21 May 2007

KingCast says "This forehand's for you, Liko."

As noted in my first post on this tragedy, I almost attended Tamarack Tennis Camp in 2005 but for that ridiculous indictment against me as NAACP legal chair, brought by a subsequently-fired police chief who wanted to cover up the issue of police abuse for those three service pistols that were drawn on Willie Toney out in Jaffrey, NH. Before he got a visual body cavity search for no substantiated reason, mind you. Police reports here.

As noted in this short Internet blurb, memorial services were held for Liko Kenney at the camp yesterday where he grew up, and a primary concern was "work[ing] to ensure the tragedy doesn't repeat itself."

Frankly, I doubt something like that will ever happen again, and I mourn for everyone involved, but for good measure I think we need to think about the issues I raised in this post entitled "Did Officer McKay ever call for backup in the Franconia tragedy?"

Meanwhile I've found an NTRP 4.0 and 6.0 to hit with -- the 6.0 used to play folks like McEnroe (dig this year's seniors' tour pics from Boston here) in college so that's definitely more of a lesson for me -- and I'll be working on my forehand, keeping low, keeping head steady, good racket head speed through the ball and all of that. When I move to California this summer my tennis game will again become a priority because it's just such a wonderful game. My backhand is a beautiful stroke, my serve is above-average for a 4.0-4.5 (there's a 3/4 pace serve in KingCast video "Live Revolution") and now comes the time to become a more complete player; enjoy this game for the rest of my life and of course kick more peoples' butts before that post-match beer :)

Rest in Peace, Liko.


Anonymous said...

I am looking for people that have had first-hand irregular experiences with Officer McKay.

Are any posters interested in communicating with me? I am connected to the Kenney family.

We must not let the death of these two men be in vain. The community needs change and the only way that will truly happen is if people stand in numbers, hand to hand. Please help.

I am sure Chris can help me in getting contact information to you that keeps you anonymous for the time being.

Yes, Chris?

Stand for a better America.

Anonymous said...

I am having 2 complaints typed up and notorized,signed and dated..I think the reconciliation committee is going to ask for them. They were issued by me in 1997 and again in 2005..concerning members of my family. These complaints were not forwarded on to the proper officials to my knowledge..There is no record of them. They are not "big deals" in the grand scheme of things..They were not maced or roughed up,but..it does show a pattern of targeting people and harrasing people as far back as 10 years ago! I wish you luck in your search for the truth! Anonymous