29 May 2007

KingCast presents: An invitation to Franconia Notch.

I've had a beautiful day, watching the Cavs work it out with the Pistons to get to 2-2, meeting another tennis instructor in Nashua (check comments) and receiving an invite to a rather nice party north of the Notch soon. I'm not getting into details, nor am I going to share the contents of the email right now. But I'm thrilled to be invited and I wouldn't miss it for the World.

Well, okay, I'll quote this:
"You've done an incredible job so far and many are amazed at your skill; I am for sure.....You will see Franconia as it should be.....people having a great time hanging out with friends."

Exactly, which is what I felt every time at Cannon Mountain and down the road at Wildcat, which is why I would have been at Tamarack Tennis camp were it not for that bogus criminal action against me -- since dismissed -- which NH AG Attorney Ayotte in part supported.

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Christopher King said...

Scott is a trip. He's got a universe of folks for me to play with and he's rippin' names out of his pseudo-blakberry device like there's no tomorrow. Too cool.

He's helping to host the Federation Cup this year with the Russkies and the Williams sisters; I saw Venus and Serena in Lowell for Fed Cup a coupla' years ago and have been following them for 15 years now.

No snide comments needed from you, Horn Dog.