19 May 2007

KingCast says Jason Kidd can beat his wife but he can't beat the Cavs!

As Cousin Mike predicted last night on PTI, the Nets are a bad team -- at least in this playoff series -- and the Cavs have been a good team, so the Cavs won, so now The Kidd can get on home to keep working on his alleged history of domestic abuse, as witnessed by this infamous Smoking Gun MP3. And the Net's Mikko Moore can kiss my ass, too for game 4's flagrant beat down on Sasha Pavlovic.

A role model in Mr. Kidd, perhaps? KingCast says make Love (as often as possible) not war.

Now on to Detroit, whom the Cavs almost beat last year, as noted in the infamous "Piston Slap" post..

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Anonymous said...

So Jason Kidd's history of domestic violence is "alleged" but any shred of hearsay about misconduct "allegedly" committed by Franconia PD Cpl. Bruce McKay is taken as etched in stone, gospel truth!

Hmmmmm? No double standard here is there?

Christopher King said...

Ummmmm.... headline reading course 101 is suggested for you:

KingCast says Jason Kidd can beat his wife but he can't beat the Cavs!

Does it say "alleged" anywhere in that headline?


First of all, as I noted the other day in response to you, I publish everything that anyone sends here, unlike those haters at MASScops.com, who removed material whenever they were embarrassed because they called the NAACP "National Association of Asshole-Colored People," while falsely labelling me a criminal.


In case you missed it, all charges against me were, ummm, dismissed without a plea and Jaffrey Chief Duun got fired and the Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht hastily resigned under an ethics investigation:



Second, the reports that the city had a standing agreement with the Kenney family that Liko could request another officer were published in the Union Leader -- which is hardly a bastion of liberal reporting, homie.


Last -- again -- why has there been no real investigation of Shooter Floyd despite his history of active transgressions with the law and threats about giving the police a third eye because he was sitting on his ruger?

Here's another comment about that in a recent post:


Chris, you are absolutely correct, there was virtually no investigation into the incident, and I still wonder why Floyd was not charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, a federal felony. Was it because he shot the man that killed a police officer that gives him amnesty? Looks like justice really is variable.


Please note that I stop well-short of personally saying anything about Officer's McKay's conduct other than what was reported in the major press, including the Union Leader which quoted people in the community as stating that Officer McKay had it in for Kenney and was harrassing certain people.

Let me help you here by showing a comment about alleged complaints against Officer McKay being destroyed and my well-reasoned response:

The cops are holding the file complaints against McKay pretty tight and all records of lawsuits against him have been removed from the court house. I wonder why? McKay once arrested, hand cuffed and dragged a man off to jail that had an expired sticker on his dumpster. He picked and choice his targets. Bet they have been pretty busy with their paper shredder.


Now as to whether or not the police are destroying records pertaining to complaints about Officer McKay I don't know.

But if there were complaints and if the department failed to adequately investigate them, and if the department is indeed destroying them, that's a serious, serious issue that should be investigated forthwith.


You can try to say I'm biased, but again as a former reporter and attorney for and against the state, who has represented and sued police in my capacity as a private attorney, I'm here to raise and report any and all salient issues, whether you like it or not.


Christopher King said...

Oh, and BTW Mr./Ms. Forrest, others in NH have a lot of questions, too.

Regard this forum at NH Insider:


In that forum and in others I've read, folks have alleged that it was well-known that Officer McKay was a wife-beater.

You show me once where I've ever even alleged that and I'll correct it immediately.

But you can't.

Because I didn't.


Christopher King said...

Hey Forrest, as I see you've not had time to reply, I'll leave you with a comment/response from this post so you have the Full Picture when (or if) you do. And I know you're still reading despite the fact that in your first comment to me you said "[My] drivel isn't worth reading."

Seems a woman from the area who has been hassled by the Police disagrees with you. Vehemently:



I grew up in that area, and I can say that folks always had problems with cops in many towns in the north country--particularly the young people. I knew a different cop that would stop me on the rural back roads just to harrass me, hand on his gun the whole time, and I am a petite woman.

........Yep. I've had problems with white cops who hassled me even as they watched another black friend of mine help put out a garage fire, then they stop us on our motorcycles for no friggin' reason while a young white male rode by with his young white girlfriend with no eyewear and she was barefoot. That's three violations right there and we had none. I wear boots, helmet, gloves, etc. The situation grew better over the years not because I approached the police any differently but because the age on the license was older and later on in my 30's the Bimmer was endowed that certain license plate that said "Civil Rights." Actually that didn't fit, so it was "CIVL RTS" but still pretty clear and pretty much if you were a bad cop you knew you would have to either bust a cap in my ass or just leave me alone 'cos you knew I wasn't the one with which to f*ck.


.......Most police in Columbus knew who I was and most didn't bother me (some of us were happy hour drinking/pool buddies) because they knew I only went after the rogues.

Yet that doesn't mean a cop should be killed, not at all.

.....Correct. Absolutely correct.

The situation with Floyd (he lives in the actual town I am from) is strange to city dwellers but not to me. I'm not saying it's right, but it's not unexpected as I remember the kind of law that is practiced in northern New Hampshire.

.....and it is the same pathetic sort of attitude that led to the bogus indictment I faced and in which I (eventually) prevailed:


I wouldn't be surprised if they never open up the Floyd case again. He must be friends with someone.

........that's possible, and what's even more possible is that anyone who kills a cop-killer gets a pass.

Namaste my Sister.


Christopher King said...

Oh, and consider this from the NH Insider Forum:


How to prevent this? Don't have a police force if it is untrained, inexperienced and unproffesional. Just one of the many "whys" is why the hell did Mckay turn his back on people he just felt a need to pepper spray???

Sadly Mckay was not trained properly and felt he was some sort of larger than life authority figure and never once called for back-up during this time ... and what of the posts I have read about this guy who shot Kenny then demanding the passanger pick-up the gun??

May 19, 2007 | John Poole


That has been a very troubling image to me as well:

While the major press is only focusing on what Mr. Kenney did, I have mentally played back the events from the time that he was allegedly speeding and have to wonder why in the hell Officer McKay could have a situation in which he had to pursue someone, physically strike the car, hit both occupants with pepper spray.... and NOT call for backup???

Pardon my French, but what the.....