15 May 2007

KingCast says to all the haters: "Whatever, dude."

Get human, get real.

Johnny Cash and Buju Banton concur.


Christopher King said...

Keep hatin' or keep lovin' preferably lovin'


plez... said...

do your thang, man!

General Gau said...

She looks like she would rather be in a Jackson Heights nail salon/sweat shop filing corns 18 hours a day.

Christopher King said...

Well actually she's a psychology major at a rather prestigious east coast college, but whatever.

A little racial stereotyping going on, n'est-ce-pas?

Hi Chi Mihn said...

Exactly. And man do the Asian look down upon the African. Her dad would flip.

Christopher King said...

Hmmmm.... I dunno. I do know from my friend Evan Wright, former Hustler film editor and author of Generation Kill -- Hawken '83:


...who taught English in Japan that many Asians were heavily-influenced against black folks by Hollywood; he remebers seeing all matter of kitschy things like big-lipped ashtrays and stuff.

However, my Aunt Yoshie's folks loved my Uncle Robert (RIP).

He was a black man, African-American.