31 May 2007

KingCast still aghast, confused at Officer McKay and Shooter Floyd's background in Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

We know Shooter Floyd has one hell of a record with guns and cops, threatening them with a third eye, grabbing groin and such. Now a source very close to these matters informs that Floyd's son is alleged to have a connection with a girl, Maura Murray, who has now gone missing one/two, and that Officer McKay's ex-wife had a Restraining Order against him, that people at a certain daycare center saw his ex-wife looking roughed up, frequently, and that he was forced out by Haverhill, NH PD before he came to Franconia. Another source very close to the matter seconded the Maura Murray information and told me a lot more that I sure as hell am not going to share at this juncture.

I'll leave it up to the authorities to continue their investigation of any and all salient details as I continue mine. A return phone call from Franconia PD would aid me in that endeavor, totally.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting anything out of the Franconia PD. A quote from WMUR's board from a Franconia resident may give incite:

"I honestly think the best thing for Franconia right now would be for Chief Montminy to resign, so that the police department can start with a clean slate. My concerns with Chief Montminy are the same concerns I would have with any public leader who has and allows "bad apples" to operate under their watch. He must have known, and if he didn't, why didn't he? I'm not advocating a witch hunt, but it's really the place for healing to start."

Of course that thinking was refuted as "crazy" by mpssg, an officer from nearby Bethlehem. This officer also equated Liko to Hitler and Carl Drega, has posted "hear-say" about Liko claiming he'd kill McKay, and labeled you "disbarred". Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

LOL, I meant insight, not incite. Interesting Freudian slip, no?

Christopher King said...


People are getting incited to intellectually riot, that's for certain.

Now is the time.

It's so wild to see some of these cops go off on me because they're so upset I've helped create a forum that in some ways challenges them; they can't even get their facts straight.

Meanwile, Nashua City Attorney Bennett heard me loud and clear:



Anonymous said...

I too have heard about the Floyd/Murray connection and some "digging" out at the Floyd compound. Mind you this is at least 3rd hand, but IF it becomes fact, the state may want to backtrack on it's alliance with Floyd.

Wouldn't it be poetic justice if Liko's last acts not only exposed a morally corrupt cop, but cleared up an outstanding missing person case, bringing closure to a family?

The who'd be the hero?

Christopher King said...

There is something murky about this whole thing, worse than Twin Peaks.

Spalding said...

Hearsay. Double hearsay. The bank teller says I'll have a hot dog, no a hamburger , , ,

Christopher King said...

I've never claimed that any of this is anything other than hearsay.

But again, sure would be nice to receive a return phone call from the Franconia PD for starters, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Twin Peaks explores the gulf between the veneer of small-town respectability and the seedier layers of life beneath it."

I love your metaphor, especially since Franconia's southern boundary is framed by Mt Lafayette and Cannon Mtn

Christopher King said...


I figured someone would catch that.


Anonymous said...

Mr. King:

I appreciate your efforts to shine a bright light on this whole sorry situation.

The "facts" (Kenney is a psychopath, Floyd and McKay are "heroes") as presented by various government officials are laughable to most anyone with half a functioning brain cell.

The State is making a foolish mistake with desire to quickly put this matter to bed, and it has created a great deal of mistrust. In the long run, that would be detrimental to police/community relations statewide, but, alas, short term political considerations always seem to trump long term policy decisions.

They could easily release the tape, with the actual shooting portions edited out, which would satisfy concerns for family members of the dead. To not do so smacks of a coverup, and a very clumsy one at that.

Christopher King said...

I know I know I know.

This is just flat crazy what's going on out there and I don't think the citizens are going to stand for it.

As to the video, I think you show the whole thing, unfortunately. I mean, I guess you could cut out a few seconds of actual gunfire, but that surely doesn't erase the pain of knowing what's going on.

I think the pain of silence in the face of righteous indignation is worse, however.

Off to work, and then off to Franconia.

BTW at least some government or quasi-governmental officials do as they should:



Anonymous said...

Did you ever get a return call from the Franconia PD?

Maybe it's been mis-filed under "McKay - Complaints" in the To Be Ignored Inbox.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the PD can locate the files far easier if they look under the alias of "Officer Pepper".

Anonymous said...

I too have heard about the Murray/Floyd connection but have not mentioned it, as I do not know facts like I do in the McKay/Kenney case.

It does make you wonder and I have heard about other connections that are possibly tied in here too. I think this is a far bigger than even us that are questioning and posting here know.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone in the Franconia area chime in as to where the younger Floyd went to school? Did he go to Profile, or homeschooled, or? I live in the area but haven't ever heard of him (though I'm not very in touch with the Profile-aged kids, either).

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem a little strange that if Mckay got in front of the vehicle to make Liko swerve off the road that the cruiser would be behind the other vehicle video taping the entire episode? If the cruiser cut off Liko's vehicle, wouldn't you have thought that the PD vehicle would be in front of Liko's vehicle? Thus unable to video anything that was going on behind it?!?!? Just a thought.

Why is Floyd so paranoid of letting anyone on his property? Does he have something to hide?

Anonymous said...

I heard from a very, very close source that it is a fact that Mckay and his ex had some domestic issues. This is not rumor. She works nearby. It was also stated that much of thier divorce was due to this.

Ayotte had no right to say the killing was justified and nothing will happen to Floyd. WOuldn't it just be hilarious if this entire thing backfired and he also had something to do with Maura Murray case?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the positioning of the cruiser, McKay got the cruiser in front of Liko's car, then turned it around to face it (so that the two cars' front bumpers were touching) before he pushed Liko's car off the road. This is what is filtering around town, and is also what was described in a May 20th Union Leader article.

Anonymous said...

The Floyd's are a mysterious lot - secretive. You know, the kind of man that found a meter reader as some sort of threat. He does seem quite protective of that piece of land.

I don't know about the older son but I do know that the young son is not currently or was not enrolled in school. I don't think he is home schooled which would be a issue for the States Child Services to investigate.

Maybe someone (Chris?) should give a call to see if this boy is currently enrolled in the education system.

Are you feeling knee deep yet, Chris? You are getting more info by the day.

Anonymous said...

Liko had stopped vountarily - complete stop prior to McKay spinning around in front of him and ramming the car some 40 to 50 ft. As the person who saw the entire thing said, he never saw anything like it. He couldn't believe the force McKay used and rocks from the force were flying 30 ft. or more from the ground. Caleb said the car was airborne.

I do know first hand that McKay did call in the first stop because it was on the scanner. He called for back-up once he was in pursuit (on the scanner. The back-up call was not in response to Liko's request.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes and Floyd has a scanner?????

Anonymous said...

I am a witness to what the police do to people in this part of New Hampshire. Main stream news coverage in these parts is non existent.
Being a victim of police brutality in Lincoln NH. I can only attest to what liko Kenny went though. I experienced a very similar incident where I was tasered 3 times in my home in Lincoln, NH. For doing nothing at all.

They do things up there so secretly that in the BIG City they would be run out of town and sued.

Here I am laying on my living room floor. The lincoln Police Bust into my house. I ask them where is the warrant they say, It's in the car.
I get up from the floor and the next thig they taser me 3 times.

I emailed the town manager about the incident and he never contacted me.

But word got back to me about the email from a third party..

The police in these parts are lying SOB with nothing better to do..

What real crime is going on in Small town New Hampshire?

The police in these parts think they are immune from the outside world..

This incident has now exposed and solidified what I have thought all along.. Liko did what I couldn't do.

Police brutality gone astray in a place in New Hampshire where it has no place at all.

Beside real crime is happening at the first National Bank Of Franconia Right? I don't think so.

United States will be like Hitlers Germany in five to ten Years..and History repeats itself with a new flavor and history shows we get a taste of it.

We must all remember Liko Kenny for the soul reason that this could happen to you.

Charles Duffy

Anonymous said...

Charles, you are so correct in stating that it is happening all over the state and it is true that so much can be done in secret that would never fly in the city.

I hope this changes the entire state and not just Franconia because it is a real problem.

My sister was volunteering at her daughter's school that is mentally challenged. The event ran over time. My sister was very nervous because her 5 yr. old was going to getting home off the bus. She was rushing because she was worried about her daughter being all alone.

She was pulled over for speeding, apologized and explained. The cop took her license and registration back to his cruiser and proceeded to sit there for at least a 1/2 hour before giving my sister the ticket.

This was clearly abusive behavior- emotional brutality. It does not take that long to give someone a ticket. My sister was in tears by the time he finally let her go, worried sick about her daughter.

This was back before cell phones and she was unable to reach neighbors prior to leaving school with her older daughter.

Fortunately, the neighbor had arrived home in the meantime and her daughter had gone over to their home. But their is NO excuse to treat people in such a nasty mean-spirited way.

I have also heard that the NH PD and ST like to get excessive with "cavity checks".

Christopher King said...

Are you feeling knee deep yet, Chris? You are getting more info by the day.

Nope, I've been used to seeing whacky stuff since I started as a cub reporter and then at the AG's office; I am the proverbial spook who sat by the door.

By creating this truly open forum I have helped to open the channels of communication about this issue, unlike WMUR, who screwed me in the past (watch "Day in Nashua") and who failed to post my response to the cop MPSSG who erroneously stated I was "Disbarred."

And they have updated their site since I wrote my response 2 days ago, BTW.


Christopher King said...

And no, 12:47 I have not received a return call yet.

I will try again tomorrow for Good Measure, though.


Christopher King said...

Where is Liko's car now?


Anonymous said...

If you can't get in touch with Franconia PD, try the Franconia Life Squad. Inquire about an incident they witnessed where McKay allegedly forcibly held down a female. Not a big girl mind you. Apparently pepper spray is not needed if you can b__ch slap them.

Anonymous said...

You know what really sucks? Renner is insinuating that Fred Murray was having an 'inappropriate' relationship with Maura and that she was running away, driving 'in tandem' with someone else who helped her escape to another life. He's mostly a fiction writer, obviously. Sometimes I wonder if the police haven't paid him to clear their names.