09 May 2007

KingCast reflects on ancient mythology.

At lunch today (no sushi, instead a Portabella mushroom burger, spicy mustard, Asian cole slaw) some local attorneys who support my return to practice and I were talking and I said as we split directions:
"Don't work too hard.... well, just hard enough to uphold the Constitution... which of course is a sisyphean task in and of itself...."
To which someone retorted:
"Nah, they don't mess with that stuff too much... not too many people do, and we don't wind up going there too often, either."
"Yeah, I know.... those of us who do without enough backing can wind up like me... like Icarus."
"Yeah they singed your wings a bit, did they."
"Sure did, but I'm growing them back, like the Phoenix."

"They passed Samos and Delos on the left and Lebynthos on the right, when the boy, exulting in his career, began to leave the guidance of his companion and soar upward as if to reach heaven....."

While folks in the community reflect on the issues I present, including the First Amendment and Death Penalty, Fired Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn ain't never reached for nothin' too great, that's why he's more like an old albatross.


Brent Midland said...

Seems like you left the part out about rolling a doobie after the meal and getting bent. What a "deep" post.

Christopher King said...

What's a "doobie?"



Patty Hearst said...

You really do not know what a doobie is? My stars. As Spalding in CaddyShack observed, among other things, "you're probably high already and you don't even know it."

Where have you landed in CA? I want to do some research on local police and political bodies to speculate on where the Caped Crusader will strike next.

Keep on Keepin' on,sonny! This is better than any book the James O'Brien will publish.

Christopher King said...

I've heard of the Doobie Brothers; they had a jam called "Jesus is Just Alright with me....."

The eagle will land in CA by the end of July. Got lots of things to sort between now and then, one of which is getting the Clydesdale up and running, saying the goodbyes, you know, you know.


My buddy told me everybody's got Ducatis, new or like the one linked in this post:


......out there, but until that happens you run what you brung :)