07 May 2007

Nashua NAACP continues to speak out against NH Death Penalty.

Okay, as noted in this recent post, they really have done no such thing, in spite of the Nashua Telegraph forums post I started which now has 1,500 views, so I just put this up top for the benefit of a local black attorney I met this morning. Naturally, he was driving a BMW.

So while the NAACP Legal Defense Fund's position as set forth by Ted Shaw has been clear on this for some time, as to the Nashua NAACP we turn to the words of Stevie Wonder, seen here chillin' with Manny Ramirez, "They haven't done nothing....."

Sing it with me, doo doo wop..... hey hey.... doo doo wop.....

Non sequitur: John Grisham and the black man in the wheelchair.

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