud and clear:

Anonymous said...
You act as if the people of Franconia have been lead astray by CK. You my friend, are incorrect. Chris King listened and heard us. He did not create the upset in Franconia, he allowed us to come out into the open to tell what we know. You and others would have us silenced but we will not be silenced.

Christopher King said...

Now back to the Deal:

I know that there is an email from Ayotte stating that Floyd did not know if McKay was dead or alive, therefore he had no legal basis for shooting Liko from outside of his car.

I now know that Ayotte kept the media at bay, big time. And has no justifiable reason for holding the video this long, nor can anyone say a reasonable investigation was done to exonerate Floyd in 24-48 hours.

I know by that eyewitness account that McKay used that big-assed Tahoe to shove Liko out of the road and away from sight, and that Caleb MacCauly "never saw anyone so scared in his life."


Let's start with those facts and it all goes downhill for the State from there.

Anonymous said...


I sent early and re-sent again. Must not be getting through to you.

Sorry personal note here.

Christopher King said...


I have publicly stated that I have deferred my California plans unless or until I see some satisfactory progress on this case.

And even if and when I leave, I am still available for consultation and visits.

For Pete's sake don't you realize KingCast was paid for by local citizens after I helped them in other endeavors?

What to you want from me, anyway? I'm just a dude with a blawg and an interest in Human Rights, who actually does something about it.


Anonymous said...

here is some latin for your ass,
Illegitimis non carborundum

Christopher King said...


That's a good one.

And I know that folks on the LE side are going to eat a lot of crow when Ayotte eventually produces that video and audio, but such is not, nor was it ever my focus.

My focus was on getting to the Truth, but look how the LE side has attempted to turn this into an attack on me, just as the State did with the Willie Toney case when I was NAACP legal director.

While I won my cases (and am quite proud to note as much because if I had lost them the haters would be all over it) there was never any substantive discussion on whether Mr. Toney should have endured 3 police pistols to the face and a visual body cavity search for loitering, which he BEAT WITHOUT A LAWYER.

Anyway, issue deflection won't work this time because there are too many eyes on it, including a household-name writer on deadline:



Anonymous said...

imbibo ergo sum