02 June 2007

KingCast and the Cleveland Cavs shock critics and keep on keepin' on with NBA and NH AG Kelly Ayotte, respectively.

11:41 p.m.

"Dad, Rasheed Wallace took the walk of shame and we got them [negroes!!]"
"I know. I hate his attitude, I'm so glad, son...... Wilbon called and I told him 'you never pick Cleveland for [nothing]' and he said 'Well they're doing all right, now, huh?'"

No shit, Sherlock :) Mind you, this whole thing goes back 30+ years with Mike, Don, Uncle Ray (RIP), my father and me sitting around arguing about sports and cars on the South Side of Chicago. My mother, sister and Auntie Cleo (who appears twice in KingCast short film "American Lawyer I") all doing their thing as well. Hootlarious times, for certain, and in many ways the backdrop of PTI. Life is all method acting. Anyway, I fearlessly predicated the Cavs would spank Detroit good, and sure enough they did, 98-82, with Daniel Gibson and LeBron James (and the whole crew) getting it done. Even though the Detroit survived Piston Slap last year, the con-rod blew out this year so they can pack it up and head on home. On the trailer.

Love you always, 'cuz =^.)


Also, I fearlessly predict that the KingCast position that there is more than meets the (black) eye in the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy will be vindicated as well, just as I was vindicated in my battles with fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn, his prosecutor, and NH AG Kelly Ayotte. Links provided elsewhere but generally see this.

Will Wilbon, Uncle Cecil and KingCast converge in Cleveland for serious hijinx? Stay tuned.

Now we come to the playoffs.....

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