17 May 2007

KingCast radio station of the day: Boston's Touch 106.1 fm

Yeah these cats are all good and you can listen up at their website. I'm talking with one of the producers right now and they've certainly been watching KingCast, so listen up for my in-studio sessions; just as I used to do with veteran Columbus, Ohio school board members Bill Moss (RIP) and Loretta Heard (RIP) on his talk show. Got some nice video of those sessions, you bet.

"I saw that video clip where you reached out and that guy didn't shake your hand.....that's wild....."

I'd like to talk about creative and lawful ways to address police abuse and tensions within the community as noted in this post regarding the Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay/Shooter Floyd Franconia Notch tragedy, as contemplated by the letter I wrote to Nashua Police Chief Hefferan while I was Southern NH NAACP legal chair.

And I think they are interested in my First Amendment interactions with Nashua School Board as well; issues that Alderman Teebom and I maintain transcend race BTW for those of you who have falsely labeled me a race-hater.


Anonymous said...

AG Ayotte needs to be held accountable, closing this case or focusing on how Liko got the gun will not resolve the tension in the North Country we need to feel safe that this will not happen again. We need to take time to evaluate the situation honestly and her office is the one to do it, if Floyd in fact threatened Caleb then no one is safe until she does take action...if she doesn't then she is the one to blame! Do not let this one go Chris. As citizens tell please provide us guidance.

Christopher King said...

Oh we're going to have ourselves a good old fashioned sit-in up there in Concord at the AG's office if necessary.

Let's see w'happens relative to her response to my letter:



Christopher King said...

Here you go: