20 June 2007

Has KingCast presented a 6-0, 6-0 First Amendment lesson to NH AAG Jeffery Strelzin in Franconia shooting tragedy?

Franconia, NH - In a hotly-contested clash between the former AAG/employment and current AAG/Homicide, it appears that the underdog and suspended attorney has taken the match in a rather decisive fashion, using his impressive all-court game along with a touch of res judicata or more accurately stare decisis.

Last week NH AAG and public figure Jeffery Strelzin put up a high lob and told KingCast/justiceforkids cameras that he didn't authorize them to capture video of our discusssion -- which assuredly did not include any secret details of the investigation -- which was closed anyway before 15 May, 2007 if we are to believe NH AG Kelly Ayotte's direct email to Attorney X.

Rather than take it in the air for the volley, KingCast scampered back to the baseline and struck a knifing backhand slice approach shot, wide to deuce court by asking Strelzin to provide "...[by] Close of Business Friday 22 June, 2007 each and every Constitutional or Statutory base of authority you have that would compel us not to air the contents of that discussion."

I've been down this road before with the NAACP when area President Gloria Timmons tried to use a restraining order to keep me from going public on her lies and coverup regarding my protected activities as NAACP legal chair because she was scared of the NH Police State. NH AG Ayotte was on their side but I warned Gloria what was going to happen and I was correct. Here's Judge McLeod's Decision: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 & 7.

Related KingCast short film: "Day in Nashua," with Nashua Lieutenant Tim Goulden.

While that was based on Falwell v. Hustler, 485 U.S. 46 (1988), this case is even easier because we don't intend to parody Attorney Strelzin, merely show what I said to him and his response. That's a no-brainer.


Similarly, last year I told the (purportedly) Free World that if Attorney Ayotte proceeded to Court with that bogus Unlicensed Practice of Law case against me I would "beat her ass like she stole somethin.'" Again I was right; case dismissed.

On a tertiarily-related note, Orr & Reno attorney William L. Chapman today said that Litchfield violated Right-to-Know law in its impromptu closed-door meeting about "extremely alarming" emails found on fire station computers. No pun intended, I guess. Anyway, I prevailed over Orr & Reno before when they tried to keep KingCast cameras out of court. I sent a copy of this post to Attorney Chapman for his comment.


Let's see what happens Friday when AG Strelzin replies. Even if he wins in Court, he will lose in the Court of public opinion, totally.

If this were Davis Cup I'd be in the World Finals; as Arthur said about Mac, "a nick here, a cut there.... and soon you've bled out." That's the Blackenroe way. Liko's friend and NH lobbyist Oliver Ruff understands, and when we're not keeping young by riding skateboards he's busy showing Governor Lynch New Hampshire's Right-to-Know laws:


Christopher King said...

What goes around comes around:

In the legal sense, it sure does appear that way.

And in the tennis sense, I can now finally play at Tamarack, and am now again hitting with a Wilson ProStaff; that's one of the original braideds (Sampras) on the back shelf of the Bimmer many years ago.


G. Jones said...

What a bunch of psychotic ramblings. Kenney SHOT AN OFFICER IN THE BACK. Kenney then RAN OVER HIM TWICE. Regardless of anything else that happened previously, Kenney MURDERED a police officer.

And, somehow, you've decided to make Kenney a hero. That's disgusting.