01 May 2007

KingCast visits Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue.... with Norm Pattis from Crime and Federalism.

If you've seen the KingCast short films you've likely seen legal blogger Norm Pattis' and Mike's "Crime and Federalism" page, which denounced the bogus felony charges I faced as NAACP legal chair for writing a Demand Letter about possible police abuse. Read the comments to see what they wrote. That having been said, Norm cracked me up today with his acknowledgment that he might be privileged to one day work in the mail room for Jones, Day.

I grew up with grandson David Reavis at Hawken, and as I told Norm, this is a bit about the Reavis family, who made a ton of money but who legitimately cared about the community:
"In 1964, after rioting in some black neighborhoods, Mr. Reavis, then chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, established a committee of business and civil rights leaders to discuss black grievances about employment, housing and education."

If the NAACP had not sold me out as Legal Chair, as noted in the post immediately preceding this one, these are the kind of people I could have brought to them. Stupid Judgment on their part if they are concerned about Civil Rights, but whatever.

And this is what I said about David's father, Lincoln whom I will never forget:
David Reavis was a good friend of mine; knew him since 3rd grade 1973 at Hawken School. When his father Lincoln passed way before his time (like 10 years ago) I found him and called him and gave him my total condolences....Lincoln wasn't into the Big Firm thing as his father John was; but what he was -- was one of the biggest-hearted, kindest men I've ever met.

We lost a Good Man way too young.

That having been said, I sent my resume to Jones, Day and a bunch of big firms when I was younger in law school, but such was not my path....

And that's okay.

PS: Yeah, speaking of Legal Giants, I know the Lucier family well, too.... they are Hawken folks (one on the Board of Trustees) and Jeff and his brother both drove BMW 2002tii's back in the day, and they told me over games of pool and a few cold ones that they drove SAABS because BMW started screwing around and lost their edge. I forgot all about that, but come to think of it, no doubt part of my fascination with these cars is their "fault"

And that's okay, too, guys :)

Ever heard of Banks-Baldwin Legal Publishing... If not, how about Westlaw, which bought Banks-Baldwin in my last year of law school?


Christopher King said...

From Crime and Federalism:

"I've been following Christoper King's saga since before he was an accused felon. Christopher King was indicted on what seems (to me, anyway) bogus charges. Rather than cowering in a hole, he is roaring like a lion - from his blog. You should be reading this."

I concur in full, no dissent.

Christopher King said...

See, some folks over time have dropped in here to rag on me, like "why you name-droppin' and stuff, Man."

.....and what I'm saying is that if it's part of your background and part of your core being then it ain't name-dropping, it's just acknowledging that you don't stand in awe of anyone or anything because you know these folks put their pants on the same way you do.

Even if their pockets are a tad more full =^.)


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