31 May 2007

KingCast says on 31 May: Time for NHSBA decision; meanwhile NH AG Ayotte has done the right thing.

Allrighty then, here is your background. We saw yesterday how NH AG Kelly Ayotte has agreed with KingCast and other journalists that the video from the Franconia shooting tragedy be made public. Good.

To recap the other pending matter on deadline for today, I threatened to sue the Nashua School Board and they changed their restrictive, viewpoint-based First Amendment Policy. However, the New Hampshire School Boards' Association (NHSBA) has not changed its model policy, which echoes the same restrictive public comment posture that was jettisoned by Nashua as City Attorney Stephen Bennett agreed with me in his 5 page legal opinion.

Will NHSBA director Ted Comstock honor his promise to give me feedback this month, after I praised him for keeping the lines of communication open in this post?

[Update, 2:45p.m.]: Looks like another victory for the First Amendment. Read the comments to see our most recent emails and updates.


Christopher King said...

Dear Director Comstock:

I write in tandem with my phone message of this
afternoon checking to see if there has been any finalpronouncement on this matter, and if not, whether you still anticipate such a pronouncement by the end of the month, as you indicated.

I publicly noted your cooperation:


.....Immediately after your promise. I aim to be as
fair and as open as possible, which of course is
consistent with my concerns about the speech policy being Unconstitutional.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

--- Sklesq@aol.com wrote:

Mr. King - This email is in response to your call tome of 5/07/07. As we have previously discussed, we are in the process of reviewing several of our sample policies, specifically including the one that you have questioned. We anticipate that this review, along with any revisions that we believe are appropriate, will be completed by the end of May.

Ted Comstock


I telephoned today and left another message at 1:45p.m. but have not heard anything back since the email of Friday, 25 May 2007 as reproduced in its entirety, above.


Johnny Appleseed said...

Love the activity, the seeds you have planted are bearing fruit, nurtured with a healthy does of cow manure and Vos water.

Christopher King said...

I give what I get.

Christopher King said...

Looks like I got some lovin' this time, as I have done fairly well lately:


Thu, 31 May 2007 11:36:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: your calls
To: Sklesq@aol.com
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Dear Mr. Comstock:

I am pleased that you have indeed responded as promised, and I hope the new policy is reasonable.

Of course you know I'll be in touch if I don't think it is!

Best regards always,


--- Sklesq@aol.com wrote:

Mr. King - I am pleased to inform you that our most recent sample school board policies, including one that you had interest in, have been distributed to our members who have a subscription to our member only policy subscription service.

Ted Comstock

Christopher King said...

Hey Officer Forrest:

The other day you said "You must be high."

Well yeah, in fact when I see government acting responsibly and doing the Right Thing, I get a nice, natural high, kind of like skiing in the White Mountains or playing tennis.

But you're not reading this because you would be "dancing with a pig," right?

LOL, Dude. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Anonymous said...

Mr. King:

Second post, and again thank you for your efforts to shine a bright light on this awful situation.

The personal attacks launched against you by those who will reflexively side with Officer McKay and Mr. Floyd speak directly to the intellectual dishonesty of those posters.

As far as I can tell, you are simply looking for the entire story, not the simplistic hogwash "official" explanation that was given with great haste.

As I said before, the officals' words and actions when matched against the (scant) available facts do not make sense to anyone with half a working brain cell.

And the attempt to rapidly conclude the "investigation" smacks of a very clumsy coverup.
Lets hope that is not the case, but if it is, heads should roll.

Christopher King said...

It really kind of comes down to that Kafka piece about the "Problem of our Laws," in which citizens can only eschew the iron hand of the government as far as they can trust themselves, and unfortunately for most people that's not very far.

I was raised to trust myself, so that's how I roll.

As do you, I can tell.

Don't ever stop.


PS: Oh yeah the commercial spot came out nicely online. Check www.progressionslounge.com for the video link; actually makes it appear that I can dance :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't you ever stop either. Independent thinkers who are willing to question authority within the limits of the law are important to our freedoms, I think.

I'll relate this: when I moved here about 5 years ago, I was amazed at the number of stories in the local papers concerning police corruption and/or misconduct (e.g. the Jaffrey case you were involved in, the Nashua PD case where someone had the audacity to video and audiotape a detective and was subsequently arrested for his trouble, etc.)

I'm a middle aged guy, with not so much as a parking ticket, and I got pulled over 5 times within the first two years of moving here. No tickets, one written warning -- each time slightly (less than 5 mph) over the limit.

Four of the five cops that pulled me over were very professional. The other had "badge and gun" disease -- an arrogant jerk toward me for no reason whatsoever, but at least he didn't even write me up, some verbal abuse and bullying seemed sufficient.

OK, I think, so traffic enforcement is extremely rigid here, no prob.

Now I watch this absurd "investigation" into the Kenney case, and I am becoming wary of local law enforcement. It seems that everyone is viewed with Reasonable Suspicion by the local cops, especially if you have out-of-state tags on your car.

Christopher King said...

And therein lies the whole irony:

By and large I have no problem with law enforcement personally.

But you know evil when you see it.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Namaste, dude!

Lots of people I speak with are very concerned with the Kenney case. Please let the Franconia locals know that we wish them nothing but the best during this difficult time.

Not all of us believe that Liko was simply worthless scum.

Christopher King said...

Here's something for you to think about:


There's some serious issues in them thar hills, and the townspeople will be seeking redress, no doubt.

On go the skates for the afternoon run.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, saw that. Even MORE stories of police misconduct in a small state. Disturbing. Why don't the vast majority of good cops stand up and demand that the ones with "badge and gun" disease shape up, or ship out? WHY (he naively asks....)??

I happen to follow this kind of stuff, and am very concerned about maintaining our civil liberties, which are under increasing assualt. That is why I am following the Kenney/McKay case pretty closely. That is how I found my way to your web page.

Not really directly related to the Kenney, but I think you may find this Cato Institute study to be of interest:


In most of the above cases, the official line is that the incidents were "isolated." In several, officials attempted to smear the victims before the truth came out.

Similar to what, from all outward appearances, looks like an attempted whitewash in the White Mountains.

I think you have been instrumental in keeping this from being brushed aside and for that, I thank you.