27 June 2007

KingCast again applauds Concord Monitor for journalistic integrity in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Finally some major news entity is asking the difficult questions that need to be asked, even if they were wrong in today's story to state that the video "shows McKay using his vehicle to ram Kenney's car off the road."

That is wholly incorrect: Liko Kenney had already backed off from the main road by 20-30 feet; this is the audio transcription from the neighbor from the seminal post; the adjunct post with timelines where I note that Liko had yelled and motioned for Floyd to stay as witness is here.
"The grey car was not going fast. I thought [McKay] was trying to get around it [for something else]. He made several movements (her daughter called it a "10-point turn" in her interview) to come nose to nose now facing north.... [McKay] pushed him and kept pushing him down (into the gravel area) dirt flew back the police car pushed him so strongly and just kept pushing and pushing and pushing until the grey car was beyond my view."

And they fail to mention that the State misrepresented the alleged absence of certain digitally or otherwise recorded witness statements, including Chuck Herbert who along with his friend Sam Stephenson.

I saw the Union Leader write that Floyd spoke to Liko before killing him, but we now know that to be untrue because I printed Floyd's examination at p.20/1,000 which corresponds with Caleb Macaulay's comments at p.11 of the 43 page official report. So it is irresponsible journalism -- at best -- to print that without printing the countervailing (read: substantiated) version.

I saw AP writer Beverley Wang misrepresent that wave by saying Liko was "waving someone away." That's is totally inconsistent with Liko's history with McKay when he asked for backup officers in 2003 and it is entirely inconsistent with what Caleb Macaulay said at p.10 the 43 page official report, "He did not know these people but yet he still motioned and yelled at them to stay for a minute as witnesses,,"
.....yet she wrote it.

Then I saw on CNN today where they edited out Liko motioning McKay to Tamarack Tennis Camp for witnesses and edited out the Tahoe shove before the macing.

That's all irresponsible journalism and it's not because the budget was so tight that they couldn't run those extra 10 seconds of footage. It's because the mass media would rather make a cop killer look as bad as possible while ignoring any and all of the other salient details.

To the extent that the Concord Monitor breaks from that fold -- and they broke from the fold to announce that a nasty, bubblehead prosecutor named Bill Albrecht was under an ethics investigation (see para. 2) -- so I encourage them to Keep on Keepin' on, and say something about the missing documents, as I note in this Bar Complaint warning to the Attorneys General Ayotte and Strelzin, in which the Littleton Courier is starting to report on the contradictions and other concerns in this matter, which again was closed in less than one business day, as I noted herein.

Floyd likes to threaten people, including officers and he loves to brag about how many people he has killed. We know about the "give you a third eye" threat to police, we know about the 5/11 threat to another officer "Careful son, I'm quicker than you," I read quickly in the 1,000pp. evidence CD where he says "you know I've killed 43(IIRC) people," and I've heard a rumour that he threated to shoot someone after they had a problem with his son watching gay porn in a public area. Given his track record, sadly I have little reason to doubt that.

But he killed a cop killer, so Ayotte and most of the press and the adoring public say he's a hero and Ayotte withholds crucial evidence from people who were there seconds after he shot and killed Liko. Nice.


Anonymous said...

CK, thanks for following up on this.

I just watched the You Tube video and have a couple thoughts.

I see some people are saying LK flipped off the officer from his car and you said he was motioning down the road. You're right. He was initially pulled over about a mile from where his family lives. He obviously tries to make it home for witnesses. When Mckay pulls in front of him and lamely turns an about face to ram LK's car, LK is about 100 yards from his family's property. Maybe less. He's basically in his next door neighbor's driveway. So he's clearly motioning to say he'll pull over voluntarily, but wants to do it another 100 yards down the road. Granted, not something a copy will typically let you get away with. but he is definitely NOT flipping off the cop.

The video clearly shows crazy behavior on the part of McKay. He pulls him over for expired registration? And then rams his car and pepper sprays him? No way is that police protocol.

Anonymous said...

His car was registered. Or wasn't it Ayotte? is she in a secure undisclosed location? Where is she? Maybe she's hiding because Floyds son has been collecting her personal information. Its a hobby of his.

Anonymous said...

CK - the locals will tell you that Floyd threatened the principle at the elementary school because his son was spoken to, telling her that "If you do that again the next time you leave the school it will be in a body bag" nice guy!
How scary for the community to have to now worry about this guy, most people didn't even know he existed.

John P. said...

Floyd's worse than freaking Ozzy Osborne ... in describing Mckay's vehicle "It was definitely a car" when asked if it was a car or a truck.

Anonymous said...

I was told that McKay usually used a cruiser, was his presence in the SUV different or unusual on 5/11??

Christopher King said...

See this is where it gets deep.

I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Floyd and McKay were more than strangers.

How did Floyd's menacing charge disappear?

McKay could have done that for him, totally.

And perhaps the reason Floyd thought he definitely had a car is because he was used to seeing McKay in a car.

The SUV from what I heard, was not usual.