27 June 2007

KingCast aks: Who cut the sound on Bruce McKay's cruiser video in the Franconia shooting tragedy?

I have been around Law Enforcement since 1988 when I started reporting, and I have witnessed the advent of the dash-cam and its now-ubiquitous use. Just as I had my suspicions about Homicide AG Jeffery Strelzin emailing me that there were actually some double-homicide involving a police officer interviews done without sound/recording, (it turns out I was obviously correct that he lied to me and I'm studying a bar complaint tonight) I now have my suspicions about why in the hell there is no audio on the videos. I have not listened to the replacement disc I plan to retrieve from the AG but in none of the other videos is there any audio until McKay goes to mace Liko (without a word or any directive whatsoever).

Why no audio? Audio should be there to protect the officer; it justifies everything the officer does unless he's dirty or trying to hide something:

Anonymous said...

3:01 PM poster comment:

Am I missing something when I view the video of the first 5/11 stop? I do not see where McKay got out of his car to talk with Kenney. Did Kenney know why he was pulled over? I see them sitting there for over two minutes but do not see McKay talk to Kenney before Kenney drives off.

3:01 PM


McKay is outside of the viewfinder. According to Caleb, Liko asked several times for another police officer as a witness or to let another cop altogether deal with the stop. McKay continually told him he did not have that choice. Liko tried at least 3 times to reach an uncle to come and bear witness. He asked McKay to meet him at Tamarac so there could be a witness. If they didn't cut the sound we would have heard all of this.
By debby, at 6:15 PM

KingCast asks, why did Floyd continue to sit there after McKay and Liko both moved from the street? Remember, Liko reversed his car and pulled well off the street, then McKay pulled into the lot. If I see McKay pull into the lot, as someone driving down the road with no specific interest, I'm outta' there.

Also Floyd says he was not able to clear the round in Liko's gun but yet investigators said both weapons were found in working order... So, it was not jammed and Liko had no reason to unjam and no reason to reload as it had bullets already in it and Liko had no spare rounds in the car.


Anonymous said...

The first video I watched was from wmur for 5/11 shortly after the first release. I am certain that I heard muffled voices - McKay and dispatch? I tried really hard to make out what was being said but couldn't.

I believe that john p. posts the exact same thing here on your blog.

Last time I went and watched it again I couldn't hear it. I will check again.

They cannot possibly think people are that unintelligent for us to buy that the sound appears right before the gun is fired?

Anonymous said...

Floyd said he never saw McKay spray the pepper-spray because "you know, I was just looking around ....."


Strelzin said that Floyd was acting so bizarre after the shootings because he was stressed and diabetic!!!!!!

I better start keeping a close eye on my Dad because he is diabetic and I don't want him to turn into a raving lunatic. He has been for quite a few years now and seems like a pretty normal guy, even when under stress.

Anonymous said...


A diabetic not a raving lunatic. That came out funny.

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My favorite part is where the marine from spec. ops. doesn't know the difference between the barrel and the chamber. I hate guns and won't go near them but i have some idea, lol.

Anonymous said...

I really liked how Floyd said that he was taking 22 pills a day (including percs. and effects.) and that was "okay". The funny part was when a friend told me that Caleb's statement didn't count because he was "under the influence of pepper spray".

Anonymous said...


I went back and listened to the video again. Shortly before pulling over in front of Kenney on the road you can hear muffled voices. Even right before he gets up in front of Liko's car.

There is sound.

Anonymous said...

okay, so I was starting to think that this whole thing could have been a set up, but I see how stupid Floyd really is. I can't believe this guy could actually pull something like this off.
If his friends are as stupid as he is maybe they would talk. Does this guy have a job? We need to know where to find him. If anyone knows please respond.

Anonymous said...

Hang out at the Village store..
They know where to find him..

Anonymous said...

4:10 AM,

Floyd is on disability apparently to a back injury on the job several years ago.

OK, get this the 18 yr. old son is on disability.

5:14 AM,

Are you being serious? Is this true? Has he been in there lately? I know they don't care for him too much so he can't be hanging out for coffee.

Anonymous said...

Debby - some of the videos on the net have sound through the entire tape that is very very low while others have none. There were two microphones, one on Mckay's belt and the other in or part of the police vehicle.

The FBI could and should be able to enhance the sound in a double murder & police murder.

The mic on Mckay's belt is manually activated (clearly sound was being picked up the entire time even if it was not activated until the end)

BUT THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION I HAVE IS ... even if the mic was not activated until he got out of the vehicle at the final stop .. we should have been able to hear everything else including any commands floyd may have made to Liko as Mckay and his belt microphone were right by the car the entire time.

Anonymous said...

Floyd's interview is a joke ... right down to his saying that he last took percocet at 9 AM and his next dose was due when he got home (after 6 PM).

Forget about the other 21 meds he claims to be on. Percocet works for 4 to 6 hours. It is not something you take every 9 or 10 hours as it is not time released. He would have been needing a fix long before he made them bring his dope from home.

How the hell did they not give a collected felon, convicted drug felon and admitted 22 medication a day person a urine test when involved in a killing?!?!?!?

This would have been crucial in examining his judgement.

Anonymous said...

There is a picture posted on this site showing Floyd and Floyd Jr. standing together with a cop with numerous people loittering in the background.

WHY WERE THEY NOT SEPERATED IMMEDIATLY as would be the case in any investigation?

This was obviously well after the incident and the son is obviously able to hear the dad tell "his" story to the cop. The allowed these two to get their stories straight even though I read they were put in seperate police cars on the arrival of the police.

Anonymous said...

Some clarification on in car video.

As someone mentioned there are two microphones, one inside the cruiser and one worn by the officer. The quality of the audio and lack of some audio is not really surprising. The external microphones are frequently unreliable and work intermitently.

I don't know if that's what happened here or not, but people shouldn't jump to conclusions about something that is a commonplace problem with cruiser video systems.