24 June 2007

KingCast forwards email from concerned citizen to Beverley Wang on Franconia shooting tragedy.

First I went straight up the middle at her for her slanted story on the 2003 take-down that Liko suffered at the hands of three (3) cops, behind his car and away from video. Now here comes a concerned citizen, too scared to reveal their identity for fear of reprisal to issue the letter shown in the comments section.


Christopher King said...

Ms.Beverley Wang,

I realize that our media is dominated by mass corporations controlling what we see,hear and feel in today's world. I do still hold out hope that there are journalist that even under that control operate with as much integrity as possible. There was a time when the profession of journalism followed certain standards and ethics. Those ethics were; principles, truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, fairness and public accountability.

However, as I have followed the media's portrayal of the Franconia tragedy, I have to say that your reporting on it has left me startled. I find your use of verb-age and subtle yet powerful choice of words an attempt to guide the thoughts and opinions of others. If a reader is not astute they miss your insidious method and this is profoundly disturbing to me. Most writer's will allow their bias to be more obvious, thus at least leaving the reader knowing that the article is colored by opinion.

You have chosen to be more covert in your reporting and taken the opportunity to paraphrase others in order to lead the reader. At Liko Kenney's memorial, a woman spoke of Liko's feelings toward injustice. By paraphrasing you were able to slip the word "perceived" in before injustice. This is the moment that it was no longer her message. You misused her message to create your own.

In another article you say that according to Caleb, Liko was in a frenzy by the time McKay caught up with them. You quote Caleb Macauley, "I've never seen anyone so scared in my life". In your article you create the perception that Liko was already frenzied and scared prior to being rammed, pushed several feet off the road, as well as being pepper-sprayed. You put the horse before the cart, so to speak. The subtle switching in the order of events leads the reader to think he was irrational to feel that way at that point.

If your article stated the proper order, which was after being rammed off the road and pepper-sprayed, according to Caleb, Liko was in a frenzy. Caleb then said, "I've never seen anyone so scared in my life", many would think to themselves, "I guess I would be pretty freaked and in a frenzy by that point too". Covert and insidious reporting, as I said.

These are just a couple of examples from many others found in your articles. The most recent article on the 2003 tape left me downright angry. I was disgusted at the intensity of your bias in this article. How do you justify stating that the video supports that Kenney grabbed McKay's groin and then report Liko's statement was alleged when his is backed up equally on the tape? The other officers did not see Liko grab McKay. They stated that they heard McKay say it happened. How is it that you can report one to be true based on the video and the other to be alleged based on the video?

I have watched the video several times and you have done the same thing in this article by putting statements out of order to create a certain impression. I will not bother to critique it but would like to mention some important things that were left out.

You do not state that McKay never once identifies himself and tells Liko he doesn't have to explain why he is detained. You do not mention that although Liko was very upset he says please at least 6 times to McKay. You do not mention that McKay never once attempts to defuse the situation by actually explaining and talking to this 19 yr. old boy. You do not mention that Liko posed no physical threat as he states he does not want to be touched himself. You do not state that Kenney asked for personal back-up assistance and got none, nor do you mention that he attempted to speak with the police that did arrive. You do not mention that he is dragged behind a car out of the camera's view. If you had asked to look at Kenney's statement you would know that McKay pushed his crotch in Liko's face. Most would find an unwanted man's crotch in their face sexually assaulting. Would you? Rhetorical, of course. You do not mention the haunting cries for help and the deep fear of a teenage boy that is screaming in pain while behind a car with three police officers and not another soul around to help him.

You are a reporter for the Associated press. You hold the power to speak to our country. Please attempt to view this great tragedy in a more compassionate unbiased manner. For you to so grossly stand to one side of the story is to do a disservice to us all as well as yourself. Please approach it with an open heart and ask yourself what you may be unwilling to see due to personal opinion. The Franconia tragedy may look very,very different to you if you were looking from the inside trying to find the truth.

concerned citizen

Anonymous said...


You did not live in NH when Concord "teacher in space" Christa McAuliffe was lost on the Challenger mission with that crew, launched to their deaths by Ronald Reagan who knew from NASA engineers that the booster rocket o-rings would fail in cold FL launch window, exploding the vehicle and crew with all of America's kids watching.

As was proved later, and as many of us NH "hippies" suspected, Reagan ordered the launch to keep a schedule of star wars deployments and tests on track (based in CA). There's a book on this.

I bring it up because I'll never forget the spectacle the press made of Christa's death. They trespassed all over peoples homes, roofs, lawns and other property to get phots of the grieving family attending the funeral and in other places. I saw this (was living in Concord then). I'd never seen anything like it, and from that day
I have had many doubts about the merits of the popular press.

I also bring it up because I had email recently from Rich Cook, the NASA engineer (now retired) who exposed the lies Reagan et al told that they "did not know" about the o-rings. Cook had told them. He had the memos. He testified to it before Congress. The government vilified him. He knew that would happen, but of ciurse did what he thought was right - he told the truth.

Christa McAuliffe was killed by a government agenda gone nuts. This was not attacked by the media. Indeed it was largely used to sell newspapers, just like this slam spin on Liko is being used to sell them. It was not the AP that gave us the truth on how McAuliffe died, it was an honest government employee, who was trying to do right by his country, McAuliffe's family, and his conscience.

I am still hoping that NH's honest and honorable police community will assist in getting to the truth of what happened to Liko, and what the deal was with McKay.
The good cops our out there, and as like Rich Cook proved, some of them really do understand that if the people do not have the facts, they cannot make their democracy work, to the detriment of us all.

Ol' Ben Franklin keeps tellin' us from his grave ours is a Republic, "If you can keep it". Rich Cook says we can, but you gotta want it every single day.

Thanks Rich. NH needs more guys like you. Liko agrees.

Christopher King said...

I know all about that.

I remember the dichotomy I witnessed on TV when the young guy and the old guy got in an argument on a snowy day.

Young guy, whom I think was Rich, gets in an Audi quattro and zips away, a model of efficiency.

Old guy got into a Cadillac and slithered his way out of the driveway, little to no control.....

I have related this story to dozens of people over the years, but nver tied it in with the horror you experienced here in NH over it.


Namaste, and we Keep on Keepin' on.

Christopher King said...

And oh, yeah there is something deeper going on with McKay/Floyd/Liko than whatever the official spin is, you bet.

It's really creepy, and what's even more creepy is the Governor not doing anything to address the horrific stories surrounding police personnel in Northern NH.

Kids tied to cars for sex, theft in office, a suicide......

Anonymous said...

If ever there was a time for a reporter to make a name for themselves, this would be it because it is a HUGE story. So HUGE that it cannot be suppressed. Might as well be able to say you were the first to get the story out there.

Where are you Associated Press?

Anonymous said...

Chris, let us add two missing girls - Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland. Unsolved murders. A Maine resident murdered but her body was found in Franconia.

Meth labs.........all in the same small region. Hhhhhmmmm........

Christopher King said...

The silence is deafening, but when we interview for our movie this week we document the concerns of the citizens, and we will invite the LE for comment as well.

That is the essence of fair and balanced reporting, something Ms. Wang appears not to remember.

Anonymous said...

Blogs are empowering the people, and reducing the power of the mainstream media to decide what events to cover, and how to cast them.

Ask Dan Rather. He'd agree.


Kaz Matsui said...

I get the subliminal message, Ms. Wang has a "slanted" point of view. Asians. Jeez King.

Christopher King said...

My Aunt Yoshie would get a kick out of that one!