23 May 2007

KingCast stands aghast as Liko Kenney's passenger, Caleb Macauly speaks on the Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

I'll say this with regard to the letter I'm sending to NH AG Kelly Ayotte requesting the video of this sad story:

If any of what this writer says is true, Shooter Floyd should definitely be arrested, and an FBI Investigation should ensue, immediately. The video must be produced forthwith because I smell the stench of a blue wall coverup. Release the tape and prove me wrong, Attorney Ayotte. Remember, I was right about Jaffrey Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, wasn't I?


"I can answer a couple of your questions Chris and perhaps shed a little more light on this dark filth being spewed by the A.G.. By the way, this is information gathered directly from Caleb Macauly, Liko's passenger. Liko's car was not forced off the road by Mckay. Liko pulled over and stopped voluntarily after the 1.5 mile low speed chase [editor: of course all of that speed data is readily accessible in Officer McKay's car computer].

Mckay then pulled a u-turn to face Liko's car and rammed it several times to apparently pin them in. At this point Liko was (vocally) fearing for his life. Mckay then approached the car, gun and mace drawn, and without a word he maced the two boys heavily. Liko then fired his gun at Mckay. It was then, with mace in his eyes, that he really panicked, and in a rush to leave the seen he unintentionly ran over the staggering officer pinning him under his car. Within moments of freeing his car from the downed officer, Floyd apeared at Liko's window.

Without any words, yes that's right, without any words Floyd fired several shots, point blank, directly at Liko's chest. Caleb, in a state of shock, thought he too had been struck by a bullet. Then Floyd yelled at Caleb to "PICK UP THE GUN!, PICK UP THE GUN!"(I'll let the reader derive his/her own conclusion there) Caleb then rolled out of the car onto the ground into the fetal position where Floyd proceded to fire shots around his body. Caleb believes the only thing that saved his life was the arrival of another motorist, family friend Cam.

I may as well mention that Caleb was maced two more times that night by the responding officers. Apparently they wanted him to stop shouting, "That bastard murdered Liko! THAT BASTARD MURDERED LIKO!"


And of course as obliquely referenced in the second paragraph, I note in the letter that Attorney Ayotte ignored not one but two complaints I filed against a bad cop whom she supported on two bogus prosecutions, only to see him later fired for misconduct in office and his prosecutor take a powder during an ethics investigation.

Nothing could be on point any more than that.


Christopher King said...

If Mr. Macauly speaks the truth, I hope he gets a good attorney and brings a Cause of Action against those police officers and Shooter Floyd.

I know a bit about that:



Christopher King said...

Here's another interesting post from someone in the community:


Hey Chris,

If you want to read some interesting posts look at the forum on WMUR.com on the shootings. You will see what many of the townspeople from Franconia have to say about this and McKay's history not only with Liko but the entire town.

They don't allow you post anything that is not yet substantiated about that night but people are plenty angry about the truth being covered up. They are talking about their own experiences with McKay.

This account above is quite close to the story I heard. It was either The Boston Globe or Union Leader that quoted an eye witness backing up the fact that Liko had voluntarily stopped his car for the second time (she of course, was unaware of the original stop).

The woman said the same thing - that McKay spun around in front of them, butting the bumpers then put it in drive, pushing the car back 50 feet. Caleb also said that the car felt as if it was airborne when McKay pushed them backwards. I believe that Caleb knows now that McKay came up behind my sister within mere minutes before he came upon Liko and Caleb. She was about 15mph over the limit and he didn't even acknowledge it. No flashing lights, no usual dramatic hand motions and much to her amazement no ticket - unusual for McKay.

Witnesses say if Liko was speeding it was only slightly over the limit and no where close to my sister that he just chose to so oddly ignore. She actually expected him to turn back around and give her a ticket. Shortly after, she heard what she now knows to have been Liko's horn as his body fell forward after he was shot. She started walking down the road and saw there was something big going on. It was blocked off. I believe it was Cam that came back towards her on the road telling her it was Liko. I did not know that Caleb felt as if Cam saved his life - thank God he came along.

I did know that Floyd commanded Caleb to pick up the gun. It doesn't take too much imagination as to why he would do so. Fortunately, amidst the shock of the whole thing Caleb did not do so or he would be dead as well.

......Apparently Kelly Ayotte doesn't care about that because he killed a cop killer, irrespective of the cop's questionable conduct that evening.

Thank you for speaking up previous poster. I was one of the first to start posting the truth and took a lot of crap from others about it but then more and more people starting saying the same thing. If enough people stand up and voice the truth, it is difficult for others to claim an entire town or region for that matter are bunch of nuts.

.......Believe me, I obviously know what it's like to stand up and say "the Emperor has no clothes."

I notice that others are finally starting to pay attention and wonder why so many people would feel the same way. not just teens but adults and the elderly.

There were over 600 mourners at Liko's service.

......It won't bring anyone back, but as I said in the letter to Attorney Ayotte that's going out tomorrow with a copy of this post:

Franconia Notch is going to have a rough enough time healing without the permanent questions lingering about what really happened that night. And your reputation as a fair and impartial executive hangs in the balance as well. Please release the video.

Feel free to email me at kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Christopher King said...

From 03085lifer over at the WMUR forums, who is an established member of the community:


If [McKay] did not like you, he made sure you knew it, and he took ample opportunity to make his presence felt. Was I ever a target of his disdain? No, but I know many decent citizens that were. None deserved the scrutiny they got in my opinion. I did have two traffic incidences with Officer McKay, both for minor violations. In neither instance did I get a ticket, so this is not a vendetta. But I can tell you his attitude was one of superiority, similar to a cat toying with a trapped mouse. His attitude was not brought on by my being disrespectful either. In both incidences I produced the documents required and accorded him the respect the badge demands. But the encounters left me with little respect for the man behind the badge. His demeanor may have worked in a large city, dealing with hard-nosed thugs, but in a small community it wasn?t warranted or appreciated, and the citizens reacted accordingly.

So do I think Liko was justified? Absolutely not! Officer McKay was murdered, no argument there. Do I think Liko is a hero? No way! Do I think Officer McKay is a hero? No way! Could either party have done something differently and two lives been spared? Absolutely! Liko chose to act on his fear and rage. He could have cooperated and accepted his fate. Officer McKay chose to push him to that point when he could have backed off, waited for backup, and simply drove to Liko?s house to confront him. This is a small town, and he knew where Liko was going. It?s the classic case of an immovable object (Officer McKay?s John Wayne ego) versus the irresistible force (Liko?s fear and rage). The result was horrific and sickening. A convergence of bad blood and bad judgment by BOTH parties. My sympathies go out to BOTH families equally.

Yes I knew Liko too. I met him a couple years ago and he worked for me briefly. My encounters with him were always positive; he worked hard and was polite. He was also loyal to his friends. But I understand now that underneath his facade he was a troubled soul as well, it?s too bad he never got the help he needed. If Officer McKay had wanted to be a hero and wanted our respect, he would have recognized this need, and been able to see a little more ?gray? area in his black and white world. That is why I respect the badge, but not the man.

Anonymous said...

Just a correction on behalf of my saying that Cam told my sister Liko was dead. It was someone else that told her.

Caleb needs protection. I am seriously concerned about his safety with Floyd out there.

Christopher King said...

I'm on it.


Will holler later tonight.


Anonymous said...


I am looking for people that have had first-hand irregular experiences with Officer McKay.

Are any posters interested in communicating with me? I am connected to the Kenney family.

We must not let the death of these two men be in vain. The community needs change and the only way that will truly happen is if people stand in numbers, hand to hand. Please help.

I am sure Chris can help me in getting contact information to you that keeps you anonymous for the time being.

Yes, Chris?

Stand for a better America.

Anonymous said...

2:55 poster:

If you have credible witness statements about the following issues which have been alleged in several I recommend that you report them to the NH US attorney's office to persuade them to open a federal investigation, which they told me by phone a week ago they would do with credible witness statements:
1) any form of sexual assault at any time by McKay versus Kenney 2)any other forms of assault by McKay versus Kenney 3) eye witness testimony of the conduct of Kenney, Macauley, Floyd, Floyd's son, and others on the scene 5-11 4) eye witness or other witness testimony about weapons discharges 5-11 (some allege bullet holes exist in a nearby barn indicating well over 6 shots were fired 5-11)
6) Other matters explaining Kenney's shooting of McKay.

If the US attorney and FBI investigate you are likely to acquire the evidence versus McKay that you seek. It seems doubtful this will occur otherwise. I have administered child abuse cases. If this case involves sexual abuse tolerated by local police, valuable witnesses may be intimidated from speaking out, who may do so if a federal investigation commences.

Christopher King said...

Dear 10:58:

Then of course there are these sexual molestation issues involving a little boy chained to a cop's jeep for sex that have gone totally underreported:


Wow, huh?

Anonymous said...

Most of these comments are ridiculous. It seems many of the people here have a problem with authority. Liko was running the guy over, I would have shot him too.

Christopher King said...


What a difference a few months makes in your understanding of the issues, eh?



Anonymous said...

The only reason the Liko stopped the second time is beause the office forced him to stop by speed up around him. Then in order to docment the indicdent, the officer turned the unit around so the vidoe cammera would document the stop. Next Liko starts to leave again when the office rams his car. Liko had no intentions of stopping that day. Liko got what he deserved.

Christopher King said...


Nah, nobody every told me that they would have shot Liko Kenney, but many people said

"It if weren't Liko it would have been someone else."

Bruce McKay got what he was asking for, violating OC Spray and Pursuit Policies designed to keep situations from escalating my friend. And McKay knew that Liko told him "I am a mental patient" so why fuck with him like that.

McKay had many other options besides being incommunicado from Grafton Dispatch and violating policy, and that's why there ain't no road named after him, HB1428 and SB154 both shit canned.

Sad to say.