30 June 2007

KingCast explains why NH AG Kelly Ayotte should be disbarred like Mike Nifong for her actions in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

I haven't even gone through the whole file yet (well in part because maybe only 70% of it has actually been released) but given our network we've been able to piece this together very well and in short order, given that the video and materials they have provided have only been out for 5 working days. Here we go:

The BIG LIE is at p.40 of the official report when the state writes,

"Even though Floyd told Kenney to stop trying to reload his gun and drop the weapon...."

1. We already know that Caleb and Floyd BOTH said that there was no discussion whatsoever. Floyd admitted that at p. 20 of the official report and Caleb at p.11 of the official report.

2. And given that p. 26 of the official report says that "the passenger window was in the fully up position but the glass was in fragments with broken glass inside and outside the car" that means Floyd shot the window out.

Pray tell, how much conversation did Floyd, the purported Viet Nam veteran (at just 49 years of age mind you) have with Liko through that closed window I wonder because he sure as hell didn't have any with him AFTER he cleared the window because Liko was dead, pronto -- basically executed.

For perpetuating these lies to the American Public NH AG Kelly Ayotte should pay the ultimate price and I don't mean suspension:

I mean Disbarment, like Mike Nifong.

Query, did New Hampshire State Police Captain Russell Conte put her up to this? He's a liar, too. And if so, then maybe he should foot the bill for her legal defense. Although that shouldn't cost much because there IS NO DEFENSE for what she did, especially after holding the file for 6 full weeks and that's the best they can make it look? Not only unethical but thoroughly unimaginative and just plain stupid.

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Related post: This post will be added as part of the pending ethics complaint against Attorneys Ayotte and Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin for lying about the presence of audiotaped recordings of primary witnesses, some of whom with which KingCast has spoken.



Anonymous said...

Was Liko's fear of Mckay justified?

As you can see when Liko was pulled over the first time, he rolled his window up about 85% of the way to speak to Mckay.

As you can see in the extended video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF-BtESLEsU) ... Liko rolled his window down all the way for Mckay after backing his car into the dirt as Mckay motied him to do. What was the result? A face full of pepper spray.

Not at 19:16:31, you can clearly see Calebs window up and moments before see Liko's all the way down.

Christopher King said...

As I say, John I know for fact that someone else used to push that window switch up on McKay in a heartbeat. The town reportedly spent a ton of money trying to convict that individual for something, anything.... and failed.

So many sad if's and but's.... if Liko had not rolled his window down so far to comply with McKay he wouldn't have got the mace face in the first place.

Oh, god it's just so ridiculous. We did some camera work there yesterday and even though it's so close to Tamarack Tennis, I did my bit and had to leave.

What the hell was McKay DOING?

And that's exactly what Liko was asking as well, perhaps his last words.



Anonymous said...


Watch the video closely.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF-BtESLEsU

at 19:15:33 forward

Liko does NOT move his car forward AT ALL before Mckay rams Liko's Toyota.

Look at Liko's back tires compared to a skid mark in the dirt. Then look at his roof and hood compared to the background. HIS CAR NEVER MOVES

See 19:15:34 and look at the tire marks already in the dirt that Liko's back tire is resting on the edge of and also the ones in the front of his car. What initially looks like movement from Liko's car is just the way the camera angle changes as Mckay uses his vehicle to ram Liko.

Anonymous said...

Note that the AG calls a vehicle a deadly weapon in defending Floyd. She says Liko has two deadly weapons, a gun and a vehicle to justify Floyd shooting him. So, I am to assume that then that Mckay used deadly force on Liko after finally complying with his orders.

Also understand that witnesses say that McKay, through his window, told and or motioned for Liko to pull into that dirt patch. So, there was little reason to believe he was not complying as he also stopped for McKay and explained where and why he drove away initially (to go further up to witnesses).

Also note that Liko and Caleb motioned for the Floyd's to be witnesses even after being rammed. In other words, Liko had no intent to kill or shoot McKay.

So, if Liko had survived he likely could not have been charged with First Degree Murder and it likely would have been Voluntary Manslaughter depending on the exact laws in New Hampshire.
What is clear is that Liko had not prior intent to kill McKay and did so in a heat of passion and possibly fearing for his life.

Although McKay was walking away after pepper spraying Liko, no reasonable person could believe that McKay was leaving the scene. In fact, McKay already had told Liko that no back-up was coming and Liko clearly was afraid for his life of McKay and the ramming of his vehicle and the pepper spray use without warning when he was now complying coupled with the past history could have made a normal person fear that they were about to be tortured (again).

Anonymous said...

According to the below, Liko may have received a fine for killing Mckay under Federal Law. In reality he would probably be looking at 5 to 10 under a plea deal.
Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with malice

Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice.

There are two kinds of Manslaughter:

Voluntary - Upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

Involuntary - In the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony, or in the commission in an unlawful manner, or without due caution and circumspection, of a lawful act which might produce death.

**** Whoever is guilty of voluntary manslaughter , shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;

*****Whoever is guilty of involuntary manslaughter , shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six years, or both.

Christopher King said...


I hear you on that, brother. I hear you. I will look again at whether Liko moved forward but even if he did, it was all about McKay and his hard-butt Rule of Law that escalated this thing, just as he had a penchant for so doing.

Would that we had his personnel file and complaints. As you know, I'm working on that and it will be interesting if they produce some, then I produce proof of others.

Off to bed,


Christopher King said...

Back up again, 6:31a.

Notice how the YouTube has closed comments. That's because LE have even gone on record as stating that McKay totally blew protocol on this.

And at first there was one comment that I saw that read something like "usually I'm in agreement with law enforcement but on this one I'm not so certain."

Wait until our video hits YouTube and beyond.

Then people will be certain.

Certain that Bruce McKay was one bully cop, as Ms. Ellie from the Village store noted.


Anonymous said...

CK - I have reason to believe that there may be one more witnesses statement missing from the list - I may be wrong, but I believe "Chet Thompson" should also be on that list. His other family members are on it and he was at the Kinsman Inn when it happened.
Not sure why they would include all of his family on the list and not him? Good question. He may have been more? Also, there were guests at the Inn that night. They should have a registry with a list of names. Not sure if any guests also had to give statements?

Christopher King said...

And one more thing:

Floyd says he didn't move along because they were in the center of the road, but that's not really true. At first they were, but only McKay was over the line after his now-infamous 10-point turn just before Tamarack Tennis.

Liko and Caleb were squarely inside the double line, and crossed it only briefly to back into the spot off the road. By that point even McKay is on one side of the road.

McKay pulls into the gravel area and Floyd still stays there.

Watch him at 19:15:39 he hasn't moved an inch.

And through the windshield you can clearly see Caleb and Liko pointing at Liko's killer for help as a witness, as even the official report notes at p.10 line 7 so you know he hasn't gone anywhere.

He's waiting.


Almost as interesting as finding out what happened to Shooter Floyd's criminal menacing charge that disappeared, as we know from Attorney Watts that McKay as prosecutor was hardly above shady maneuverings:


This is what Attorney Watts emailed me regarding McKay macing his client, a 110-lb woman.

I am not certain if this is the same woman Ms. Ellie described as the 98-lb woman who passed out after she was maced in front of the Village store; I'll put a call in to Attorney Watts later today to find out.

Apparently the woman at the Village store must have been "in a suspicious place at a suspicious time" in the same way that Liko was at the Fox Park trailhead in 2003, right smack dab in the middle of town.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What theory reasonably accounts for the most alleged facts of the blog so far.

Theory 1: McKay is a total whack job who chooses Liko as the one guy on whom to fixate his psychopathy.

2. McKay and Floyd are both total whack jobs who the fates bring together by pure chance. McKay loses it and assaults and betters liko and Caleb because on this day, at this time, in these circumstances (traffic stop near Tamarack, the Kenney homestead)he goes completely nuts. Floyd, taking many meds and who has threatened to murder state police, by pure chance comes upon McKay,feels sorry for McKay and with his young son present tries to rescue McKay. Floyd then lies to police and press about his personal history, and at least gives completely contradictory stories of how and when he came on the scene and what he saw.

3. There is a much darker story. Liko is alleged to know about regional drug trade. He may know about crystal meth labs run by a criminal syndicate, possibly through friends, possibly by accidental discovery in his ATV travels. McKay is a whack job and needs money to resolve family and other issues in his life. He is put on the take by the criminal meth syndicate. Floyd is connected to the syndicate. Eventually McKay learns of the Floyd connection, and later Liko learns McKay and Floyd are involved and cover for each other.
Liko threatens to expose this so Floyd and McKay conspire to take Liko out, to make this look like an "accident" or "justifiable", or "excusable" and to intimidate others who might know about the meth syndicate.

I like theory 3. It explains why many facts alleged on this blog fit together: why McKay let a speeder go by before he went for Liko; why McKay completely disregarded police traffic stop protocols on 5-11; why Floyd appeared during stop 1 and lied about it; why Floyd lied about just about everything; why Liko carried a gun; why McKay notified his and other PDs before 5-11 (date?) that he thought Liko had a gun and was dangerous; why 5-11 took place near Liko's home (intimidation of others who might know something); why the state and feds have been avoided doing justice; it could explain why the Woodstock officer committed suicide (she knew the basis of all these crimes).

This sounds like a wild movie script, but I would like to hear a theory that makes better overall sense. I have a very bad feeling about this case. It fits a very disturbing profile from the darkest criminal worlds.

5:15 AM

Christopher King said...

I'm somewhere in between 2 and 3, but I still haven't seen Floyd at Stop 1 and I looked for him this morning on the video again.

But there is something much larger than this case would indicate. As they said in Fargo, "You got that right."

Meanwhile, let's try to find Bruce McKay's personnel file. Be sure to read the comments:



Anonymous said...

3:43, I think that Chet Thompson was interviewed, and a summary included on p. 13 of the AG's report (real name is "Chester Thompson").

However, in Floyd's interview, he mentions how there seemed to be a lot of traffic on the road that evening. It seemed pretty busy for 116, and I've not heard of any attempts to try to find any of those people who drove by. I believe that one vehicle did stop (I think Chris mentioned the name of the driver weeks ago), and I haven't seen that driver's name in the press or in any of the investigative files that have been released.

Personally, for what it's worth, I don't subscribe to any theories that Floyd's presence was pre-arranged. Too much of a stretch for me.

Christopher King said...

Whether or not Floyd's presence was pre-arranged I wouldn't bet for or against that.

I wonder if he had his scanner with him at the time, though?

And I also wonder what connection he may have had with Bruce McKay in light of the fact that his criminal menacing charges disappeared.

Off to work,


Christopher King said...

And oh, yeah I guess the auditory witnesses will need to be contacted by Private Investigators. The hills have ears.

The vehicular witnesses I'm not certain of what evidentiary value they would be.


Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised at all if he had a scanner with him at the time, and had it tuned in.

Anonymous said...

The first witness did not stay on the scene but left to tell others. All he saw was a crazed man covered in blood and Liko dead. He never made a statement.

I tend to think that it was not pre-arranged with Floyd but he may have gone to the scene from hearing it on scanner. It is possible that he did know McKay though, explaining his "blood boiling" over a cop being killed since he had done his share of threatening cops about taking them out. Along with his own LE problems.

It is possible he had a connection with McKay.

Anonymous said...

Liko was involved with the local drug trade. He didn't hust have info on it. Going everywhere on that 4wheeler, plant a patch here and there. His former employer said he was really good at growing plants. As for the conspiracy theories, you live by the gun and you die by the gun, both parties, as for what happens to Floyd, he is just another Easton Valley Whack job.

Anonymous said...

Is the puff puff pass theory? McKay got smoked.

Anonymous said...

Floyd has an illegal gun ownership and drug sales history. He likes to break gun and drug laws. Why? What gave him that attitude, that arogance. Was he always this way, or just after he got out of the military?

Floyd claims he once was a secret US government terrorist. If true, that supports a conspiracy theory that Floyd does indeed know a great deal about illegal US drug ops. You can read many books on how the CIA has sold drugs (coke and heroin mostly) to fund black ops around the world - including in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fact: Ayotte has been investigating and prosecuting the NH crystal meth trade since at least 2006. Some website say crystal meth is the next coke epidemic to addict and enslave the US inner city poor and others. Some "suspect" crime writers have connected the CIA to crystal meth production and sale worldwide.

Liko, I imagine, knew a great deal about not just the local drug trade, but the NH and New England trade, which has been very active in rural New England all my life (I am 50). Crystal meth production has steadily increased in production in New England, especially NH, since 2005. Crystal meth has been tied to the Mob for many years.

McKay must have known a lot about the local drug trade and probably the NH trade. If it was happening in his town, he knew about it.

What fails to add up: McKay KNEW Liko had a court order demanding McKay to call another officer if he stopped Liko. Caleb said Liko made 2 requests at stop 1; both denied (on the audio?). Liko knows something bad is coming down and drives toward Tamarack. McKay cuts him off, does not call for backup. Rams Liko's car twice.
Maces Liko and Caleb. Liko shoots McKay 5 times. McKay calls in he's been shot. Floyd murders Liko and threatens Caleb.

Where was McKay going after the macing and before Liko fired? Did McKay carry a cell phone on duty? Did he own one? Did the state ever investigate that issue? Did McKay communicate with any parties other than Liko, Caleb and his HQ once he (McKay) commenced stop 1? Was anything said after he maced Liko and Caleb? On audio? Muffled out? Caleb's comments?

Assume McKay was communicating with either Floyd (by cell or radio) or some other party during 5-11. If proved, that would shed a new light on this case, which so far, just does not add up.

Why 5-11-07 for this confrontation, if brewing for years? Why not 5-11-04 after McKay assaulted Liko? Why 4 years later? There has got to be more key info out there.

Anonymous said...

10:22, in fact McKay DID call for back-up quite early on, but then proceeded to tell Liko that he wouldn't do so. Back-up was already on the way.

Anonymous said...

McKay called for back-up BEFORE he and Liko ever pulled off the road at the FIRST stop and NEVER let him know when he asked.


Anonymous said...

A drug dealer is anyone who gives or sells drugs. I think Liko fits into that category quite nicely. Why was he saving those marijuana seeds in his car? It wasn't to make a Mother's Day present.

Christopher King said...

Who cares if Liko did have some pot?

Is the proper police procedure to ram him off the road and pepper spray him without a command.

Get back to focus on something real, like these three audio statements on CD that have popped up since I filed the KingCast ethics complaint?



Christopher King said...


And BTW you are not correct about how the law views a drug dealer. There are different citations for distribution and personal use.

You want to play with the Big Boys on this blawg, get some game to fill up those empty Nikes you're sportin', walkin' around cloppity-cloppity clop.

Anonymous said...

I am still not sure of the back up facts. Some say McKay called in for it before stop 1. Some say between stops 1 and 2. Some say before stop 1 and then he denied it to Liko. Sources? Is it on the PD audio or video tape? Was these calls for backup or just notice of a stop (stop 1) and later a pursuit (to stop 2)? I have yet to read on the blog that McKay speicfically requested backup. I have read it in the paper, but it has proved less reliable than the blog.

Drugs: anyone who has spent time in NE tourism knows where to get drugs - all kinds. There is no evidence Liko was dealing or that dealing is involved in the case. But, Franconia, as a tourist region, doubtlessly has a drug trade, being so close to Boston,
and with so many affluent folks vacationing around. Liko was a native and must have at least known waht most locals know about it. What if he knew, by chance of through friends, about ongoing drug or other crimes? What if he were approached by people who wanted him involved and he refused?
What if Floyd were involved, and Mckay at least suspected or knew that? What if McKay were approached?

For years I have heard rumors that the Mob is active in the Winnepesaukee region, buying expensive real estate, laundering money, etc. They do the same in Maine, buying huge wild tracts downeast, like blueberry fields, etc. It is not impossible that they are active making drugs in northern NH. They have the connections and know the territory.

If Liko or McKay, by bad luck, stumbled into these guys, and were not playing ball, who knows?

So far, the evidence does not lead here. But it does not make sense, either, unless you think McKay was so arrogant and stupid that he would risk his PD and himself being sued by Liko and/or Caleb by assaulting and battering them with a cruiser and Mace, when he knew he was court ordered not to deal with Liko. That kind of arrogance suggests a bought system, and who could be responsible for that in Franconia?
Not McKay alone. It does not make sense.

There is more.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, how about leaving off with the unfounded musings about meth and this case. There's not a peep suggesting that this case had something to do with meth, the mob, or whatever it is that you're suggesting.

Anonymous said...

I could care less about the three audio tapes, I don't think there is any big conspiracy theory to cover up anything. If everything I heard about both parties is true they both needed killing. Live by the gun die by the gun.

Marijuana is a big dea, it is still illegal and the permissive attitude is what is wrong with the Easton Valley.

If you give a joint away or sell a joint it is still the same complaint.

Anonymous said...

who's complaining about someone handing out a joint? not me oh not me! If someone handed me a joint I would thank them, not complain.

Anonymous said...

6:04 - both the beginning of video and the dispatch give the same time.

McKay's call #1:
The fact that he says,"It's gonna be Liko Kenney....gonna be a passen..... I am approaching Coppermine Rd. intersection...". He askes for Sugar Hill unit back-up at this time. You hear several officer's respond on dispatch at this time.

McKay and Liko pull over.

McKay then says driver is disobeying. I assume this means that Liko is not giving his license and registration. Liko wants an officer to bear witness. We know from Liko that McKay was speaking to Liko and he told him he was going to Tamarack and to get another officer.

The video again lines up with the dispatch call as McKay drives after Liko - both occur at 6:07. McKay says he is in pursuit.

The wmur tape has very faint sound and I can also hear voices at the face off and while McKay is ramming Liko.

Anonymous said...


Officer Phillip R. Blanchard

The report recounts his statements. At around 6 p.m. he heard McKay on the radio state that he was about to initiate a motor vehicle stop and that Liko Kenney was in the vehicle. Blanchard started to respond to McKay's location and along the way, heard McKay say that he had the car stopped.

The first dispatch audio asks for back-up and these two Officers above back that up.

Sgt. David Wentworth
Another officer responding to the scene, whose statement is a part of the records released this week, is Sgt. David Wentworth of Sugar Hill, who was also on duty the evening of the shootings. He too heard McKay announce on the radio that he was stopping Liko Kenney.

Christopher King said...


Again, so what?

To everyone else:

Given what I have heard, I am inclined to believe that there was indeed a court directive that supported Liko's repeated requests for another officer, but I'll not speak further on that.

What I will say is that some of the new audio is indirectly tied to proving that Liko's requests for another officer or for refusing to deal with McKay are not without precedent irrespective of the court directive, and again I'll not speak any further on that, either.

For now.


Anonymous said...


How do you know (meth, mob, etc)? It is too outrageous to think that only a blood feud between a policeman and a young local man was the only basis for such a foreseeably tragic outcome. Why did McKay ignore the court order to give Liko a new officer? Why is a shooter Floyd in the vicinity? Why did Floyd blow Liko away and nearly do so to Caleb? Why did Floyd tell so many lies after shooting Liko? Why is NH refusing to deal with this professionally, let alone honestly. Are you saying McKay, Ayotte, Lynch AND Floyd are/were all lunatics? What are the odds of that?

I do not think trained police officers willfully ignore court orders without a reason. I do not think they assault and batter two men during a traffic stop for no reason. I do not think Liko carried a gun for no reason, and feared McKay for no reason. I do not think people get shot or are threatened with getting shot for no reason. I do not think shooters lie for no reason. And I do not think state AGs and governors close double homicide cases in 24 hours for n reason.

So I challenge anyone, what are the reasons? A local bad boy-bad cop feud? BS.

I'll say anything I like. You ain't my daddy.

Anonymous said...

The comment of this blog states that Kelly Ayotte should be disbarred for her actions. I agree. She's no attorney and she is no cop. why is this woman in charge of something she obviously can't handle? Unless it's a parade for a 'true american hero' It looks like she's broken the law and is responsible for a serious miscarriage of justice. Like Bush and Alberto... how much longer must we endure this, Gov. Lynch? Is it true the beatings will continue until morale inproves?? is this your legacy as well Mr. Lynch?