23 May 2007

KingCast whip of the day: 2002 Honda CBR 1100 Superbird.

Okay, with almost half again as much power as the Clydesdale (150 vs. 105) you know the Honda is stupid fast, and sure enough the owner's manual starts with: "You will die or be seriously injured if you fail to follow the instructions......" My manual starts with something like, "Hi, have a nice day Mr. King, blah blah blah..."

So my buddy from work was foolish nice enough to let me ride his yesterday and I think the manual is correct. Even just around the block when I cracked it open in second I was looking around for a set of Depends. But honestly, I don't want a bike that big; when the paper route gets better one day if I was looking for a pure sports bike it would prolly be a Ducati 748i. My old roomie Lajos, mentioned in this "Rocket 88" post, got me hooked on Ducs.

Whatever you ride, it's All Good. Just keep the shiny side up :)

May 2011 update: The paper route did get better, so I have gone medium and medium large with a 2006 Kawi ER-6/650R and now a Triumph Sprint ST 955i, which has been reworked to make it sportier like the RS. Vids of both machines here.

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Christopher King said...

Since then I've gone smaller with a 650R and now larger with a Triumph Sprint 955i. I think I like them both more than a Superbird, who the fuck needs that much bike I don't know.