23 May 2007

KingCast writes NH AG Kelly Ayotte to request production of police video in the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

As I sit down at 3:25pm listening to "Get up Stand Up" on WERS I decided it was time to write the most important blawg post to date, which ties in directly with this post noting that the Concord Monitor supports my position that the public has a right to view the unedited, full police video from that night: I will never meet Liko Kenney (RIP) or Bruce McKay (RIP) although I might have met either or both of these men had I not been holed up under a bogus indictment brought by fired Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn. The indictment -- which was eventually dismissed after KingCast cameras captured every step of the retaliatory nonsense, which was brought in an attempt to deflect attention away from a possible case of police abuse when I was Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair. Police reports here.

Because of that indictment I never attended Tamarack Tennis Camp, where Mr. Kenney was raised and put to rest.

From my original post:
"You would love the camp and all the people that come with it. It is an eclectic and interesting family - good hearted."


Dear Attorney Ayotte:

I write to you as a former AAG but more importantly as a U.S. Citizen and successful Civil Rights advocate of Southern New Hampshire.

You know that I have supported you on the issue of data mining companies and their clients using undue influence on physicians to push pharmaceutical drugs.

You and I may ultimately agree on the New Hampshire School Boards' Association restrictive, viewpoint-based model First Amendment speech policy, as you noted in your return letter to me, as the NHSBA Ted Comstock wrote me they will be addressing that issue this month.

But you and I vehemently disagreed on the integrity of Chief Dunn, a friend of former NH AG Peter Heed (who resigned under a sex scandal) as I twice wrote to you that he was a bad cop doing bad things, including keeping a secret file on me. I voiced my concerns in this post, which contains an annotated letter from NH AAG Alison Vachon.

Ultimately, my position was substantiated, and not only was Chief Dunn fired, the dismissal was sustained by former NH AG John P. Arnold. And not only was Dunn's dismissal sustained, his prosecutor, Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, hastily resigned amidst a pending ethics investigation, also revealed with the help of the Concord Monitor.

The parallels are uncanny because while I'm not saying that Office McKay was a bad cop generally, or even a bad cop on the night in question -- I have no firsthand knowledge of that -- I will note that in Dunn's case the State refused to provide information as well, in this case a Deposition that Judge Arnoled ORDERED Dunn to obtain (and produce as exculpatory). When my lawyer, former lead Hillsborough County Prosecutor David Horan forced production of it, and I posted the Deposition online (which he and Prosecutor Albrecht faught, tooth and nail as noted in KingCast short films "Lawyerman" and "Oreo,") the truth came out that Chief Dunn had lied Under Oath and laughed about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison and called this blawg "despicable." Shame on him.

But your office actually supported him against me and against Aaron Deboisbriand, a Jaffrey Officer whom he falsely accused of felonies as well. Mr. Deboisbriand's father kept in touch with me on the down-low the whole time.


The public is going to wonder what dirty secrets might the State be hiding in this case as well, especially since I know that it's relatively easy science to determine, for example how fast Officer McKay was driving to chase down Mr. Kenney after he requested another officer out on Route 116. Throttle position, gears used, fuel used, all of that is in the car's computer system.

Franconia Notch is going to have a rough enough time healing without the permanent questions lingering about what really happened that night. And your reputation as a fair and impartial executive hangs in the balance as well. Please release the video.

I'll keep this letter relatively short, and end with a quote from the Concord Monitor editorial:
Was McKay obviously dead when Floyd arrived? Where was his gun in relation to his body? Was Kenney's car tire literally atop McKay, and if so, where? Was Kenney's gun visible to Floyd, and where was it pointed? How many times did he ask Kenney to drop his weapon before firing? Did Kenney make any attempt to drive away or to prevent Floyd's son from calling for help on the cruiser's radio? Did Kenney say anything to indicate an intent to harm others?

With Ayotte's announcement of clearing Floyd, her office should have released a detailed narrative of the scenes depicted in the video, a transcript of the conversation and a timeline. That would have gone a long way to answering questions that must be answered. But now that no one is to be prosecuted, the police videotape itself is a public record that should be released.

I'm going to play tennis tonight Liko. And this forehand's for you.

Update: I didn't play too well on the fast indoor courts (3rd time out this year) and my opponent was on fire. I got smoked 1, 2 and 3 (yes there was time for 3 sets!!) "We'll I'm actually more like a 4.5" he says.... "and I play at least three times a week." It's All Good, though, and the two of us will be at it again soon, but boy am I hurtin' for certain: Folks don't understand how grueling tennis really is until you get back into tennis shape; every muscle in your body will ache, totally. I'm just glad to be able to play again now that I'm not under that stupid indictment :)

Namaste, and thank goodness for my film and camera crew, it's a populist putsch.


Anonymous said...

I can answer a couple of your questions Chris and perhaps shed a little more light on this dark filth being spewed by the A.G.. By the way, this is information gathered directly from Caleb Macauly, Liko's passenger. Liko's car was not forced off the road by Mckay. Liko pulled over and stopped voluntarily after the 1.5 mile low speed chase. Mckay then pulled a u-turn to face Liko's car and rammed it several times to apparently pin them in. At this point Liko was (vocally) fearing for his life. Mckay then approached the car, gun and mace drawn, and without a word he maced the two boys heavily. Liko then fired his gun at Mckay. It was then, with mace in his eyes, that he really panicked, and in a rush to leave the seen he unintentionly ran over the staggering officer pinning him under his car. Within moments of freeing his car from the downed officer, Floyd apeared at Liko's window. Without any words, yes that's right, without any words Floyd fired several shots, point blank, directly at Liko's chest. Caleb, in a state of shock, thought he too had been struck by a bullet. Then Floyd yelled at Caleb to "PICK UP THE GUN!, PICK UP THE GUN!"(I'll let the reader derive his/her own conclusion there) Caleb then rolled out of the car onto the ground into the fetal position where Floyd proceded to fire shots around his body. Caleb believes the only thing that saved his life was the arrival of another motorist, family friend Cam. I may as well mention that Caleb was maced two more times that night by the responding officers. Apparently they wanted him to stop shouting, "That bastard murdered Liko! THAT BASTARD MURDERED LIKO!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

If you want to read some interesting posts look at the forum on WMUR.com on the shootings. You will see what many of the townspeople from Franconia have to say about this and McKay's history not only with Liko but the entire town.

They don't allow you post anything that is not yet substantiated about that night but people are plenty angry about the truth being covered up. They are talking about their own experiences with McKay.

This account above is quite close to the story I heard. It was either The Boston Globe or Union Leader that quoted an eye witness backing up the fact that Liko had voluntarily stopped his car for the second time (she of course, was unaware of the original stop). The woman said the same thing - that McKay spun around in front of them, butting the bumpers then put it in drive, pushing the car back 50 feet. Caleb also said that the car felt as if it was airborne when McKay pushed them backwards. I believe that Caleb knows now that McKay came up behind my sister within mere minutes before he came upon Liko and Caleb. She was about 15mph over the limit and he didn't even acknowledge it. No flashing lights, no usual dramatic hand motions and much to her amazement no ticket - unusual for McKay.

Witnesses say if Liko was speeding it was only slightly over the limit and no where close to my sister that he just chose to so oddly ignore. She actually expected him to turn back around and give her a ticket. Shortly after, she heard what she now knows to have been Liko's horn as his body fell forward after he was shot. She started walking down the road and saw there was something big going on. It was blocked off. I believe it was Cam that came back towards her on the road telling her it was Liko. I did not know that Caleb felt as if Cam saved his life - thank God he came along.

I did know that Floyd commanded Caleb to pick up the gun. It doesn't take too much imagination as to why he would do so. Fortunately, amidst the shock of the whole thing Caleb did not do so or he would be dead as well.

Thank you for speaking up previous poster. I was one of the first to start posting the truth and took a lot of crap from others about it but then more and more people starting saying the same thing. If enough people stand up and voice the truth, it is difficult for others to claim an entire town or region for that matter are bunch of nuts.

I notice that others are finally starting to pay attention and wonder why so many people would feel the same way. not just teens but adults and the elderly.

There were over 600 mourners at Liko's service.

Christopher King said...

I wish I could have been there but I sincerely hope everyone understands I'm just totally swamped down here but I really want to visit before I leave for the Other Coast.

I have quite a history with WMUR, actually so I kind of leave them alone (watch "Day in Nashua" at KingCast where I describe how they were total tools for NAACPO and Jaffrey Chief Dunn in my case) -- but I will certainly check it out.

Thank you for that information and I hope my work will join that of others to at a minimum, compel production of that video.

I have added your comment to the new post I just released where I quote the first comment in its entirety, and I posted it at BostonNOW.

Uncanny my biographer would be an editor there, and I vowed I would never just write something for the sake of writing it, but this is some serious, serious business here.


Christopher King said...

For those who don't know, this is a bit about Shooter Floyd's history wih the law:

The police charged Floyd with criminal threatening. It was during this incident that Floyd told the police how he'd kill them if he chose to - by shooting them in the head and giving them a "third eye."

Upon further checking, the police learned that Floyd's 1991 drug arrest in Georgia was a felony level offense. That, the state police concluded, meant Floyd could not legally own guns in New Hampshire. In June 1997, the state police added a second charge against Floyd: being a felon in possession of firearms.

During that arrest, Floyd attempted to knee Trooper Scot Bryan in the groin, according to court records, and was charged with attempted assault of a police officer.

He pleaded guilty to the attempted assault and received a suspended prison sentence in 1998. The police dismissed the criminal threatening charge, but it was not clear why from court records....

Prolly because he knows somebody.

Who's going to bet against me?

SpinalTapp said...

Chris King, I haven't yet decided if you are completely enlightened or completely insane, but either way I love reading your stuff. Keep it up man. Namaste.

-Justin T.

Christopher King said...

Funny thing, you meet me on the street and you think "what a nice, ordinary guy."

Most lawyers have OCD about making money. I've got OCD about Justice.


Justin said...

Come visit me at 147 main st. in nashua sometime so I can decide whether or not you're enlightened or insane.


Christopher King said...

Interesting. 147 Main, I think that's near Vietnamese Noodle.... I'm off tomorrow, looking for a tennis game and prolly going to hit the blades in the a.m. then figure out what building is yours then give you a holler.

Of course your judgement on my sanity could be a relative assessment...... what if I gauge yours, like Scanners.... You'll get a kick out of this post:

"Title for Title, Bill [Albrecht]"


Thanks for reminding me of that one. It's pretty awesome, especially since I did kind of work his noggin' over but good. And of course I told Attorney Horan that Albrecht was a tool from the drop, from the git'-go.

A priori.


Anyway has someone adjudicated you to be sane or insane?

And of course, if so, who granted them the requisite authority to do so :)

Break out the chess board for an afternoon session if you will. Like tennis, I am rusty but always willing to work at it again.

Namaste, brother.

Christopher King said...

Right on, Justin; a good visit and a great reason to put those inline skates in motion this afternoon.

Thanks for the rap session on Justice and the American Way. And pursuant to our conversation about Ed Norton and 25th Hour, I will indeed go find a copy of American History X to watch.

Can't believe I haven't seen it yet.


Anonymous said...

You know I've read a lot about this case and I want to make sure that you understand that flase facts are bad facts. I think that somewhere in the grey both these men are at fault for what happend... but one thing is for sure... the officer did not have a gun drawn when he approached the car... i saw the video myself... also the other fact would be... the witness did not ask keeney to drop the gun... either way it's moot... two people are dead because of a cop vs. young person feud... and it's just not worth it...