24 May 2007

KingCast watches locals use WMUR to support his demand for police video of Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

I've certainly had my go at WMUR for telling half the story of the bogus Jaffrey indictment I eventually crushed (watch KingCast short film "Arraignment Press Conference" where we actually show the whole thing as opposed to just my perp walk for which WMUR used 75% of my air time. Watch one of the WMUR pieces right here. When I wasn't at home they didn't call me or email me or nothin', just got a quick quote from Attorney Phillips (whose father-in-law was the prior Jaffrey Police Chief, BTW). And as you read the text, note that I never called myself the "Johnny Cochran of Columbus," that came from Minister Donell Muhammad, leader of Mosque #43 after I won Jerry Doyle's bogus criminal trespass case in "American Lawyer I".

But when WMUR gives a voice to the people, as in this forum page, the people support what I'm saying when it comes to the oh-so-quick termination of the criminal investigation of a guy with a record like Shooter Floyd (or potentially Officer McKay) as well as my letter to NH AG Kelly Ayotte requesting immediate production of the full police video. The actual Word version of that letter was emailed, replete with live links, to the AG's office, the NYTimes and a whole bunch of newspapers today and the hard copy is going out in about half an hour.

While not available for view yet on the WMUR site, I responded to 03580lifer by noting that Caleb MacCauly may have claims, too, and I have more answers than questions because the government has all the answers in the video and in the computer of Officer McKay's police vehicle that tells throttle position, gears used, speed, all of that.


03580lifer 05-24-2007, 11:29 AM

More questions than answers but a good read nonetheless. More people need to ask questions about Franconia's dirty little secret.

I was wondering if the Kenneys should file a wrongful death suit against Floyd? It may be the only way to get the Attorney General and the State of NH to release information.

Would this open a wound further or heal through possible exoneration of Liko's actions? Liko Kenney is a murderer as defined by the statutes of law. But what drove him to this point? That is the difficult and uncomfortable question that must be addressed and answered.

*cherry* 05-24-2007, 10:48 AM

You go, king cast. You're right, it was way too quick, and definitely cut and cured early. The only solution is reform, and hopefully a town meeting can be called to discuss this. I still say with all due respect there were two murders that night. Vigilantism abrogates police work. There is a need for credible answers from the police chief, this employee did not suddenly lack professional conduct and was he ever independently reviewed? The chief needs to be.

peace, from a veteran

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Christopher King said...

Y'all know damn well when the government created the Internet and pushed it on us and got everybody buying computers and more hardware and software and buying into broadband, they weren't exactly envisioning folks like me bringing people together to rally to exercise their First Amendment Rights to turn around and question said government.

That's why I'm the spook who sat by the door.