29 May 2007

KingCast says "Go Cavs!!!"

I was there for "The Drive" in '87, at the 20-yard line. I was watching from downtown in law school when MJ hit "the shot" over Craig Ehlo. And I grew up with the Gries and Cole families, 49% owners of the Browns so I wept when a certain person I don't like (Art Modell) spirited the team away to start the Ravens. "Dawg Gone" was the name of a local store at the time. The legal trick was no privity of contract between the Browns and the city, BTW. Stadium Corp, an entity created and owned by Modell, was the straw man. Every major city in the U.S. scanned their professional teams contracts as a result, natch. And the Pats can indirectly thank Art for delivering Bill Belicose Belichick.

But now we try again, taking Detroit to 2-2 after some New England sportscaster tonight said "Watch for Detroit to take control of this situation."

I blasted Cousin Mike for saying a similar thing last year on PTI in the "Piston Slap" entry, but Detroit did ultimately prevail; I think that Cleveland choked a bit, but Detroit is indeed a formidable force. But people from Cleveland have spirit, heart and soul, and even Huey Lewis and Todd Rundgren will tell you that :)

BTW LeBron is a rhythm player. I know it when I see it because on a much lesser level I am a rhythm tennis player. That is different from a streak player, if you follow sports you know what I mean. A rhythm player can streak, but a streak does not necessarily play with rhythm over an extended period of time. Once the Cavs configure a plan to keep him in his rhythm in the 3rd quarter they will be a continuing force with which to be reckoned. LeBron, please stay. You are a gentleman and a scholar out there. And a credit to your race. The human race.

In the words of the immortal (for a while, at least) Steve Miller: Fly like an Eagle......let my spirit carry me.....(bring the keyboards, please.....)

Peace, and Go Cavs, the little engine that could.

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Christopher King said...

I think his forearm is bigger than my leg. And what a picture, I had never seen that one. As a former photojournalist, I give mad props to whomever shot that.