10 May 2007

KingCast watches picture of resigned NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon and under-fire San Jose President Rick Callender disappear from this blawg.

While I'm in California I'll have a better time keeping track of the potential Grand Jury investigation and Civil lawsuit against Mr. Callender, which is noted herein, in a post entitled: "KingCast asks, with NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon resigning, will San Jose President Rick Callender be next?"

Also note when you visit that link for some reason, the picture I had of Bruce Gordon standing arm-in-arm with Callender, who previously had been convicted for assault with a deadly weapon (a racketball racket, or racquet, or whatever) has apparently disappeared from the above post as well as this one, which contains a newspaper story about Callender:

.....who now is facing a potential Grand Jury indictment and Civil Action related to what he did to another hard-working Civil Rights advocate who is a Rosa Parks Wall of Tolerance inductee as noted above. I say tennis and racketball rackets (or racquets, whatever) should be used for their intended purposes at all times, as noted in last week's post from the Boston Champions' Series tennis tour:

Related post: American Tower corporation, good buddies with the NAACP (read the Deposition pages from Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons right here..........) got material removed from this blawg but when I explained the real deal with Blogger their lawyers immediately replaced the material. Check it out.

It could be just a technical issue, but I doubt it and you can be sure I'll be checking with ImageShack on this one, and if they pulled it I'm going to exercise each and every legal option I have to have it returned. Besides, naturally my NAACP Associate and Rosa Parks Tolerance wall inductee and I have another copy of the picture anyway :)

Related post: I will legally haunt the NAACP.

Life, it is grand.


Chuck D said...

Fight the power! Is Gloria still the prez of the Nashua chapter? And Ms. Levesque? You need to roast some more hoggs.

Christopher King said...

Yeah, they're prolly still in "power" but as I noted herein:


.....You won't hear a peep out of them about the NH Death Penalty, even though the NAACP Legal Defense Fund has clearly spoken out against it and there is a major Death Penalty case in progress right here in Southern NH with racial overtones.

Anyway, here's what's strange:

When Gloria and I had our gas station talk and she wished me the best, she said she had no idea of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's (dismissed) attempt to get me for Unauthorized Practice of Law, right?


But lo and behold I checked the court file and I think the same day or day before she signed an affidavit for.... drumroll please.... NH AG Kelly Ayotte. I didn't even bother copying it because the case was dismissed and I have more important things to think about, but jeezlouise, what a piece of work that whole situation was.

But I'm a better, stronger person because of it, and that's the Good Thing.



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