25 May 2007

KingCast reveals the letter to NH AG Kelly Ayotte demanding police video in Franconia Notch shooting tragedy.

Well folks I put it on the blawg a few days ago in this post, but we all know it's not a real letter until you put it in MS Word, print it out and put it in an email and snail mail it. So that's what I've done (1/2) and USPS confirms item number 0306 2400 0000 3930 9823 was delivered to NH AG Kelly Ayotte today, at 8:06 a.m. Obviously, the Concord Monitor concurs in full, no dissent, citing legal precedent, in this editorial,
"Public has right to see video from shooting."

The Georgia Supreme Court published chase video on its own website! In fact, here's the video. And as the State has already handily eliminated any criminal prosecution, including the remaining live actor, Shooter Floyd (view his police record) it cannot now use an ongoing criminal investigation as grounds not to release the Franconia shooting tragedy video. Game over, insert coin Attorney Ayotte.

Here's what some folks in the community are saying.

Stick around, because that's likely not the only thing I'll be sending the AG's office. Namaste. And oh, yeah, this ain't the first time I was correct on the law; here I am telling the Court that NH AG Kelly Ayotte's arguments against me were hearsay, and I was of course, correct about that and her attempt to apply laws against me an in ex post facto manner.


Christopher King said...

The quick:

It may have been legally wrong or even murder for Mr. Kenney to shoot Officer McKay. I don't know -- and nobody knows -- because all I have is the hearsay, unsworn and unsubstantiated allegations from the police, and no supporting video.

Even if it was legally murder, it does not inherently follow that Officer Kenney or Shooter Floyd acted properly, and one or both of their actions may have been criminal or provide grounds for a Civil Action with regard to Mr. Kenney or Mr. McCauley.

I aim to take this tragedy beyond the realm of the hearsay and into the realm of reality.


Harry Callahan said...

Nice. It was great how you made the parallel with Chief Dunn episode. And the demand is out there. May 31 is next Thursday. Awesome. Like Gary Cooper in High Noon

Christopher King said...

"Sometimes a man's got to know his limitations......"

(Magnum Force).

When it comes to seeking Justice, I have none, especially in this case as the parallel with Chief Dunn's cases with Attorney Ayotte is at once invidious and instructive, isn't it.


Christopher King said...

A comment from the post asking whether Officer McKay ever called for backup:


I do hope the two families can come together and help each other heal but hope to God that Caleb files a suit so the video and facts come out and if there was a cover up that each person be held accountable ESPECIALLY those who hold positions of authority.....

sig94 said...

Hey, if there's a police video, let's see it. It's supposed to be about truth and justice.

Christopher King said...




Anonymous said...

The letter to the Ag is quite full of yourself. If you have history with the AG you shouldn't need to write all about yourself. Nice job ego stroking.