27 May 2007

KingCast vows a sit-in with NH AG Kellly Ayotte for release of police video in Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

In response to a comment from a recent post, someone applauded my efforts to conduct a real investigation into this tragedy, and I responded by promising to help lead a sit-in to obtain the police video if requested by the community. First of course, let's see what NH AG Kelly Ayotte says in response to my letter demanding production. I haven't led a march since 1985 when I editorialized and led a march through Cincinnati to protest continued U.S. investment in South Africa that supported Apartheid, but I'm down for another jack move, totally. Let the truth come out, irrespective of where the chips may fall.

And if Officer McKay used unreasonable force before Liko Kenney used unreasonable force, the State will have to address that, and if there are other complaints that have been filed against him, and ignored, the state will have to address that too -- hopefully via a lawsuit to obtain Permanent Injunctive Relief and Court monitoring to assure that doesn't happen again. Same thing with any potential cover-up for Shooter Floyd, whose nasty background you can read about here.

And if the video and Officer McKay's car computers show things to have happened the way the State says it did, then I applaud the State for the most efficient investigation of a possible double-murder + criminal threatening case I've seen, in just 24-48 hours!

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Better watch they don't turn them damn hoses and dogs on us:


Christopher King said...

Dear Mr. Forrest:

I know that you, as a former law enforcement officer have pledged that you would like the video made public as well, in several of our online discussions:




As such, I am asking if you would join the townspeople and me in signing a petition to be handed to NH AG Kelly Ayotte requesting release of the video and perhaps the data from Officer McKay's engine/transmission management systems?

I have not spoken with them yet about such an endeavor, and for all I know Attorney Ayotte will agree to release the video prior to my letter's 31 May 2007 request date, but I think if the townspeople knew that a reputable officer like yourself stands behind explication of all of the salient details, they might rally with us in the interest of Justice.

Best regards,

Christopher King, J.D.

Proposed language:


Dear Attorney Ayotte:

We as concerned citizens request immediate production of any and all unedited police video from the Franconia shooting tragedy of 11 May, 2007 for online viewing.

We are aware that the Georgia Supreme Court has placed vehicular police video on its own website in the interests of complete and open governmental review, and we encourage your office to forward the video pursuant to those same goals in this instance.

Two men are dead and their souls and our community can never begin to heal unless or until the truth comes out.




BTW the Georgia case may be seen here, along with the letter I sent to Attorney Ayotte this week:



Christopher King said...

And for the last time, I'm not anti-police, but I will not hesitate to point out the AG Ayotte fully backed that liarhead idiot extraordinaire, subsequently-fired Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn, even as he completely lied and told third parties that a police escort had to be called to make me leave American Tower Corporation after I properly requested overtime pay.


I showed that lying bastard (IMHO) nothing but respect to that point, read an email to him:



See, in the age of the Internet it becomes increasingly difficult to shut down crafty dissidents, as I pointed out in the comments section to this post:



N. B. Forrest said...

I don't know where you got the idea that I'm a "former" law enforcement officer. I am an active, full time, law enforcement officer.

If you re-read my posts, what I've consistently said is that I would support the release of the cruiser video if it can legally be released to the public at this point. I'm not at all sure that is the case. Moreover, I believe that if the video exists, and if it can be legally released, that it will be.

Unlike you, I have enough faith in the system that I don't believe it's necessary to try and force-feed demands on the AG. I am confident that the truth of the matter will be revealed. Unlike you, I'm not at all convinced that the "interest of Justice" isn't already being served.

Christopher King said...

So you're still active. Good.

And let me clarify two things:

1. You want to see the video, and believe it could be instructive, but you wouldn't sign a petition to assert your lawful right as a citizen to inquire.

2. You believe the ends of Justice are being properly pursued even though the only version of the facts that the AG's office could be using to support the way that psycho-with-a-bad-rap-sheet Floyd shot Liko Kenney is through Floyd himself. I guarantee you Caleb McCauly's version of the events differs substantially. I guess what I'm asking you is whether you think Justice is being served by dismissing a criminal investigation of a guy with a background like Floyd's based on his word.


And again you ignore the specific, proven fact that I've never been wrong about a cop case, including my prior warnings to Attorne Ayotte about Chief Dunn. That's called relevant experience, Mr. Forrest, whether you care to acknowledge it or not.

Lastly, I have faith in the system, but what you fail to recognize is that dissidents like me are part of the system. You just wish we would go away so that you could enjoy your fantasy World where the police are always to be trusted, whatever they say.

Namaste, Forrest.

Christopher King said...

"Unlike you, I have enough faith in the system that I don't believe it's necessary to try and force-feed demands on the AG."

.... So Civil Rights protesters, like Ghandi, King, etc. are, or were "force-feeding" demands on their respective governments by fasting and/or holding sit-ins as well.

.....Now I truly understand your, ummm, mentality.