14 May 2007

KingCast says there's nothing like a boy and his dog.

Also, in the cat picture post read more Kelly Ayotte v. King material. Her case against me for unlicensed practice of law as former southern New Hampshire NAACP legal chair was correctly dismissed as I predicted it would be.



Christopher King said...

Husky-Sheppard-Collie in that order.

A great dude and a real dog.

Nowadays there's not enough room for such an animal. Mini-Pinschers are okay for small dawgs though and the little Goldie mix I harbored for a while as seen in the small frame was okay too.

But in the end either you get a cat or you need a real dog, yo'.


Christopher King said...

I dig cats too, but they only let you live in their space, not like you really have too much of a say :)

Watch my favorite cat Elisabeth make that point:




H-Dog said...

A nice set of cans, a juicy azzzz and shiny hair beats you and your pooch any day.

Christopher King said...

Well I would certainly hope so!

But I don't go there on this blawg.

Well, at least not too often :)